One in four Americans report lost job or wage cut: CNBC survey

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“Takeaway is an historic unprecedented plunge wilfred in americans views on the economy. But yet. Yet. Some continued optimism about the future.

We put this plunging context of other major and what you ll see is it s a faster and bigger decline than we saw for example in 9 11. And then we saw after the 2008 financial crash. As just one example. We declined by 19 points.

And americans views on whether the economy is excellent or good. But that took six months after the 2008 crash 25 point decline in 24 days with the kovan 19 crisis one in four americans report that they ve either lost their job..

We re seeing their wages cut because of the coronavirus. Another 10 say they expect that to happen then so that s one in three americans. Expect their basic lifeline to be hurt by the cova 19 crisis on the economic side. However fifty one percent are saying.

They think the economy will improve in the next year. That s up 17 points. That s also a record so they ve taken their confidence. Now and put it in down the road as for handling of the virus.

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75 percent approve of what the cdc is doing 57 percent. Say they approve of what the fed is doing the president congress and republicans and democrats in congress all seems too fair about the 50 level now who should get relief from the government interesting results here good agreement at hospitals..

Small business local restaurants ought to get government relief less so when you get into airlines oil and gas boeing cruise companies and casinos. So will people are generally behind the idea of the two trillion dollar spending. They re also behind helping companies. But they make some distinctions about which companies ought to get relief from the federal government wulfric yes steve i mean i guess.

It s a simple relatively simple survey. It s hard to go into the next question on bailouts. Which is what people think about about the structures of bailouts and there s a big difference of course between keeping people in their job and allowing shareholders to benefit from the upside in terms of their equity holdings. That they have currently you know we did get into that back in the last crisis and we re gonna resuscitate some of those questions in the next round of polling wolford but you re right when it gets down to individual type stuff of whether or not companies or especially big companies ought to give something up the public tends to believe that they shouldn t get a handout from the federal government in fact we ll for the answer to your question is really in that chart that chart says those companies that have a hard time really taking care of themselves ought to be helped and the bigger companies the bigger industries.

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Airlines oil and gas. You don t see it there..

But large banks also in that red area. There boeing those are the ones that you take care of themselves. Whereas the smaller ones ought to be helped by the government and see the other thing. I ve been should to see is what other countries approval ratings for their leaders.

Look like because of course. None of us. Expect leaders to have had a magic wand to totally solve this crisis. So it s hard to gauge.

What really fifty percent for president trump s approval means without kind of comparing it to some other leaders in similar situations. His overall approval rating..

Actually did go up and in fact. It s above water. So to speak in other words. His approval is higher than his disapproval for the first time in the three years.

We ve been tracking trump. During his presidency. Our pollsters described this as a kind of rallying around the flag and the something a similar happened to president bush after 9 11. He was not able to retain it and the question is from a political point of view as we head into november can the president retain that rally around the flag approval that s helped him out as a result of this crisis.

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