Preparing Automatic Repair Error in Windows 10 FIXED [Tutorial

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Today, would like to introduce to you Preparing Automatic Repair Error in Windows 10 FIXED [Tutorial . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everyone how are you doing. This is mdtech here of another quick tutorial today. I i m gonna be going over how to hopefully resolve some startup issues you might having in windows. 10.

Specifically. So. There could be a variety of issues. A closed startup issues and to be quite honest.

I have made a few tutorials already highly of different methods you can try to restore windows. 10. So we are going to assume that you obviously cannot boot into windows 10 and that you just keep getting rejected. And you have to keep manually turning your power off doing hard power off by pressing your power key on your computer.

Until your computer turns off so in windows 10. After three consecutive power offs that are done improperly um. It ll try and launch the automatic repair tool. Which is where we re currently at right now so just keep that in mind and you does not require any additional cd or dvd.

Downloads. You know as no iso files. Nothing so pretty much this is built in to windows and acts as a recovery device for your computer. So you re going to get an error.

Saying your pc do not start correctly press restart to restore your pc. Which can sometimes fix the problem in our case. Obviously ahead. It has not boy.

We can also see here it says you can also press advanced options to try other options to repair your pc. So at this point. Let s go on the advanced options button right next to restart. So it should be the right option underneath choose an option left look on troubleshoot now there were underneath the troubleshooting window select advanced options now there s a few different methods we re going to go through in this tutorial.

The first one will be the select system restore should be the top left item. There. So you re gonna get a little dialog window saying that system restore can help fix problems that might be making your computer run slowly or stop responding system restore does not affect any of your documents. Pictures or other personal data recently installed programs and drivers might be uninstalled.

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I think. This is an important point to note um. If you do know any programs. You might have installed recently that are causing this issue.

I would highly recommend if you can boot into safe mode and try and solve the program or whatever you can do to remedy. Whatever you knowingly did if for majority of you guys. I m assuming do not know what caused it you will select next. So we see that we have one system restore point currently created on this computer.

If you have multiple you could select any other restore point listed in this drop down list. So i would recommend trying to back up to the most recently created restore point and then just go backwards from there. But i would try doing the more recent one first and then it s like next this will just confirm that you re going to restore back to this specific time stamp and which computer drive it affects and please keep in mind says if you ve changed your windows password recently we recommend that you create a password reset disk so just keep that in the back of your head before you do this and then left click on finish and then you will receive a warning saying one started system restore cannot be interrupted. Do you want to continue please keep in mind.

You cannot interrupt the system restore once it has begun so. What you want to do is select. The yes here and this will begin to initialize the system restore so just be patient. This will take a couple minutes to run.

So once it s done i will be right back okay. So we can see the system restore has completed successfully and we can see the date and time minister restored to does our documents have not been affected click restart bye to restart your computer so what the computer restart if for some reason that you are not able to boot into windows. 10. Normally um.

I have another alternative method and every will involve going back into the troubleshooting menu that we were previously in so we re just gonna go fast forward back to the troubleshooting menu for you guys who this did not work for again okay so again underneath automatic repair. Select advanced options and they ve choose an option so i troubleshoot underneath troubleshoot beside advanced options this time. So. It s the bottom left option.

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That says startup repair fix problems that keep windows from loading. So let s click on that so this will take a little bit of time to run. This tool is pretty automatic so it should take it from here for the most part so once it s done running just restart your computer to see. If your computer is now able to boot into windows.

If it is not i do have one more method. We can try and it will involve us going back into the troubleshooting menu. Which we re going to go to right now okay everyone so assuming that did not work our third and final option. Today is going to be selecting advanced options so select that button right there you slight troubleshoot underneath choose an option select advanced options top rate.

I ll should say command prompt. So you want a lot click on that okay so. The first thing. We should do is type our main hard drive here in most cases.

It should be the c drive. So you just do a c colon and then hit enter on your keyboard so once you re underneath the c drive. We re going to type in dir and then hit enter on your keyboard. It should have program files users and windows all in there let s how you know you re in the right directory.

In some cases. It might be the d drive as well so just keep that in mind next thing. We re gonna do is type in cd space forward slash windows ford slash system32 forward slash config and then you re gonna hit enter on your keyboard you so now you re gonna type md space back up if you ve seen other tutorials it might also say to put it down md back up that s because the back up name is pretty common. When you want to back something up so you can name this whatever you want doesn t have to be back up.

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So. If you ve already made it back home folder in the past. You could do back up one for example. So once you re done setting the name you want the back up to be called hit enter on your keyboard again this point you want to type copy co py then you want to do the star symbol above the e key and do a period or a dime whatever you want to call it then another star sign and then another space and then type back up and then hit enter on your keyboard.

Now you want to type cd reg back re g b ack and then hit enter on your keyboard. So now that we were under the reg back so now you want to type dir again and then hit enter so now at this point we re gonna type copy again so copy space star sign died another star sign space and then two dots. So we re going to type copy space star sign dot sign star sign dot die and then hit enter on your keyboard again so for override you want to overwrite all so type a on your keyboard so capital a and hit enter on your keyboard so at this point you should be good to go you can close out of the command. Prompt window.

And if you accident in you to windows. 10. You should be all set. So i hope one of these three or four different methods.

We went through in this tutorial helped you guys out again much of you guys heard me earlier. But try to go back into your safe mode. If possible and uninstall any programs. You know might be conflicting with the windows startup.

If you can get into safe mode. So just keep that in mind something very simple like that could be blocking up everything so again. I hope this tutorial helped you guys out and i will ” ..

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