PSA: Don t Buy A 4K TV Without This Important Feature

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“Tvs are more affordable than ever if you re thinking of buying one make sure sure that it s more future proof by getting one that supports hdr as it significantly bolster your gaming and entertainment experience. There s no doubt that watching 4k content can look really crisp. But having access to a panel that can produce more realistic and divid colors is arguably more important that s where hdr comes into play hdr tvs uses displays that offer a much wider color gamut compared to the standard rgb panels. We ve been accustomed to for so long modern consoles like the playstation.

4. And xbox one x support hdr games like gears of war. 4..


Are able to feature deeper black levels and games like infamous second son are able to portray a more realistic. Sun. Shaft and godrays you also get more accurate colors in general while hdr content is still in an early state. Many of the new blockbuster releases feature 4k hdr blu rays and streaming sites like netflix and amazon prime a rolling a 4k hdr content.

According to nvidia compared to srgb hdr can expand the color gamut by a factor of two which makes up roughly 75 percent of the visible color spectrum. It allows colors to provide more granularity. So you can get tones..


That are more subtle or vibrant. Watching content like planet earth. 2 exemplifies. How video can look much more colorful and lifelike with hdr enabled.

Many new high end tvs are now bundling 4k and hdr together. But there are several that don t so it s important to check to see if the respective tv. You want to buy supports the feature any tvs that brandish the ultra hd premium label will support both 4k and hdr there are three major standards dolby vision hdr 10 and hl g our sister sites cnet suggests that dolby vision tends to look the best on average but dolby does charge tv manufacturers a licensing fee to use the tech which could be passed down to you the consumer at any rate..

Any hdr tv will look better than an srgb equivalent one good affordable option. We recommend is tcl s 55 p. 605. You can typically find it online for around 600 bucks.

And it comes with dolby vision hdr if you want to go the extra mile. You could opt to get a 4k hdr oled tv. Which will offer true since they don t use traditional leds..

And instead up to use individually backlit pixels. However while oled panels are certainly nice they generally cost a lot more and are thus relegated in the nice to haves category. But when it comes to hdr the slight premium you might pay is worth it considering it will be another prominent display standard moving forward in the end if you re gonna spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a nice 4k tv. It might as well make sure.

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It s more future proof by ensuring it supports hdr for more information on how hdr fx games make sure to check out our pc graphics settings explainer video thanks for ” ..

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