The History of Vergeben Smash Leaks – Is He Still Credible?

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“There guys bullabbai 10000 here bringing you another super smash brothers. Ultimate leaked discussion video video and today. I m revisiting a topic. I ve covered previously as it s a month since i last talked about this leaker in depth.

And i want to keep everyone up to date on the information. That s being discussed of course i m talking about a version the leaker who correctly leaked simon belmont whose name i cannot pronounce correctly and most recently he leaked isabel from animal crossing. Who was confirmed just the other day. I did a quick video yesterday explaining that of the two big leakers laws.

18. And version 1 finally triumphed over the other and that very clearly was fresh men. So far. He has yet to be proven wrong with his smash claims.

So naturally. I want to discuss the history of verge vent for a second time going over everything. He has stated from the beginning of his smash ultimate leaks to the present day. And where he stands now of course.

It is up to you guys as to whether you ll hold stock in versions leaks and i encourage you all to find your own opinions on the matter. I m just here to state. The facts and just a warning. I will be retreading old ground covered in the history of the verge men and laws.

18. Leaks video that i posted last month normally. I wouldn t bother and just refer you to that video. But i think it s been long enough and my audience has grown enough.

But i think i can go over that information again and that it would be helpful for you guys as most of you know version appeared in the smash community on may 16. 2018 with a leak for super smash brothers switch. Which had recently been announced by nintendo in it he states from a different source that i have also known to get things right in the short time that i have known them there will be the return of ice climber and a new konami rad simon velma. They say that they know that ridley will be revealed at e3.

I was even told by them that everyone is coming back from super smash..

Bros on wii u. And 3ds that includes all of the guests. But it otherwise will be a new game. Which i found interesting that will in fact be no cuts soon after in the same thread.

He also revealed that he heard that minecraft will be getting some form of presence in this upcoming smash bros game. Though he wasn t sure of the capacity this could be anything from a simple trophy to a potential boss or a stage assist or even a character. It was a pretty big claim as it would imply that soccer. I went to microsoft in regards to getting minecraft content.

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Which has all sorts of implications for the game and on reddit around the same time he posted that snake would also be coming back to the game which lines up with what actually happened virg ben s current failure as far as leaks go happened on june 1st as he revealed on game facts that he stated that simon s appearance would tie into some new castlevania titles. However this never came to pass. We ve heard nothing about castlevania since and it was very clear that this information was wrong not only trickin version but stealth on twitter as well when he three came around virg ben was proven right no cuts returning veterans ridley revealed that e3 and with bomberman as an assist trophy. Many players began to wonder whether simon could actually happen as clearly sakurai had gotten through to konami in some way hirshman got all of this right and with the minecraft content and simon.

Still to be confirmed with his only misstep being the castlevania titles. Which technically isn t as smash leaked it s a castlevania leaked so if we re purely looking at smash. He s not been proven wrong as of iii post e3 over on reddit. He also said.

I heard that at minimum. There are at least a half dozen characters still to be revealed. But i don t know who any of them are outside of simon. Yet when asked if echos are included in that title.

He replied that i m not sure of yet sorry i am working on trying to find out though things went pretty silent after that until july 28th. When virg ben appeared on game. Facts. With a pretty simple post.

Simon belmont and isabel. You ll thank me later. Except for how many new fake links. You have to sift through that are going to pop up that include them now i apologize for the incoming chaos.

So he decided to double down on simon..

Then also added isabel and didn t state off the bat that she was an echo are you guys starting to get the picture here these are two major characters who have since been confirmed that he correctly leaked along with his iii information. It s clear. He s someone who definitely has real correct sources on august 3rd virg ven. Then decided to drop another bombshell on the community by stating.

I already said. It there should be no confusion. There is a gen 7 rep. That will be playable.

It s just that it is not decidua like in rogue or mimic. You we obviously found out mimic. You was a pokeball pokemon at the end of the next direct so he was correct there but while he didn t want to state who the pokemon was a leaked dm2 laws. 18.

Reveals that he has a source who straight up said in cinah rule. But he wasn t sure of the information yet so he chose not to say anything was straight up leaked his content that he wasn t sure of which put him in an uncomfortable position. Once the august direct happened. Simon belmont was confirmed mimic you was a pokeball pokemon.

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Once again and virg ven. Survived. Another smash direct without getting any smash content debunked soon after on reddit. He did state to a user that his sauce feels isabel was an echo.

But we ll get to that in a bit now while i couldn t find the original comment on this apparently. Virg ben was aware of richter and didn t share it i couldn t find his original quote. But when someone called him out on this info. He sent this reply after the smash direct.

I shared that i heard about lines recorded referencing richter. But that was the extent of it and since i didn t have anyone specifically say hey richt is definitely playable. I hadn t a reason to share that since it was kind of a weird thing to hear in the first place without context. It made a lot of sense when the smash direct happened though.

I was never told..

If the lines were by the announcer dialogue or what only some lines about richter were recorded and when pressed. I got no further context as to who said them because they wanted to protect whoever. It was involved why should i share something i couldn t get a straight answer on i understand why they wouldn t. But it would have been weird to randomly share some lines were recorded referencing richter especially when i couldn t get the context.

This mentality lines up correctly with how virg venice been handling all of his leaks in regards to smash thus far he only shares information when he is completely sure that something is happening we can see that in regards to in sinner or who was forcibly leaked by laws. And he didn t originally want to share that information so throughout august virg ven. Actually leaked a few more characters as he went stating in regards to one smash league thread on game. Facts trash.

It it s missing ken then around the same time he posted. I will say the latest that i have heard is that square enix will be getting a new character though but i don t know for sure who it is at the moment on the same thread. He reiterated. There s nothing more at the moment other than that they know there is a new square enix character in another virg ben post on gamefaqs when questioned about the minecraft content.

He stated yes the minecraft content of some kind speculated to be an assist trophy or stage. But there s a possibility that can be a character came from one of my main and most proven smash sources. Raj. Venn holds a lot of trust in the source that gave him this information.

So that s pretty big news. So going into the september direct. We had isabel minecraft content. A new pokemon who wasn t like in rock or decidua and a new square enix character with virg been posting a game.

Facts post. Just before the direct that goes over all this information that we know so far including that ken is a ryu echo in sinner or has been heard by two sources of his but two of his other sources haven t heard that he still believes in the square enix rep. Who many are hoping to be gino. Isabel is still playable and the minecraft content is still happening.

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Lo and behold isabel was playable his most recent activity was his explanation for assuming in one of his posts. But isabel was an echo after someone called them out on that he stated they actually got back to me saying. Sorry for saying she was an echo. But they assumed that she was based on what they had seen it s a misunderstanding more than anything the way how they are handling her is like how falco is to fox.

But for her it is like that but to villager..

She is a pseudo clone. But avoided the echo branding. It would make more sense. Now that she is revealed that my other sources who heard about isabel would tell me they re not sure when i pressed them whether or not they knew she is an echo or not and given various youtubers reacted to isabel s trailer with the words.

She s an echo fighter. She s an echo. I think he can be given the benefit of the doubt here so there s at least three more characters. According to version a square wrap.

A gen 7. Pokemon. And ken as an echo of ryo. And there s minecraft content.

Coming all in all virg man has a lot that still needs to be confirmed. But he s not got much wrong and of all of the leakers of this speculation cycle. He s been quite professional in his leaks and is someone we should look out for of course. If the special edition box theory that was floating on twitter last night is the case we re in for two more newcomers not three which could harm verges credibility.

If that box art is to be trusted you can check my twitter for more information on that there ll be a link down below or check. The source gaming video that was posted on the subject. But really until we get more solid smash info. We re in the same spot.

We were in an august i trust virg ben he hasn t steered us horrific ly wrong. Yet now if we could just lick isaac that would be great thank you everyone for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. And hopefully this helps you to understand the entire history of virg.

Ben s leaks in a more concrete light. So that you can make your own opinions on the matter. I ll see you guys next time thanks so much for watching please make sure to leave a like comment and subscribe goodbye you ” ..

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