Windows 10 – Bluetooth! Adding, Connecting, Disconnecting & Fixing Bluetooth Audio Devices

Bose soundsport windows 10 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Windows 10 – Bluetooth! Adding, Connecting, Disconnecting & Fixing Bluetooth Audio Devices. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everybody and welcome to this tutorial on windows 10 and pairing bluetooth audio devices to to it my name is brandon and i m going to walk you through the of pairing. A brand new device with your computer how to select a different device. If you have multiple bluetooth devices or different devices plugged into your computer. And then i m going to walk you through a little bit of troubleshooting in case your bluetooth speakers or headset doesn t want to pair correctly so let s go ahead and get started.

I have with me right now a new pair of headphones they re bluetooth enabled headphones and this is the first time that i ve paired them with this computer. And it ll go ahead and walk you through the process. The first thing you do is open your start menu and we re going to go up to settings from here go to devices bluetooth printers and mouse and a bluetooth from here you need to follow your manufacturers directions on how to pair. A bluetooth device.

With another object. Sometimes that involves pressing a button on the back of the device or holding down..

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The power button to put it into pairing mode. So i m going to go ahead and turn on my headphones. And then i m going to press. The pairing button and there we go there s blue t o.

Ready to pair. I ll select the device and click pair this may take anywhere between a few seconds to even a couple of minutes. I recommend that you just be patient with it and allow it to finish its work and there we go we now see that i ve got blue tea. Oh and that it s connected now currently.

At this point your headphones should be successfully paired and you can hear audio playing through them from any application that you re using and you re good to close the window. Now if you re like me you have multiple kinds of speakers..

You have speakers in your laptop. You have headphones. You might have a stereo that you ve connected a receiver box to the next thing. I m going to show you is how to successfully change between these different devices.

So the first thing you do is you come down here to the start again and type in sound and then click on sound now sound is a list of all of the different audio devices that are connected to your computer. It includes anything from your laptop speakers that includes bluetooth headphones like the ones that we just connected or other receiver boxes like my amazon audio stereo that have connected right now that s a receiver box for my bigger jvc stereo to keep these straight you can right click on these and hit properties and then you can rename it or you can even give it an icon maybe a picture of that speaker you can usually download these from the web or use a service to upload your own picture and create an icon for it now to change to a different device. We can see that i ve got the speaker s right now my laptop speakers. But i want to use my headphones to do this i click on my headphones.

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And i right click and set them as the default communication device. And i set as default device..

And right there. I ve moved my sound over to my headphones with the blue check. If i want to use my laptop speakers. Again then i right click.

And i set as the default communications device. And is the default device. Again time s the device isn t recognized properly by windows. As being an audio device and this can cause problems.

When you re trying to listen to music through your headphones in order to change this or fix. This problem..

We need to go to our start and open up our control panel from there we go to view devices and printers. This is a list of all the devices that are part of this computer you can see i ve got my amazon audio right here. We ve got a mouse the headphones. I just paired and even an sd card.

If a device isn t working properly click on it and right click and select properties and then navigate to the services tab this is a list of the services that your bluetooth device offers if audio isn t playing through your headphones or if you can t hear any sound come through it it s probably because audio syncing is turned off always make sure that that s checked checking that will enable the service and allow windows to send audio through to your headphones your headset your receiver or anything else that you might have paired if this isn t working you can go through the following instructions to remove the device and try pairing it again go down to start and settings and devices and within bluetooth again you can select the device that you paired and you re having problems with and remove the device from there after you ve removed the device go through the process of pairing your device once more and try again. If that doesn t work feel free to leave a question in the comments below or consult your user manual for your instructions thank you so much for watching this video on windows 10 for bluetooth audio devices and i wish you success in pairing your stuff have a ” ..

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