Surviving With Actually Additions :: E08 – Player Interface & Fishing Nets

Fishing net actually additions This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Surviving With Actually Additions :: E08 – Player Interface & Fishing Nets. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Is going on guys we are back playing some more surviving s actually additions today today guys we are going to be messing around with the player interface. Which is very cool and useful block. But it s also slightly expensive. So i would not recommend this if you re pretty early on in your world.

You re just starting out and you re a little bit low on resources. But if you ve got resources to spend them by all means set this up because it s going to be a huge quality of life change. So the easiest way to explain this is that is an extension of the players inventory. But it s in block form.

And the reason that is so important i want to stress that it s in block form is because that allows us to input stuff into it whether it s power items. Anything like that can go into this block. And then it goes to the players inventory now if you re on a server. You can t hook.

It up to other players. It s not just going to be hooked up to yourself. I m not going to discuss that in depth today. Just know you do need to use the player probe.

And it is a little bit finicky when you work with other players. So i would highly recommend you keep it to just yourself. Now the two things we re going to be doing today and the two main things you ll probably use this for it s going to be power going into your inventory and items. I actually don t know if you can do anything other than those two you know other than maybe you know putting liquid into your inventory and drowning yourself.

I don t know that s what that would took a really dark turn. But you have so we re going to be putting power in and that s going to be the first thing. It s very simple to do and it s pretty much going to act as a wireless charger. So right now if you guys remember the episode.

When i set this up it was right after i made my drill and the point of this is that you throw your drill in and it gets charged up to full or pretty much anything that uses power in here. You can see a lot of things will have these power bars. A lot of these rings. A lot of stuff that we re not using right now.

But it requires power. And it s going to require constant charging and i really hate having to come over here after i do every little thing go on mining trips pretty much anything around the base and i always want to recharge this but if we do this setup. We pump power in to the player interface. It s hooked up to us and then as long as we are in the range.

The base is 32. It will charge our drill for us or anything else in our inventory. Then along with that will pump items in there. And i think the most useful one to pump in is going to be food and the reason.

I say that is because food is one of the things that you always have in your inventory. You re never not going to have food in sure you might not have building blocks in your inventory. All the time. But you ll always need food and you re going to need it coming in in a constant supply and i m also a little bit low on it right now.

I only have one cooked pork chop. So i could do it a little bit more food in my inventory at the time so to do that we re going to be setting up fishing nets. Which are just kind of blocks from actually additions that we ve never really messed around with before you could set up pretty much any kind of farm. But we re going to set up the fishing nets.

Those will get us both fish and a couple you know random things you might get from fishing hopefully. Some enchanted stuff. We ll use that for a later episode with the lens of disenchanting. But the fish is then going to come out go into a powered furnace and get put into our inventory.

So it ll be very nice and we ll just kind of regulate the amount of fish that we re getting using either more or less of the fishing nets. So i did actually have to upgrade this to a medium storage crate because it s getting a little bit full and i decided the second page is now going to be used for all the crafting stuff for the episode. And this stuff is actually pretty expensive. I mentioned that before when i first started it out everything s really cheap except for the actual player interface.

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Which surprised me because it s not in my opinion a super useful block. It s just kind of quality of life. But i guess that s kind of what you got to do so. It requires a lot of diamond probably about half a stack a little bit over a stack of ender pearls.

A lot of black quartz and a wither skull. Luckily for me. I didn t have to use a bunch of diamond repairing. My gear.

Though because i could use the item repair. Which is just a very simple block not going to cover it super in depth. But all you do is anything that can be repaired in an anvil you put it in here. And it really use power to repair it so i kind of took it apart.

I guess rei didn t hook. It up uh or keep hooked up because this thing burns through power. It uses up a ton. I believe it s 2500 cf per tick.

So just a heads up. But so we re going to do is first things first we need to take these emeralds and we ve never done this before so i m doing it on camera. But we re going to put them in the empower. Because we need to actually we need to convert them first so we re going to convert these to be actually additions version and then we re going to put these em er attic crystals in here.

They re not really expensive to upgrade it takes some grass some slimeballs some lime and oak saplings. I guess the most annoying one was finding my balls just because i didn t actually know where thomas limes were had to venture out. But will do that i don t think it ll take super long. I really hope it doesn t oh wow.

It s actually really really fast. Okay. So we ll grab that out i probably should have a hopper set up for this. But you know what i don t do a ton of this on camera.

So shouldn t be too big of an issue. So do this i just think. It s funny how it s all green stuff obviously i m sure that was intentional usually the stuff matches. The color.

The diamonds take a lot of clay so when you have to empower those. I would suggest getting a ton of clay and just doing blocks at a time that simplifies it a little bit okay so we ve got all the crystals that we need now and then finishing up crafting the fishing net is really easy. It just requires a fair bit of string got the 32 string right here. And there we go so we ve got the fishing net.

So these just get placed down on top of water and you can either put a chest down on top of them or anything to collect items and then you can send it somewhere so i m going to put chests down just because we re going to be getting both things that can be cooked and stuff. That s just random junk or enchanted items. Anything we can get from fishing. So we ll put those on the back burner for now next thing.

We need is be powered furnace so we can go in and should be good to craft that now so that s where all the items are going to go we re going to input them using the laser item relays and we ll use a hopping item interface because they do need to get pulled out got the chest for going on top of those all the water buckets that we re going to need. And i actually think we re going to upgrade one item elise really too advanced that s the one that s going to go on top of the powered furnace just to make sure that we can whitelist stuff. So i don t actually know if we need to do that but i m going to do it in case. Just so we can say only this stuff can get input in here.

So there s no backup with things that are getting put in there that can t actually be cooked or things. We don t want so the last two miscellaneous things energy laser relays. One is going to be going on a powered furnace. One is going to be going on the player interface to actually put the energy in our inventory or in our items in our inventory.

And then the last thing. The expensive part the player interface itself. So it s actually not a ton of crafting for this item. But one of the blocks that you re going to use five of the ender casing is extremely expensive.


This is what it takes to make an ender casing. We need five of those so craft those up a lot of empowered demanding crystals and then the wither skull for the player interface so not a pretty looking block in my opinion. But we re going to place everything down over here we re not going to need the energizer anymore. I will put the item repair down somewhere else hopefully it doesn t completely get destroyed there we go and then i ll just clear out this area for us right over here.

Get us a little bit of room to work with and also i want to kind of dig into the durability of the drill a little bit so that we can see what happens when it gets hooked up so we re going to put down the fishing nets right now. And i want to do those first because they do take quite some time. I believe the numbers are 12. And a half to 18 and a half minutes to catch something.

Which is why i m putting four of them down if it was faster. I d do one and that should be enough to upkeep with my food. But because they re not guaranteed to get cook abul items and they re also you know going pretty slow you know taking pretty close to 20 minutes sometimes to get stuff. I just want to be safe and make sure that i m always going to have food so i m going to space these out just because of how chests get put down can t put them down in a two by two so we ll put them down like this right here.

And then the fishing nets go on top of it it looks a little bit weird. If you were to place it down can we get on the side of this to place down. There we go so they kind of hover over the water and then when you place the chest down. It looks even weirder.

If you click on this it goes all the way up. But there we go the chests are now down good to go. And we can set down the powered furnace so. This is going to have to go into the air.

A little bit and they think i m going to set it up to make it look. I m going to set it up right here which means we want to put down the player interface oop for some reason. I think edit on my hotbar. We ought to put the player interface down right here and you can see it says bound to dr.

Rage art. So it automatically binds to whoever s putting it down. That s why if you want to use it on someone else on the server. You are going to need to use the player probe and you re going to need to go i don t know the specifics.

But it s essentially you re going to click on them. But it has issues if the person logs off the server or i believe like is sneaking or does something else and it also alerts players when they re either connected or disconnected from this so little finicky and that case. But not too bad so we re going to put the hopper on here. The powered furnace down up here this is going to have to get an energy laser relay put on it so i think the best side would be to do the back for that in the back for this and then we re going to put on the invisibility modifiers on these and then they can get hooked up.

I guess just right here this should already be hooked up to our system. And it already has an invisibility modifier on it so there we go these should start getting. Crystal. Flux.

And oh yeah. This one isn t going to show up it ll show up if we click on it so there we go. And this should be kept on off. Not really worried about auto.

Splitting items because we re only going to be cooking like two of them. I think it s the only cook salmon and fish. I don t know what else has been added recently. But we re going to do that and then we need to get the item laser relays and we ve got the advanced one which i ll put on here.

I believe that the advanced and regulars can work together so hopefully. Here s hoping that they do so oh you know this actually needs to go onto a hopping item interface so we ll put that down right like that and the item leaves our relay up. There. Now.

I guess you could just put a hopper and put items directly into here. But again. If you re going to hook up a bunch of these and i might hook up more. It s really nice to have the item belize or relays going like that just so that you don t really need to worry about a huge hopper chain going from chest to chest.

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So we can connect these up to here and there and then this needs to if we click on it this one. Oh did i not put down the advanced one oh. I didn t put down the advanced one i put down everything. But the advanced one okay so we want the advanced one down up there and then these get connected to it i was wondering why i couldn t click on it and then we ll sleep first just i don t want to get attacked by stuff even though stuff doesn t really spawn.

I don t know why i don t know if it s like my view distance is still i always blow my lower my view distance and that was a bug a while ago that with a lower view distance stuff wouldn t spawn it really annoyed me. Because i m a lot of my series. I have spawners and it kind of makes those useless then. But yeah so i think if we click on this we can t whitelist stuff that s going into it.

So i think right now we ll leave it as is this is going to take a while to catch stuff. And i don t have any fish on me right now to whitelist. But once this starts catching stuff it ll either go in here. And it ll cook it or it ll sit in here and eventually.

I will snag some fish and i will whitelist it just to make sure i don t know if other random things can go in there like puffer fish. I don t want those i don t know if those will go into a furnace or not but this will just be safe. It s not really expensive. So you probably only need an item elisa really but i went with the advance because i m cool.

I m swaggin like that and that should be good so everything should get input in there. If you wanted this to be further away you could use another hopping item interface and pull stuff from this using an item laser relay but i don t really see the point because this is the only item input. We re going to have the last thing is putting oh wait we already have the energy laser really on there i forgot so you can see that this does have a very small internal buffer of 30000. Crystal flux and this should be fully charged in our inventory.

The range of this is 32 like i said but much like all the other face blocks. And i guess that s the only way to call them. But there s the phantom energy face all of these ones. We ve used the redstone phase.

But they re pretty much just wireless blocks. They can all be upgraded using the phantom booster. Much like we did with the set up over here. They can have three of them on top of them and they re going to boost the range now i don t know the exact numbers.

Because doesn t even specify i think you probably need to look on the wiki for that. But i think a range of 32 is big enough that will cover the whole base area and then whenever items get put in there it ll pop into my inventory. So if i were to put dirt in there you can see it pops into my inventory. Like that a decent speed and it doesn t really matter the speed because we re not really going to be getting that many fish popping into here um.

But yeah. I think that s going to be it for today guys nothing super complicated just a nice little quality of life change. And i am going to put the invisibility upgrades on these so again just kind of a nice thing to have a little bit expensive. So if you ve got the resources.

You might want to do this it kind of actually additions wireless power and you know kind of wireless item transfer a lot of other mods have these that are a little bit cheaper so. If you re playing in a mod pack might not be the greatest thing to do. But i say if you re playing with actually. Editions alone.

It is very very nice to have so hopefully you guys enjoy today s episode. If you did please feel free to give it a like as it does help me out a lot. ” ..

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