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“Ready yeah. I m ready oh shit no. I didn t use lackeys fuck. I i got the points.

Would you brother oh yes. I m late then whatever happens bethesda net. I don t know still waiting on it. Though wait yeah dude.

We re here and then 45 56. 56. Is eating somebody s face. I think anybody is almost almost right in front of me.

And the 45 is across the street under attack they need to get out of this hair. She s gonna custom fucking hear me cuz you guys are fucking pieces of shit..

I m fucking they know they re fucking pieces of shit because they re the reason they fucking make this game shit. So that s what they fucking are that really pisses me off like i can t see yes. Yes could i kept having a red marker. Yeah.

Where who s there no one on the side of the tracks on the tracks in a tree line yeah. It was a red marker here the tree line got a visual got a visual. I got a binge on freebo muffin firing on me right now dance. You can t you are such a fucking piece of shit you are an exception you are the biggest fucking piece of shit.

I really hope you can fucking hear me i really fucking do you re a piece of fucking shit and i hope you fucking die. Indeed people like you make the game fucking cheese. He s like he s like directly to the left. I m talking you guys are pieces of shit.


I really better hope you guys know that if you secretly i know i really fucking say something to me she told a member looking stupid piece of shit fucking high levels fucking stupid piece of shit fucking high you guys are the reason why people don t have fun on this game. Unmute your fucking mic and fucking say something fucking fucking..

Something to me. I know you can hear me oh. She s bored over here. Terrible shit khaleesi sir.

See right here i m trying to run into the grenade. I m trying to run into the grenade you hurt yo khaleesi in front of me who could leave you in front of me get ready that s all i needed that s all i needed pay me bitch. Where s the other one yo. I ll let the air strike hit me you re seeking revenge seeking revenge khaleesi sir.

See right down on my phone. That is that joke. Yeah. It means my map is fucked up that s what it is okay.

He go right back up north. This ain t this ain t joke..

I see them in the distance. All the way in the distance. All the way on the sisters. I don t have nothing on my twelve literally on top of the hills north to northeast.

Yeah. I can t orbital skin alright. So look um decently. I see move yes he moves.

I had to move said well we re going to stick no no she s still fucking dead. On the floor. Me uh. She must be typing typing to bethesda.

Oh. My god all the pathetic typing right now all the bethesda typing is happening believe that but why would you continue to seek revenge..

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Why would you not be impassive. If you don t want this problem. Why why would you why would you come back to instigate. It when i was in morgantown station.

She started firing on me first i couldn t did no damage to her because she was white already she fired on me. Then i had to hit her to go red for her to go right then i hit her again a killer. But why why why would you instigate that if you know you stood no chance. If you know you didn t want this problem.

Why why are you running in place. Me. I have no idea it music laughter.

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Fallout 76. We re here to farm caps, kill scorchbeasts and players, collect a bounty or go wanted, and tell you more about how to defend yourself in this apocalyptic wasteland.

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