Warframe: Everything You Need To Know About Loki/Loki Prime

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“Guys. What s up is eiffel in here. And today. We re gonna be learning learning everything you need to know about loki unlucky prime in warframe in today s we are gonna be covering at one of the arguably best frames in the game seriously.

There is a cult called the lukey master s for a reason. I d say luke. He is like my second most cheese for him the game next innova. He s not as versatile of a frame as nova he lacks things such as damage dealin abilities.

But he can make up for it with the fact that you know he can go invisible. And he can take away the bad guys guns and make them fight whatever. What s not to like about that before we jump into the nitty gritty with lukey keep in mind that everything that i say in this video is subject to change. Because warframe is a game that evolves.

A lot in a very short period of time. So it s worth checking out the description for links to follow up videos that i make may be covering changes if they ever happen. It there s also gonna be a link to the warframe wiki. Which should have up to date information on there regardless of whether you watch this video or not besides that the other links in the description are all links to my social media and links to my wonderful isn t platinum monthly giveaway.

All you have to do the enter is click the giveaway link subscribe to me on youtube. Follow me on twitch and then follow me in the app play warframe account on twitter and boom. You have 4 entries into a one fussn t platinum giveaway where s the downside shameless self promotion aside lukey is my favorite stealth frame in the game because he s simple like i am you press. 2.

You re invisible you press for the enemies have no guns you press 1 and boom. You have a decoy. Which is an ok ability and then you look at your friend who s standing. Still af kane and your defense mission.

You press free the swap places with an album. He s dead punished for af kane. Great frame. A simple ability kit.

Easy to understand on a more practical level though people will use looking mainly for his invisibility ability in spy missions rescue missions and just about any mission to get free on the tech. Did and also they got that stout bonus for your melee damage. Other players who want to take their lucky gameplay. One step further will use them in defense missions to completely disarmed every enemy that spawns in which if you re good enough you can completely replace a frost limbo or gaara in these situations.

But that is only if you re a good look e. And you are constantly spamming your fourth ability let s jump into the stats of looking and lucky prime at level 13. Regular lukey has 225 health. 200 twenty.

Five. Shields sixty five armor 225. Energy a sprint. Speed.

Off 125. Which is the highest base sprint speed. In the geom. A d.

And a v party. In his modding section. And then finally a party in his aura salon lukie prime comes with 225 health 225 shields 65 armor 263 energy at 125 sprint speed treaty polarities a v and a dash in his modding section and then a dash in his aura. You can currently farm a regular loki from the hyena pack on neptune.

I m not even going to attempt to try and say the name of the node it s like a sump for something afro on screen. So you guys can see it the drop chance for his parts are as follows dinner. Optics and chassis s have a 38 point 72. Chance to drop where the system s has a 22 point 56 percent chance to drop making the system s the rarest of the bunch at the time.

I m making this video lukie prime is currently unfolded. Meaning. He was released from the prime bolt. His relics are available to farm from the plains of eidelons bunnies.

Until the cerebral 2018 then from that day onwards look you will be placed back into the prime vote..

Which means you ll have to buy as relics or parts from other players for platinum. The relics have dropped his parts are as follows for the blueprint you can obtain it from mso f. Free. Or axe est relic.

This is a common part for inner optics. You can get them from new e1. Relics. This is also a common part for the chassis.

So you can get them from a lift e2 relic as an uncommon drop and then finally for the systems. You can get them from an axe e. L1 relic. As a rare drop keep in mind in the future.

There could be more relics to drop. Lucky prime. So this is not the definitive list of relics that drop look e prime parts it would be worth checking the warfarin wiki for drop locations. If you re watching this video like a year past this upload it the craft regular loki you will need a total of 105 thousand credits.

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This is including the blueprint costs one fuzzy. Ferrite. 800. Rubidoux 500.

Salvage. 220. Plus. It s 150 polymer bundles.

150. Alloy plates morphix. A single control module a single neuro sensor and finally a single working cell. The craft looki frame.

You will need a total of 75 credits 1150 ribbit. Oh. One fussn t nano spores. One flow isn t fair.

I 500. Circuits 150. Polymer bundles. 150.

Alloy plates. Free gallium free control. Modules. Neural sensors and finally to work in cells.

I think the look your prime looks really killed. But what looks even cooler is seen huh confuse your enemies get when they lose all of their weapons. Or see. Another version of you this is just a segue into the fact that we re gonna be talking about his abilities.

Now i couldn t really think of anything else for this one he s not really a friend that you can make a player. Excited to play because of how bland. I guess this kid is it s really bland. But it s also really effective look ease first ability is known as decoy look you will placed on a holographic decoy that has 400 shields on 200 health.

This decoy will last for 25 seconds. And will continuously shoot a leto or lex prime. If you re using lucky prime to draw the enemy s attention. If an enemy runs into one of the bullets of the lex or leto.

It has a chance of applying at one of the free physical status effects. But not deal any damage. Which means if you were to inflict a slash status effect for example it would only deal a total of 1 damage per tick. Which is pretty fit be the saddest procs in my opinion aren t really anything to note for and you should never really build around this ability at all how long your decoy lasts for is effected by pie regeneration.

Mods and all our power mods..

Exclude an efficiency mods have new positive effects on this ability decoy has an augment known as c. If your decoy. This augment and all of loki s other augments can be obtained from the arbiters of hexes at the rank of maxim or from the red viel at the rank of exalted 4 25. Buzzient syndicate standin sivir decoy is a decoy oven that will see of loki from taking fatal damage meaning any damage that will ultimately kill him once loki 2x.

The fatal damage you will swap places with your decoy and then the decoy will die instead of you cool almond. But you should not really be taking damage as loki anyway seeing as you can do invisible. It will also increase. The casting speed of decoy as if that really matters next up.

We have one of loki s most effective abilities and visibility. And as the name suggests this ability lets you goo invisible for up to 12 seconds. At max rank and mod it while invisible you get eight times self damage multiplier for your melee attacks. If you come into contact with an enemy.

While you re invisible. This stealth damage multiplier will be removed as the enemy will be aware of your position. The amount of time the e stay invisible for is affected by power generation. Mods and then all the other prior mods.

Beside efficiency mods have no positive effect on this ability invisibility has an augment for it known as hushed invisibility that will make any unsuppressed weapon. Silent. While you re invisible this augmon has its uses. But it s not something that i use on a regular base.

Lucas credibility is known as switch teleport. This ability allows you to swap places with any friendly or hostile. Any hostile. You swap places with will be confused for a short period of time unless.

It s a special kind of enemy or a boss. The teleport range is affected by prior range mods than every other prior mod. Except higher efficiency. Mods have no positive effects on the civility.

Switch teleport has an augment known as cf guard switch. Which will give any friendly that you swap places with and vulnerability for a total of 6 seconds. How long your teammate is invulnerable for it is affected by power duration. Mods still not a mod that i ll personally pick up and use as i m writing this script for this video.

I realized in high blood of a warframe lukie. Actually is don t get me wrong. He s powerful and fun to play to a certain degree because of his fourth ability. But compared to other frames and their mechanics.

This is one of the most straightforward. I guess how much you practice and put into being a good looking player will really determine how much fun you have with him lukas worf. Ability is known as radio disarm. This ability when casted will permanently disarm all enemies within 20 meters.

Excluding unique enemies. Such as the stalker d. Free or seneca on even the bosses in the game. The range of your radio.

Disarmament can be increased with prior range mods. If an enemy is affected by radio disarm. It will also deal 500 impact damage this damage is far too low to be modding for as it s affected by prior strength mods recasting. This ability on an already disarmed enemy will cause them to stagger backwards and repeat.

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The disarm animation making this ability spam worming radio. This arm has an augment nunez rating disarm that will apply it irradiation status effect to all enemies effective over in your video. Disarm cast for a total of nine seconds heil on the radiation effect stays in the enemies for is affected by prior duration mods. So that is lucky s ability set pretty boring.

When you sit. And think about it may just be me having played lucky a ton over the past couple years. It s really an eye opener on to how complex some other frames ability kits. Really are it s probably also worth mentioning the lukey s passive mixes wallets.

Lasts 10..

Times longer than other war friends making him the ideal choice of frame. If you need to do a ribbon challenge that requires you the wall ash and perform headshots or something. But even at that there s probably frames out there like limbo for example you can make those ribbon challenges even easier with loki. I m gonna show you guys two basic builds.

One based around marido disarm. One based around the visibility and show you how to burst the bills could actually be with this frame. He s really easy friend amaz. So you can throw on a lot of quality of life mods to suit your needs i m gonna jump into like a live portion of this just so i can explain it easier because i feel like there s a lot of different variables.

Whenever it comes to modding. Lucky. So jump into the life footage. Okay so jumping into the life portions off the build.

This is my radial disarm build now you ll notice that this build is setting around using nothing but range mods in terms of your prior abilities or your pyre mods. Sorry and then also like a little bit of efficiency on the site. So we have auger reach on here for our range. We get 30 ability range from this one we have over extended for plus 90 ability range stretch for a number 45 and on top of that we have cutting drift for another 15.

So that ll take our look ease. Reno disarm range up to 56 meters. Which is basically like an entire aura can void defense room. We go ahead and go back into the modding section.

We have prank continuity on here for the ability duration. So then if we want to use invisibility. We ll have it by a 12 second duration on that prime flew for our energy beam line. So we can cast our abilities.

A little more often vitality for our health and then we have arita in this arm on here because this is like our extra slot right so this is one of those bills. Where you can really throw anything you want on here i like to for want to read it in this arm just because it makes sense because it s like an extra crowd control element. And it s also the reason we have prank continuity on this build as well because if you remember i was talking about using duration mods to extend the duration of that radiation effect right so. If you have reading this arm on here pair that with prank continuity and then all of your range mods.

Then this is a very powerful crow control ability. It actually kind of at least in my opinion replaces nix as like a useful card control for him. Because nix is all about making an enemies fight one another right where if you have lucky you can disarm the enemies and make them fight. One another on top of that so it just makes them really insane.

So you can change this here up. If you really want to you personally i like using natural talent. If i m playing and like let s say a lower level defense mission. And i just want to like disarm old enemies.

Very quickly and make it so that my team gets through the mission faster just having those enemies like this as fast as possible and then let s say if we re using a speeding over or something it just makes more sense to me so you know you can through whatever you want on the slot. I read it in this arm is probably the best option. But there is other options right there like i said i like to use natural talent just because it speeds up the cast in time because really oh this arm. Does have a little bit of a slow casting time.

So. That s basically that of course you re aware mod. It really depends what you re doing energy siphon is probably the best option because you re not gonna be like you know you re not gonna be looking to deal damage with this ability. Unless you re in a group of four people who are running chrisser projection.

Anyway so unless your teammates around cruise rejection. It s probably better the run energy siphon. Just we can span this ability more often and keep your team of life. Okay so moving on the conflict b.

This is the one that we have more leeway with because you know is what we re doing is we are basically modding more just around directions. We have now reminded constitution prime continuity. All your message all four ability duration. Which takes our invisibility up to 36 point 72 seconds.

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Which is pretty good whenever you take in a consideration. That s only cost you 45 energy the cast that still you know 46 seconds invisible is pretty good at least in my opinion. It s probably one of the highest be in business in game. That isn t a drain ability well actually.

No that s a lie a tevia is but a tv you have to like you know crutch the beat..

We re with fluky it s like an instant cast like you press to you and then you re instantly invisible. Where with tv you have to put a little bit of work in but yeah you free one all those duration. Mods and then really the rest is up to you you don t have to run a vitality if you don t want to because you are gonna be invisible. So you re not getting shot.

So you can go ahead and swap something in for that prime flow. I recommend just to keep your energy up or regular flow. If you really want to or if you have prime flow. Sorry.

You also have your range mods on here. So we have cunning drift and stretch. You don t need to have these on them. Because you re not necessarily modding around a real disarm.

But you can go ahead and throw these on if you do want to have them you know obviously real disarm as a more useful ability because if you take a look like our arrangement radio. This arm and this build is guillotine point. Yet meters. Which is nothing compared to our first build right so you may or may not want to run this or he s arranged mods.

It s really up to you you can swap them out for things like let s say rush like any excellence mods maybe. Even um. What s it called our lightning or whatever. If you go with your exes slot.

Here you know there s a bunch of stuff in here. A bunch of different mobility mods that you can for when to you know make yourself go for missions faster. Maybe you need to find syndicate medallions. You can use feasts wit or something you can replace cunning drift.

You can replace stretch and you can replace vitality. These are free mods that i would go ahead and be fine with replacing on this build. But other than that you know it s kind of done to you so rush is a good one peace with the thief s wit is a good one and then you can also use your your mods like fire walker or lightning. Dash or toxic fly or ispring.

For more momentum. Whatever your build jump in and stuff. Like that and that ll make you a little bit faster again or a mod really depends what you re doing. But most cases.

I recommend energy siphon and then that is pretty much it for the build so yeah other than that we re gonna jump back into the life footage not or not the live footage. The scripted footage night you see how bad i am live compared to scripted. It s kind of insane. But i just want i would take the time to sort of explain okay.

These mods are interchangeable in this build. And it just made more sense to kind of like talk about it live three gets the numbers in the stats. Because it s a very simple frame to kind of explain even mod range or alliteration and then there s a few modes. Which are interchangeable and it s really done to the player.

And what it is that they re doing so i yeah jumping back to the scripted stuff going back to the scripted stuff. This is the end of the video scripting. This has made me realize how bland lookey is and how easy he is to build that s not to say that he isn t a fun frame to play. I always enjoy playing looking in spam and disarm in a really high level avoid defense mission.

It s rula. I played that not many other people did play because they didn t know that they could or because they just weren t good enough at it that constantly spam for while still being a little jump around and pop nullifier bubbles or kill high value targets. It just means that loki is an easy friend the mod for as a near player once you pick up some of the basic mods like stretch continuity. Streamline and maybe some of the corrupted mods.

You should be good to go. Anyway. Guys if you enjoyed this video go ahead and hit that like button check out my social media links in the description below subscribe from a warfarin. Content i ll see you guys tomorrow at 6 pm.

Uk time or everything you need to know about ” ..

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