Warframe – Building the Tenno Lab Dojo Tour

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” s tier and figured today in warframe. I d do something a little different so so as you all know yesterday was fourth of july and i was originally planning longer stream yesterday. But it was interrupted by a really loud oh geez. Which was quickly which after that the stream was quickly cut off so for today.

It s gonna be nothing special. It s just gonna be a tour of my clan dojo. Which is really small. But danny half dead.

Another clan member. And i well actually the other clan member hasn t been online in a hundred thirty days. But danny half dead and i are working on building..

The dojo up from what it is right now so started the dojo up just had this room of course and first thing. That was built was the reactor and beyond that dani added in this dragon statue here draco do we ve done some very regrettable things to the ascension. Then you don t remember its proper name cross hallway. And now the obstacle course.

Now. I don t remember what my best time on here is and the thing. These sets every so often still trying to figure out how to do the glitch to get the ridiculous times like that and i m not gonna do a run through here built the oracle not too terribly long ago. Fly over here behind another junction.

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Whole way over. Here. Whoa caliber helmet..

Oh. I can t get it that sucks. It s on pluto now gonna leave that for later gonna cross hallway across a t junction right there and another reactor because you can never have too much fusion or whatever the heck is powering this place. I have no idea.

What s going on there if we can order contact anyways. Now for the main reason. I brought you all here. The tenno lab.

So one of the weapons on my back. You can t really see most of them because of the sun donna. But one of the weapons on my back is a sniper rifle..

Called vectis and so sniper rifles aren t really all that silent so needing the tenno lab. So i so that i can build banshee because i really want silenced weapons. And i m not sure. If banshees secondary ability will affect redeemer or not because redeemer got nerfed and the shots are no longer silent.

Which sucks. But yeah the build can now begin so this time tomorrow. It is currently 636. Where i live so at this time.

Tomorrow. My 10. Oh lab will be done and one more form and i can build the t shirt connector..

It s probably gonna be i d say it s probably gonna be in another another lab and an elevator. This dojo is not meant to look pretty. It s just meant to be functional. Which yes that pretty much ends.

What i ve probably all here for saying this is nobody s watching. But you should end the video. So as always peace out guys and girls and odin s blessings. ” .

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