Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough Part 92: Catching the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo

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” s pokemon leaf green walkthrough. Part 92 alright. We are here in the cerulean cave cave now before i get started. I should tell you make sure you bring a that knows the move rock smash because you re going to need that move in order to explore the entire cave also you re going to want to pokemon with the move surf as well and you should probably already have that now you should bring a lot of max repels.

But unless your pokemon are above like the mid 60 range. You re probably still going to run into a lot of wild pokemon and to avoid being interrupted by every single wild battle. I m gonna speed this up and add some music to make it go by quicker alright. So here we go all right.

We have made it this is the ultimate legendary pokemon and we are standing literally two steps away from it now i d highly recommend saving your game at this point. Because if you mess up and don t catch it you ll never ever get another chance. And you ll want to be able to restart and get another shot at it now before i start i m gonna put my victory bail up front so i ll play i can put it to sleep and make it a bit easier to catch. And let s get this thing started now it says me when you talk to it.

But you re about to find out it s not actually mew. But it s mewtwo one of the pokemon that s probably actually one of the strongest in all of the games combined youtubes at level 70. It s a psychic type. It knows the moves psychic recover.

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Swift and safeguard..

It is extremely hard to catch all right the move recover is crazy crazy annoying because you can get it to really low health. But then it will use recover to restore its health back and you want to put all the damage on it again also the move safeguard doesn t seem like too much trouble. But if it uses that you can t use moves like hypnosis stunts for and anything like that so you can t put status on it that s annoying as well um. And also psychic is extremely powerful and it can easily sweep through your team.

So. There s really no easy way to catch in you other than throwing a master ball. But i will say do not throw your master ball at this thing alright. There s definitely easier ways to get it and you ll want to save your master ball for later so i m going to start off getting it to sleep.

Which is good i don t know how long we ll have it asleep. But i think i m just gonna try to get some damage on it while i can here. So yeah me too is definitely probably the hardest to catch in this game. I don t think there s really much of a doubt about that just because of the fact that it can restore its health and everything.

And it already woke up wow. And it s going to use recover. So you can tell us. It s definitely not gonna be easy actually be nice.

If i poison it or something..

But then again it could probably just kill it in the long run. I m good oh safeguard all right that makes it so i can t use sleep powder on it which means. I m pretty much screwed because i can t put any stats or anything so i think i ll just try to weaken it down and eventually he ll kill me i guess or i can keep using recover. So yeah already you can tell how hard this thing s gonna be catching.

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We haven t even thrown an ultra ball yet and by the way ultra balls are gonna work the best if you re not using your master ball and swift just got a critical hit and kill me wow. Yeah. Usually you should be happy. If it uses swift.

Because that s a sleaze powerful move but coming from you too it s still very powerful. So i m gonna go to nidoking and pray that doesn t use psychic and i m going to use mega horn is that super effective and swift. Still did like half a damage right so yeah. It s super effective and it still goes like a third and it s gonna use recover again well i guess i can t complain.

Though because i mean it s 25 levels ahead of me so i mean at least. I m doing some damage to it so let s see a critical hit would have been nice i guess. But i m not gonna get it all right there goes a safeguard. But yeah three bells already dead so it s going to safeguard again.

I don t really have any other pokemon to put satis on it at this point..

All i can only do is weaken it down. She s gonna make it a lot harder. But yeah and i guess i wants to keep using safeguards so i guess i m gonna whittle it down to just a bit of help here all right perfect. So i guess i can start checking ultra balls at it.

And just hope that it doesn t use recover anything i would recommend bringing about 40 to 50 ultra balls just because it what i forgot to get oh my gosh. I forgot to get ultra balls at the mart. I m such an idiot. I m gonna have to record this whole friggin thing again thank you yeah bring dumb oh.

My god what what what just happened oh i m speechless i just what i just caught mewtwo in one try what that really just happened i forgot to buy ultra balls. And i use the one and i caught it how does it happen terrible example of how hard it is the catch cuz. I m serious it s like the hardest pokemon to catch in the entire game. I somehow just got did that really just happen am.


I recording this cuz. I was about to just end the whole thing because i forgot to buy ultra balls that is the funniest thing that has ever happened to me any pokemon game. I m not even. I still can t even believe it i m like oh wow.

I need to go look..

This is crazy. I need to go look at this in the pc. Make sure that everything happened right because for some reason. I m thinking like i didn t really catch it and i m just dreaming right now did i seriously catch it with one ultra ball and that s all i had how does it happen that is not normal yeah.

There s mutant level 70. Yeah. Mewtwo has a really good special attack great all around stats really good legendary type pokemon. There s its moves again that has got to be the funniest thing is ever happened to me i have no idea how i just caught that thing.

But i m not gonna complain because usually it s so much harder to catch. So yeah. I guess we ve caught mewtwo which only leaves us with one last thing to do um throughout the game. I ve been telling you not to use your master ball.

But we still have it and next time. I m going to be revealing. Why i ve been saving the master ball this entire time well. I ve been telling you to hold on to it so stay tuned for more pokemon leaf green got one more ” .

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