[NG+ Fire Emblem: Three Houses (28) – Part II – Azure Moon Ch.14: The Delusional Prince

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“The monastery at gehrig mach. The kingdom army proceeds to bolster its forces. But the the empire is already one step ahead. An imperial vanguard.

Led by general randolph has the location of the kingdom. Army. And now advances with the aim of toppling garrick mach for a second time music. You music music music music the knights of saris are a powerful enemy.

But we have more soldiers we ll take them down all at once there are more enemies than expected attacking with fire would prove. Most useful here report. The enemy has entered the periphery of gehrig mach. They reach the interior.

We won t be able to protect the monastery drive them back. What s my strategy onward music. I ll cut through music you haven t music. There s no turning back now music what s the plan i ll comply music let s go ready when you are music i d be honored i m your girl okay music yeah.

Music can t hold me back. I just supposed to music child music. It is our duty to guide these soldiers to their destination stay alert. An attack may come at any time music music.

I must steel myself you re so on top of it. I ll crush them all fighting is what i do music see. When an eternal flames music. You took.

Me lightning. Add your service music. Music. Predictable music.

All talk. And no action music. I don t expect forgiveness music music. Yeah.

Music was the only way music. Music music music. I must lead them. Well music music.

Yeah music. It won t be music music music. It is done on way music eventually. I too will fall music.

It s my duty. Not bad music applause music. I disposed to doubt long ago music music music. What s my strategy.

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Another victory onwards. I ll cut through music how comes life music music music ready when you are music. I d be honored music. Oh.

I won t falter. What s the plan let s go i m your girl. I ll crush them all music all talk and no wax i m still here make yeah music thank you sir music you re a big help music. See you in eternal flames music.

I must steal myself music. Music. Um music music you took me lightly music atone for your six. I shall not strength it must be so.

Thank you music music music music music fire attack is ready now to draw the enemies of tension. So many units. And you still can t defeat us the empire s generals are not as formidable as i d urge quiet don t think you ll get away with mocking me attack make sure they never speak again. Now applause.

A fire attack the damage is too great we can t fight anymore. All units retreat. I ll take out our pursuers. Carry away the injured soldiers music chase them down leave.

None standing eliminate them before they can regroup music music. Let s turn. The tables. Applause music victory will be ours music.

Thanks. So much music music a total loss. We can t just return home like this professor get down music music for my house for justice. I will not be defeated no let s get in here music.

There is still room for improvement music reminds me of my youth capture him a terrible battle. Yet garrick mach. Still stands your highness music family waiting for me. Please i can t die here.

A beast of your depravity prattling on about family now amusing as though you could understand such a thing as love you heartless monster. You are a monster. Too general you have just yet to realize it monster who thinks he s a man despicable as a general you must have killed countless souls without a shred of mercy. Do you still remember the sound of them begging.

Just as you re begging now or now that your life is at its end will you hold to the lie that your hands are not stained red with blood this this is war. I did what i had to for the empire for the people for my family. So you are piling up corpses for the people and your family and i am doing the same for the salvation of the dead. After all is said and done we are both murderers both stained both monsters you re wrong music am.

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I i can smell the rotting flesh. Upon your hands. Even now general enough that s enough. I won t kill you right away.

My fellow monster. Unless you object to watching your friends die. One by one if so i will do you the service of removing your eyes first so that please please forgive me what is the meaning of this music the dmitri you once knew is dead. All that remains is the repulsive blood stained monster.

You see before you if you do not approve of what i have become then kill me. If you insist that you cannot then i will continue to use you and your friends until the flesh falls from your bones music the imperial army. But we remain divided on our next course of action. I anticipate a second and third wave of attack with our current forces.

We ll have our hands full just defending. It s a miracle. We managed to repel the imperial army with a few units and resources. We do have we should probably contact rodrigue right away to request backup.

But grieg is in a difficult position as he has suffered invasions by the dukedom. But there are troops who share an hour cause gathering in the heart of fraud. Arias territory. If we can arrange for them to join us our forces will grow consider broad arias.

So rodriguez still alive is he music so you did i wonder what my old man will say when he sees you now that spectacle alone will be worth the trip. I ve already sent word with our fastest messenger informing rodrigue that his highness is alive. But we would do well to send another in case anything happens to the first with the current state of things we ll be completely helpless. Without his support your highness may i ask what your next plan of attack is should we dispatch our troops to the kingdom capital or to the imperial capital.

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We will take the imperial capital. There i will kill her we end the war and chase away the lingering regrets of the dead nothing could be more to the point that may be true. But don t forget that your people need our help right now your highness. I hate them too.

But the citizens of ferdie ad. Have long awaited your return just give it up already wasting time thinking about stuff like that it will only dull your blade. Defeating adel guard would put an end to the war that would benefit the kingdom as well we still need to look for lady raya. So i agree that we should get to end bar as fast as possible professor whatever you decide we shall follow yes.

It is the only way either way we are in need of numbers. It is essential that we secure a backup. ” ..

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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Man, poor Randolph.

Difficulty: Hard/Classic

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