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“Tekken has four main buttons one two three and four these correspond to the limbs limbs on your character. So if i was to hit the one button. I would the left punch. Two would be the right punch.

Three would be the left leg and four would be the right leg. Some characters are a little odd. But most followed this trend here s a quick overview of the notation you may see online. The only real difference.

You ll find is that arrows are translated to letters to make it easier to type out you may also see 1. Plus. 2 1. Plus.

2 plus. 4 2 plus. 3. And so on all this means is to click those buttons at the same time you may also see black arrows.

Which means to hold the directional input for a little bit longer. And you can also see star inputs. Which means to release the directional input back to neutral tekin is a 3d fodder meaning. You can enter the background and foreground by tapping up and down respectively to continue your movement.

Along this direction. You can implement a double tap and then hold the last directional input to walk you may also back with a double tap away from the opponent and begin a run towards the opponent with a double tap for words defense and tekken is a little bit weird. But if you played a game like street fighter. You ll be familiar with the mechanic of holding backwards to block attacks can be categorized as high mid and low with a very select few being special mid high attacks can be blocked standing or evaded by ducking these attacks are normally the quickest option and quite low risk means must be blocked with a standing guard as if you re crouching.

They ll hear you mids are often quite strong medium risk attacks to check. If your opponent is ducking. A lot lows must be guarded with a crouching guard. Alternatively.

If you foresee your opponent. Utilizing. One. You can use an advanced technique called a low parry.

A low parry can be utilized by holding down forward during the enemy s low animation lows are often high risk and if they re quick the normally quiet week. While stronger ones are very slow and normally quiet react able lastly we have the more niche category special mid. This is showcased as a green mid icon in practice mode. And you ll often see this attached to your crouching jabs.

These can be blocked with either. A standing guard. Or a crouching guard. Separately.

We have a few unique attack properties homing moves are utilized to catch people stepping to either side of your character. Which can be seen as having these white sparks around the attack screw attacks are moves. Which when used on an airborne opponent will spin them onto the back with their legs up this allows you to extend your combos. One more time power crush attacks have an armored component allowing you to neglect all attacks.

Except for lows. During your startup. They are susceptible to being thrown as you cannot break a grab during a power crush attack. A move called a rage are shares this power crush mechanic.

But does not have these downsides you can be killed during a power crush attack so it s not like you re invincible. You ll be able to identify when your opponent is using one since they ll have a white aura lastly..

We have unblockable x and block balls are normally very slow yet powerful moves which break your guard and deal to damage anyway. There s normally some kind of particle effect around the character when they re mid animation and you ll be able to see an exclamation point during training when you re using one you automatically enter age around 20 of your health points remaining and in this state you deal slightly more damage and have access to your age abilities. Your rage art is an armored move that if landed will showcase a cinematic attack dealing massive amounts of damage now rape drive is normally a powered up version of another move your character has you can see when a character is using the rage drive since i have a big blue aura using other rage ability will end your rage state. Removing a small damage buff in tekken.

There are six universal stances your character can act out of with one of them actually having four sub stances that i ll talk about after some characters also actually have one or more extra stances unique to their own character. The first is known as you re standing state. Where you stand still or move. Less than three steps in any direction.

You ll be able to utilize all your standing moves secondly we have you re crouching state where if you hold down or any downwards direction for a little bit you ll enter the crouching. State and be able to utilize these moves thirdly. We have your while standing stay. This is confusingly labeled as while rising in the game s moveless.

This is when you are transitioning from your crouching stance to you re standing stance. Which can be done simply by letting go of your crashing direction and then hitting any input. You want the game lyses moves as while rising. But the notation of wr is dedicated to our running moves to the community coined.

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The term while standing also known as ws this leads us to our wild running moves. We re running more than three steps will allow you to utilize the characters while running moves. It can be quite deceiving to know when you ve actually entered your while running stance as even though your character may be running. They re technically not in the wild running stance until they re three or more steps into your run.

Alternatively. You may skip this build up by tapping forwards three times and then hitting the button. You want. This is a quite an advanced technique and require a lot of practice.

You can see what unique moves you can access out of your while running stance as they will have three arrows and then the input you want if you run three sets but less than for you automatically perform a tackle you can click one and two over and over again do punch the opponent. They must guess what button you re pressing to get you off one three or more steps and then press four and you do a slide low kick and go to the other side of the opponent. If you run the maximum amount of steps. I think that s about four over you automatically perform a shoulder tackle which gives you the power crash mechanic finally and definitely the least you have your jumping attacks you can jump by holding the upwards direction for a little bit.

And then you ll have access to a few moves as expected being on the ground whilst your opponent is standing over you and free to act is never a position you want to be in unless your lay. If you are knocked down your opponent. Is now probably planning their ochres ma. Okehazama is a term used in tekken for attacking a player who is either on the ground or trying to get up off the ground.

If you have been hit up into the air and you land on the ground with your feet touching the floor. Which is not the same as being hit by the first screwattack as you can see your legs are little bit up into the air you can try and press. A punch button to roll into the background or a kick button to roll into the foreground. You are very safe during these rolling animations and every time you get hit whilst on the ground.

You can try and tech. This with one or two and get up off the ground quickly. But say you miss the tech and now you re on the ground and in trouble holding back is a wonderful place to start. This is normally the safest option when you are face up and feet towards.

There are technically four stances you can be whilst on the ground this is normally face up feet towards. I said you can be face down feet towards or you can be face up feet away or face down feet away you may also tap up to get up in place. Tap for words to roll. Which combined with a one plus two you do a little slow tumble.

Where your plus on block you can also press for for a mid kick or three for a low kick both of these are unsafe. I think they re around negative twelve you can also use both kick buttons to do a spring attack yet generally this is a bad idea speaking of bad ideas. If you hold down and then click three or four. You ll do a toe attack.

Now if you land is toe attack you ll roll backwards. But if you don t you won t roll at all and you ll be negative..

15 lastly. You can press up in 1 or down and 1 and you ll roll into the background or foreground. Respectively. It can be quite frustrating in tekken because sometimes they label it stance.

Very clearly and sometimes they don t consider someone like lee. He has a very clearly labelled stance could hit man stance. We know it s a stance because he gets new moves during it and he can t use any of his other moves. Then you have someone like kazuya.

Who has a wave. Which is technically a stance because it opens up new moves and restricts other moves. It is not labeled as a stance. Though so it can be very deceiving for newer players on a quick sidenote stance moves are normally quite powerful and beginner players can perceive them as very overpowered.

The trick is when you identify someone in their stance. The pool of moves is dramatically restricted so you only have to play around a handful of moves rather than a traditional fast move set in tekken. Everyone has access to generic throws with a combination press of one plus three or two plus four you must be close to your opponent to do so. But you may extend the generic grab by holding forwards and then pressing the button combination.

This will give you a little more reach you may break either of these generic throws with a one or two press. But not both during the beginning of your grapple animation you may also duck all the generic throws and pretty much every other throw in the game. Except for a select few characters have different unique throws with everyone having an alternative command throw. Which leads with both hands requiring a one plus two input to break other characters have special throws which look like generic throats.

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But must be checked with a specific one or two input you can identify these by recognizing the leading hand during the grab where if they lead with the left hand you press one to break and if their lead with the right hand you press. The two to break someone like king. Who is a grappling specialist can make a look like the using a throw that would be broken with one input. Only to have it require an alternative input.

This is definitely the exception to the rule. It is important to note that if you click the wrong button during your grab you get locked out of the other options so you can t just mash every button a great way to practice breaking grabs is to utilize jin in training mode. Jin has access to three different crabs each requiring a different button to break this is a skill you ll build up slowly. It is more important to hit the correct button to solidify the correct response rather than try and be quick with any random button speaking of throws.

Some characters have grabs which transition into more grabs and then possibly even more a notorious example of this is king s rolling death cradle. See he does his dance way enters a wave. And then does a little grab. He can then choose a select series of buttons that will open up a pathway to a new grab think of it like a flowchart where if he clicks one series of buttons.

He ll get one grab briefie clicks is another series of buttons. He ll get a second grab. What you as a grapple person must do is absolutely mash. Either 1 2.

Or 1 2. Unfortunately. There s only one correct answer to break kings throws whilst. I do recommend you mash something it s much better in the long term to recognize the animation and try and mash.

The correct button now if the king player fails to input the correct series of buttons. He ll simply let go. During the middle of the chain throw. When in doubt mash 1.

2. Against the king player. And if you see this animation just spam. In tekken.

It s more important to avoid moves rather than try and block everything that comes your way defending is very difficult and whilst. It s a vital skill to learn movement is key a lot of moves may seem pretty overpowered when you confine it to a two dimensional plane..

But if you implement a quick sidestep here or there and try to avoid the attack. Altogether. This will create a width for the enemy and a whiff is when the enemy hits nothing and is trapped in the ending layer you can get extremely far and taken by back dashing once or twice. When the opponent is near and creating this whiff tekken is notorious for being quite difficult to move properly with so i would recommend practicing how to move around on an infinite stage.

Whenever you re feeling quite rigid. A key movement option to learn is a korean back. What this term represents is cancelling your back with a down back input. Leaving you to only have to input one extra back for the second back you can do a simpler input by using a back and then rolling your inputs from down to down back.

Then adding a supplementary back input. Sadly this technique does not work for all characters as some of them have a sway stance. Which you ll enter instead of going into your back. Along with throw.

Breaking this technique is vital to learn long term you should practice this every time you play. But it should be utilized with purpose normally the fastest move your character has is a generic one jab this jab is 10 frames. What that means is it takes 10 frames for the move to be able to activate and connect with your opponent. If you would have two characters utilize that 10 frame move at the exact same time they would both also get hit at the exact same time.

This is known as a trade if someone uses an 11 frame. Move and another person uses a 10 frame move at the exact same time. As you would imagine the 10 frame move would land and interrupt. The opponent first this is also known as a counter hit it becomes slightly more complicated when you have frame advantage or frame.

Disadvantage. Certain moves will give you plus frames. Putting you in the advantage state. If you land your generic one jab on a blocking opponent you will be able to act one frame faster than your opponent since your one frame ahead of your opponent.

If you were both to do the 10 frame move. As soon as you could act. The person. Who was 1 would be able to strike the opponent first alternatively.

If your moves have led you to be in minus frames. Such as your opponent. Blocking and regular mid. You will be in the disadvantage state your opponent then may act.

Before you it is a lot of time and effort to view your character s frame data as moves have different frames depending on if there landed or if they were blocked and then some have different frames again depending. If you landed account ahead. So now that we have an idea of what frames are the next step is punishment certain moves put your character in such a disadvantageous state. That you are unsafe negative.

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10. Is the initial point for unsafe moves again there are some outliers if your opponent is negative. 10. You are able to land your generic 1 jab before they re even allowed to block the more negative frames.

Our move leaves you on the more options open up for your opponent to start punishing. You for this is where you start hearing the terms 10 frame punish. 12 frame punish launch a ball etc. A 12 frame punisher is a move that for your character is generally implemented when your opponent utilizes a move that is negative 12 meaning you can land this move on your opponent no matter what as long as you are within range.

If something is launched punishable it normally means that it s negative 15 frames meaning. Most of the cast has the ability to start their juggle combo. Try challenging your opponent s with your quickest and safest moves and then ramped up the punishment. When something works sometimes you may have a faster move or be ahead in frames.

Where your attack should connect. But somehow misses your opponent you may have tekken s crush system to thank..

There. Some moves have the ability to crush a category of attacks making them invincible for a specific duration. One notable example is the hop kick. When you use a hop kick.

You are immune to lower tax. As you are in the air. Different moves have different crush properties to play around and see what your character has to offer. Unfortunately.

It can be quite difficult to perceive if your attack is crushing a category or if it simply has an evasive hitbox. If you have someone like lily. She hooks her hand to the right where lee s head is to his left. And she actually perfectly connects her hand to his head and this hits every single time.

Now. I don t know every property of every move in this game. But i m pretty sure you cannot crush mids if i m wrong please let me know i m curious to see if there is actually one it can be quite deceiving and taken to check whether or not your string of moves is actually a true combo. When you first open training mode.

You may throw out a series of moves that will tell you it s a combo. This may actually not be a true combo. Though to test if a combo is true select. The second action to guard all this will enable the practice dummy to block.

Whenever they re able to allowing you to check the legitimacy of your combo in tekken. There are very few extended combos like we d find in other games. Instead we have juggles to begin a juggle you must launch your opponent. Normally.

This is done with a hop kick or a down forward to this will put your opponent into an airborne stay you can then hit them several times with each hit becoming weaker and sending the opponent further and further away you may also utilize the screw attack to bounce the opponent up allowing you to catch up to them and land some bigger hits you can only bounce them once through the screw attack. Though as supplementary screw attacks will allowed them to start teching. There are a few goals you should think about when you perform a juggle. These are doing as much damage as possible pushing them as far as you can to a wall or if you have no walls or maybe you can t reach the wall set up your oca s ma.

Sin moves. Most of them being screwattack s will splat your opponent on to the wall. There are two main versions of the wall splat a high wall splat and a low wall splat. You can only do a certain amount of moves on tv.

Ponent while they re stuck on the wall. Before they start sliding down and they re able to recover speaking of walls. If you click back and then up back your character will do a wall jump. Sometimes you all jump will just get you out of there and other times.

You ll attack. If you juggle your opponent to the wall. Or moves bar a few or splat them automatically this will allow you to begin your wall combo. Certain arenas have breakable walls.

Which will daisy opponent. Some also have balconies and other fun things now specific to the temple stage. You can actually put your opponent through the ground with floor break moves you have to see what moves or your character actually puts them through the floor. Sometimes they have to be on an airborne opponent.

So just mess around and maybe look up online and see what people have to say ” ..

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