Transform Your Gmail Messages into Calendar Events or Tasks

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Today, would like to introduce to you Transform Your Gmail Messages into Calendar Events or Tasks. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Whooshes and clinks scott in a recent video. I asked you what would nyou like like to see next here on the simpletivity channel. And i got an amazing response of those questions one of those requests came from zelphia who says that they want nto learn how to create a calendar. Task event nfrom info.

In an email and many of you seem to agree because this received an nawful lot of up votes. So in today s video that s exactly what we are going to tackle hello everyone. Scott friesen. Here at simpletivity helping you to get more ndone and enjoy less stress dealing with email and your calendar.

Often we are switching back and forth between a number of different tabs and we often start out nby receiving an email and we d like to convert nthis into a calendar event. Perhaps we want to send a meeting request or just convert some of the ninformation here into a task well in today s video. I m gonna show you how to do just that so let s start off with none of these emails and these are fictitious of course. But hey scott how does.

3 00 npm on may 9th sound to you i m receiving an email from someone they re suggesting a date or nmaybe. I want to suggest a date. Whatever the case may be how can i quickly and easily ncreate an event in my calendar. Well the feature wish has been naround for quite some time.

But it seems to get nhidden is right up here these three little dots you may be more familiar with things like archive and delete nsending things to the trash. Even the new snooze button or the more recent snooze button. But all the way over nhere these three dots. We have some more options available to us and one of them is to create an event so right from within the email.

If i select create an nevent what it s going to do is actually open up another tab. I m gonna show you an alternative method. But this one is gonna open up another tab and it s gonna do some ngreat things for me as you can see it s going to nput the subject of that email here as the title of the nevent or the event name and if i scroll down below. You ll see in the description.

I nhave the email itself right. Here s the question here s the person who sent it to me so i have all that ninformation at the ready now this can be very helpful in some cases..

If the subject line or that ninformation in the email is relevant or in many cases. Maybe you just want to scrap nit and retitle it yourself. But many times. I ve received an email and the subject line made nsense or was close enough that i could use it right here.


I wouldn t have to do much editing. But i m gonna say i m just gonna call this something really simple. I m gonna say meeting with scott. I m gonna change the title here.

But when it comes to the description this can be quite helpful because at least. It s a reference point for the person that you re inviting. It can be a reference npoint for yourself as well in terms of why did you nset up this meeting and if there s an email nthread for example. If there s other pieces nof information.

Here. Now by default gmail or google calendar will typically just pick the next available slot. Like what s coming up nin the next 30 minutes. So you will need to ndecide you know to change the more appropriate date in this case we re meeting on may ninth and we re gonna meet at three pm.

If it s an hour or if it s a half hour you can change that here. The other thing that you want to remember is that by default by nselecting create an event. It s going to automatically include the person or persons who sent the email. So this includes other npeople who may have been on the two line or in the cc line.

You may have multiple people here so make sure to keep that in mind. If you are wanting to create a meeting with that individual maybe. It s just one of the nthree individuals on that email or as i ll show you later nif you re creating a task you ll want to take them off immediately. But it is going to come nover here automatically so that s great that s one less thing for me to do i can hit save it will prompt me do you nwant to send invitations and this is i think a great prompt.

I know it may be a little frustrating that you get this so frequently. But i think it s important nespecially..

If you forgot especially if you forgot nthat it added other people to this invitation. Oh. That s right there s other people on that line there as yes. So yes.

I am gonna say send that event is now created here. It is on my calendar. And they will be sent nan invitation as well. But let s look at an alternative method.

So let s go back to our email here. I m gonna go back to a ndifferent email. This time and here. We ve got big project.

Nwith. An early deadline and this person says let s set up a call so we can discuss this nsituation in more detail can you please send me an invite so we ve already talked nabout creating an event here. We don t want to forget about the little sidebar menu here on the right hand side of your screen and of course calendar. Nis.

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One of those options so if you don t want to nleave the comfort of gmail. If you want to create an event directly without opening up a new tab. All we need to do here is nclick. The calendar icon and we re gonna expand nthis little mini menu here and you can view this nin.

A few different ways you can view this in either the day view as we re viewing now nor. The scheduled view. I don t have a whole lot here. But here s that meeting nthat.

We just created. I actually prefer the day view myself..

But you can choose the default that s best for you so let s say i m gonna nset up another meeting on the ninth in this case. All i have to do is select when i would like nthis meeting to take place i m gonna click right naround the 11 o clock mark and now what it s going to do is. That it s already brought nin that subject line again we see similar behavior here it s brought it automatically. I m gonna leave that this time because that is maybe a little more relevant than the question that we nsaw in the previous example.

The time is already what i want remember i selected that non a previous screen now in this case. It doesn t bring over anything further in the description. So i ll have to add that myself and under guests. It doesn t nbring anyone else over either now again this might nactually be preferable to you depending on how you like to word.

This is a little bit quicker in that it doesn t have to open up nanother tab in some cases. But you can see we don t nhave. All the same information that is brought over either so if i need to add another guest. Then i would just need nto click on that icon or click on this area.

And nadd. This guest in this case. So let s do that we ve got the person there and so now we can see that we ve got both myself and that other individual i can do further editing. If i want to open up another tab but in this case everything nlooks pretty good i m gonna hit save and i m gonna get the exact same prompt that we saw before and i m gonna say yeah.

Let s nsave it just send it over this expanded calendar. Nthis little mini calendar on the side will continue to stay visible unless i hit the x right unless i minimize this myself. Which again you might like as nyou re dealing with your email and as you re adding. Other nprojects along the way.

It s a great tool to see just na. Quick snapshot of your day again. Without having to go nback and forth between tabs now the two methods that i just showed you remember can also be used for tasks because long time subscribers nof the simpletivity channel. Probably know that i recommend using your calendar as a very nvery effective to do list.

So what we just did there ncan be replicated for tasks so let s take this first example again this case. I m gonna close nthe tab that we created later if i say create an event typically what i will do in this case..

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It s gonna bring over that information. And it s really this stuff ndown here. The description right the body of the nemail that is what i want but i ll convert it as an all nday event is what i ll do i ll convert it as an all day event and then i ll select which day i d like to complete that task the one really important thing that you need to watch out for here. If you are creating tasks in this way is that remember it s ngonna automatically bring those individuals over so i m gonna have to nremove that individual if i just want this to nshow up on my task list.

But yes we re gonna leave that tab there. But there s another way that nyou can do this as well it might be fairly obvious that i could go over here to my tasks npane or my tasks view and i could open it up and ni could just say add task. But let me minimize nthat for just a second because if we go back to nthe little three dots. The little more options here we also have add to tasks so if you happen to be na google tasks user you can select that option and then what it s gonna do it s gonna open this up once again.

But let s see if i scroll down here we go here s the ncan. We meet thursday so it s added it under my no dates right these are the things that are due or have been due in the past. But it s gonna bring it nin here as a new task. The subject comes over.

But i think the really valuable thing is that it creates a link a direct link to that email itself right so if i go about my day and i m working away and i see whatever this task is and i ve probably will rename it in something nthat s more actionable. I can always go back and click on this and immediately here to my left. It s gonna bring up that original email. So if i need to go back.

Nand retrieve an attachment or find a link or something nalong those lines. Then i can access it there as well and remember you can nalways access your tasks and view your tasks within ngoogle calendar as well thank you so much for nwatching today s video and don t forget. If you d like to see one of your questions. Answered just let me know in the ncomments down below remember being productive ndoes.

Not need to be difficult. ” ..

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