The Bottle Grotto & Genie in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 04 – YouTube

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Today, would like to introduce to you The Bottle Grotto & Genie in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 04 – YouTube. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s going on boys and girls what s up. We re all to austin jump jump place here and welcome to walkthrough part 4 of link s awakening. I did walk inside the next destination. Which is the bottle grotto because then you can t see bow wow.

And i love bow. Wow. Don t you love how about this now marks. One more game that link it cannot pet a dog and therefore you should tell nintendo because i m not okay with that in our previous three episodes of our series.

We re up to apple speech. Number five. We have the full moon cello heart piece count is eight. So far secret seeshells found is seven.

We re gonna make our way inside of the bottle grotto and begin this dungeon. It s also worth mentioning that we already have one fairy bottle and if you didn t know about that that s located back out in may village for fishing and in the first room here. We have a chest that we cannot get so as soon as we spawn in we need to put down a marker of something that we need to backtrack for yay. If only these pots weren t so heavy and we could lift them in our first room here.

We that need to throw a magic powder on these torches to open up the door to the right let s head to the right. There s two skeletons in here. I ve got the name the skeletons anyways. There s two of them and they re different because the grey.

One will avoid you and the yellowish one will target on you hop above you and sort of do a ground pound. However he doesn t wander around. He ll only agar on you once you get close so they operate differently. Which is kind of important to make sure you don t uh you you know what you re walking into.

But you just corner them and take care of them and you re good now. This is called the bottle grotto because it s shaped like a bottle. Nothing you get a bottle or anything also it has to do with the name of the boss. We re gonna head that way in a little bit.

But first we need to head south and inside of here. We have a shy guy. He s just chillin in here. This is our second mario character.

We already encountered a goomba and whatever we do he will mirror that exact movement. He s actually pretty easy to take on all you need to do is walk forward so that he s stuck in that corner or that corner. And then you could be on the same side as him now if you attack them from the front that you won t do any damage. And he ll actually get closer to you so turn around and use your spin attack and that was easy in this dungeon.

There are two more shy guys that don t have sort of a puzzle around them..

And there s also a type of enemy that hurts you a lot if you touch him and he is the same mechanics as a shy guy. But we got our compass. Which is neat. So now we can see all the treasure chests that are nowhere near us next up we re gonna head to the right and we come to our first switching puzzle and anyone who s familiar with the legend of zelda series.

You know what this is if you hit it it inverts the colours. So now the blue will be up. Now the orange will be up and the blue will be down wind indeed you need to make an orange and then we re gonna head south well first let s take care of the enemy down here nice unlike a lot of walls. These are transparent and you just hit that switch.

It s a very important thing to remember for the future got the chest we got our small key and with it still blue. We re gonna head to the right this room. We re gonna make our way to the bottom right hop on this switch elect our treasure chest. Now do not hit that unless you want to go get the pots on the top right but i don t think you do top left we re gonna head north one screen and here s those two shot guys that told you about how we re gonna take care of them the same way cuz.

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They re just gonna stand there waiting they can t see me so great that s gonna drop a key over to the left could it be more inconvenient. So let s backtrack three screens. Another important mechanic. When it comes to the switches is you can stand on one of the switches.

When it s down hit it and now you re on a raised elevation. So you can hop to anything else. That s also that raised elevation and you can hop down. However you cannot hop up so keep that in mind for some future puzzles trust.

Me head to the top and then head to the right grab our key and we need to backtrack again fun right. There is a locked door over here to the entrance to the left. But we re not gonna head there yet instead we re gonna progress onward and here we have to spy on ease let s take care of them nice and easy and head to the door to the north. If we have the owl beak.

He would tell us the solution for this puzzle. But you have me so i m gonna tell you the solution of the puzzle. The the two things that you could push them push them that s the puzzle array that opens up a staircase in the top right wow. There sure are a lot of pots.

It d be nice. If we can lift them up like the game prompts us to here we come to another side scrolling area. This one is super simple is there s there s no enemies or obstacles. We just hop a little bit and we re fine pop over to the main platform.

Now you don t need to attack the keys. And you don t need to light the torches you can just go to the north and that s what we re gonna do and here. We find our first ah dang it what s its name. It s not the temperature.

I mean they were they were all over breath of the wild phoenix..

Yes. It s a he nich s that s what it is now the he mix has two attacks. It can throw bombs and it can charge at you essentially what you want to do is you want it to charge at you dodge it and attack it down to the bombs jump. If necessary he won t make his way to the outside ring.

And if he does grab you which i m gonna let him grab me he s gonna throw you in a random direction he usually prefers the bottom right. Which is weird so don t get grabbed and just beat him great i have a ferry. So i don t need this ferry that also opens us our portal back to the main area where we came in great now we re gonna hop hop up and head to the north now this enemy in the bottom left there is a way to defeat it it does require you to hit it with your sword. And there are different areas that it can suck you into itself.

But a spin attack will take care of although defeating it really is it necessary that gets us the dungeon map sweet dude let s head north collect our chests now if you don t have full magic powder. I recommend getting that magic powder. If you do have magic powder. Then you re fine you should have two keys at this point.

Following along and let s head through the store over here. Now. There s two booze in here. These are actual super mario booze as soon as you into the room head for the torches light.

Um up and the booze will disappear. Cuz you know like the sunlight cuz their albino or melanoma. Something and fantastic. We get the power bracelet at last you can pick up pots and stones.

So now all the pots that have been teasing us before. We can grab them and throw them to our heart s delight in the overworld. There s a lot of stones that actually block you from progressing to other parts of the map. So getting the power bracelet opens up a lot of the world for us from this area.

We re gonna head to the top i remember what i told you about bout this transparent wall remember what i said about hopping over great let s collect the chests attack it again and head over to the right you don t get anything for attacking the buzzy beetle. I just don t want it to push me off cuz. It s paying the nuisance. There s a lot of enemies in here.

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You know what they re there. It s what you get tell your friends and the slime just hopped in there he was afraid of link s power. We have a lock room to the right let s head inside of there these enemies you can only defeat them one of two ways. One.

Which is the only one you have access to right now is to throw a pot at them and the other requires you to play a musical instrument and a specific song at a later point in time but for now we re just gonna throw pots at them watch out for this line oh we got a piece of power even with the piece of power attacking it won t do anything other than knock it back so again pots that opens up a staircase. Before we head to the staircase. I do want to backtrack and just a little bit to the south and this room has three enemies we have that skull boy the skull stabbed boy we gotta hop in pots and we got a keys and a later point in the dungeon. It actually tells us that there s a specific order that we need to attack these enemies and defeat them.

But i m just gonna tell you what it is first you we throw a pot and then we kill the keys..

And then stab you boy. Which is a little difficult because that entire time he can throw those spears at you defeating those three enemies in any different order will not spawn the chest. So that s the order you need to defeat them in and that gets us the nightmare key perfect now we re gonna head one screen north and one screen to the right let s break some of these pots. Maybe we ll get some hearts.

I don t think we will though. Oh we got a ferry nice and let s head down the stairs. Here would come to a fun side scrolling area that requires us to have the power bracelet. Let s grab this pot head up the stairs and this guy he requires a heavier weight than just link.

So we re gonna stand here. Without the pot. He actually doesn t go down and this brings us to the nightmare room just because it s so far out of the way. We can backtrack all the way through the dungeon and then go collect those two chests.

Which is the owls beak and some rupees. But i m just gonna defeat the boss and then we re gonna walk back inside and get those two things and here s our boss in this big old jar. It s a clown. I m your bad guy this time i mean a genie not a clown that looks nothing like a clown.

Why would i call it a clown. It s clearly a genie so genie has one attack in this phase. Which he throws fireballs at you which tracked where you ve been not where you re going and then he hops inside of his pot attack the pot. He s gonna taunt you he says i can t move.

But i m still all right you re a little sword won t break this bottle. And then left shut up and order for me. Anna. You can t hurt me as long as i have my bottle wow.

This guy just not shut up now. While he s throwing his fireballs you re going to see that it s gonna remain the same amount until it goes down to three and then two and then one so you ll know when he s done and all we need to do is just repeat this process two more times run along the bottom of the wall dodging fireballs three two one done and with the third throw to the wall. I broke. The pot.

Oh no you broke my bottle. Not a pot bottle. You make me hop in mad. Okay.

He s now good to be completely transparent and not able to hurt you as he swings around the room and then he s gonna spawn and throw a giant fireball at you that is very difficult to dodge. But it doesn t do a lot of damage. It s only half a heart. And you should have six at this point.

So you should be fine his punches do a full heart and after three hits..

He s down. So you shouldn t have too much trouble here. And with that we got ourselves a full heart container bring our life up to six hearts. Seven hearts bring our life up to seven hearts.

Fantastic and let s go retrieve our instrument. This is a conch horn for those of you who are in high school and had to read the old man in the sea you may know what a conch is i don t i don t know if kids still have to read that book. But we hear the horn solo of the the wind fish song. I really like that touch that you hear how that instrument plays.

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The song our screen gets very bright which i hope you re not in a dark room and it says prairie prairie. Quite contrary. The prairie is waiting don t click out of the video yet if you re following along there s there s one more thing we have to do here we re gonna head right back inside of the dungeon and this is like a really bad backtrack because it s so far out of the way. And it s not really useful we come in here we open up this chest.

We got 50 rubies. Which is nice and then we need to go one screen north use that last key that we have defeat the two keys in here. You don t need to use the magic powder and light up the room and we re gonna hop one more and there we go now we have the stone beak which if you didn t know about that room with the three enemies in the specific order to defeat them. Which was over here then yes.

This is very important but like if you know it s just really out of the way with that that s gonna be our entire dungeon. Complete. Here. And that s gonna wrap up this video.

Oh bow. Wow wants to eat. I m not gonna stop him. Fantastic.

So. With that beings done this has been walked through episode number four. We got our conch horn. We have eight pieces of heart and seven secret seashells down by the seashore tomorrow.

We have a lot of work to do with bow wow with bow wow we re actually gonna uncover most of the map. We re gonna do a lot of side work and we re even gonna be able to turn in some secret seeshells already which is really fantastic you shouldn t be able to do this too later. I ve however with some extensive exploring you could do it now if you re playing along on your nintendo switch or a nintendo switch light. And you did not go to area 51 or do you did and it turned out good for you then i hope you and your alien are enjoying the let s play if you are be sure to hit the like button.

If you re new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications i love you all and and and i m gonna hang out here with my dog until you watch the next video ” ..

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