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Today, would like to introduce to you Tips for Forging & How to get Rare Weapons (Rerolling Monster Drops) Fire Emblem: Three Houses – YouTube. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This video. I just want to share some tips regarding forging weapons in three houses houses as well as how to get rare weapons like part the air or hop. Now this will not be an in depth fortune guy. But i want to talk about foraging training iron and steel weapons since these will no doubt be your most common weapons in fire.

Emblem. You re not gonna be always using a quote unquote stronger. Weapon instead you want to have a variety to choose from depending on the situation. Forging weapons at these smithy makes them better.

And you can even evolve them. So to say into other types. Forging does cost money and resources so let s see what you are getting because it may affect what you decide needs forging first up we have training weapons. These.

Weapons are the most basic weapons adding very little extra damage. But they also do not weigh very much. When you forge a training weapon. Into a training plus.

Version. You get plus. 15 durability and minus. Two wt wt e stands for weight.

And you should know that the weight of weapons effect. Attack speed attack speed determines if a unit gets a fall patek. Which is extremely important because if you hit an enemy twice you may end up doing more total damage than hitting them with a stronger weapon once this can net you a kill and actually be crucial for surviving cons lots of enemies training weapons may be weak..

But if you get two double enemy that may actually turn out better than iron and steel weapons depend on the situation a special case for forging training plus weapons is that gauntlet end up getting plus. 20 durability and 10 hit this is because training gauntlets. Only have one weight already overall to weight may not seem like much. But i wouldn t underestimate how important it can affect a fight training weapons are cheap to buy and be cheapest to upgrade.

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So definitely give them a go if you want more chances at follow up attacks moving on to iron weapons. They are stronger than training and lighter than steel. So you ll be using them a lot throughout the game for getting iron plus weapons you get. 5 durability.

Plus. One might and plus 10 hit. Basically they get a bit more consistent and a little extra damage. We have more special cases for bows and gauntlets iron boat plus gets.

5 durability plus. One might plus 10 hit and minus one weight iron gauntlets get 10 durability and 10 hit. I m not gonna be doing any deep analysis on what the best weapons are or value you get from each upgrade. But just be aware that sometimes you may want a different type of weapon rather than just always upgrading what you have and vice versa.

When we are covering in this video is steel steel. Plus weapons get. 5 durability and 2 might if training is better for speed and iron is better for consistency then steel is all about damage with combat arts in the game they benefit from having more powerful weapons. Since you can t get a follow up attack at least for most of them.

Anyway you may end up chewing through durability. But steel weapons have more durability than iron weapons. So it may be playing into the idea that you use harder hitting steel weapons for finishing off enemies with combat arts..

There are again a few special cases steel bolt plus gets. 5 durability plus 2. Might and minus 1 weight. Steel gauntlets.

Plus get. 10 durability and plus 5 hit you ll notice that none of the forged gauntlets actually increase their damage one tip. I have is that forging a weapon brings their durability back to full so an iron sword with only 2 durability will get its full 45 durability. When you upgrade it to iron plus.

This actually leads into repairing weapons. Repairing weapons simply restore full durability back to said weapon. Both forging and repairing weapons. Do not seem to cost more.

If your weapon is used more for example. If you use an iron sword. Plus. Only one time it will cost the same to repair.

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It as if he used it 40 times as a reminder when a weapon hits 0 durability they are not destroyed like in some fire emblem games. Basically they just get much weaker. So you can still use them. But he must repair them to get the full stats back.

Forging and repairing these basic weapons cost. Smithing stones and these may seem limited at first. But you can actually just buy them for 100 gold each from the extra merchants..

If you do the clearing the way quests seriously. These guys are basically must haves for any playthrough. Let s move on to how to get. Rare weapons.

This is something that i first learned from my friend and it cleared up a lot of confusion. I had about monster drops. So once you start encountering rare monsters sightings on the calendar. You can do these missions to go beat up big monster enemies these are red exclamation points on the calendar.

If you didn t know these monsters drop rusted weapons and at first you may think why in the world. What i want those turns out if you inspect them you can see that they have a different description these rusted weapons can be forged into powerful weapons and this includes silver weapons. I think maybe brave weapons and then you have special named weapons. What is hilarious is that these drops are actually random the first monster.

I fought drop parthia but after that i was confused as to why iona saw silver weapons and then sometimes other named weapons. Rarely you can actually reroll what monsters dropped simply. But exiting the map and re entering again this can get you a completely different monster. And more importantly.

A different weapon as a disclaimer to forge things like parthia or hot declare you need professor level. A plus. So if you aren t messing around a new game. Then this is some late game territory even with professor level.

A plus you still need rare smithing materials and to be honest in my first playthrough. I never had enough of these to even make one of these special weapons. I can t say for sure if they are even worth chasing after..

But if you want to get them all then you can just rewrote these drops over and over the game. Does tell you this but as a reminder if you break all the barriers spots on a monster. You will get special materials. I think all of them are used for forging considering how these monster drops are random.

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I have to assume the material drops are also random that s all i have for now hopefully you learned something about forging weapons. Getting those plus upgrades. Don t always translate to more damage. And for me.

I actually think training. Plus weapons aren t that bad follow up attacks are always important so having a lighter weapon may end up saving you in the later parts of the game. You may not need the lighter weapons. But for early to mid game.

It s a great help as for rolling those rare monster drop weapons. I will add that this can be a way to get cheap silver weapons or cheaper silver weapons buying silver weapons from the shop is expensive but the cost of forging these special rusted weapons into silver weapons. Cost. Less if you factor in the cost of smithing stones that may be something to consider.

But it s not a huge amount of savings let me know if you have used those special named weapons like hot declare parthia or the dragon claw gauntlets. I really don t know if they are that good so i wouldn t say it s a necessity to try and reroll for them to drop thanks for watching i ll see you guys in the next video music. ” ..

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Showcasing what forging Training+, Iron+, and Steel+ Weapons do for you and showing you how to reroll monster drops to get those sweet Rare Weapons like Hauteclere, Parthia, or the Dragon Claws.

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