Netflix & CryptTV s DON T WATCH THIS Livestream Watchalong!

Dont watch this netflix This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge .

Today, would like to introduce to you Netflix & CryptTV s DON T WATCH THIS Livestream Watchalong!. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everybody you ready for a streamer right on time today. How rare is that it it s kind of rare that s okay. We re gonna be watching some netflix that they have it s called don t watch this which is confusing. But that s okay.

It s a series of shorts of horror shorts. You see it s a season. This is a season 1 episode 1 entitled friendship bracelet. Which was in fact done by our very good.

Friends at crib tv. They produced two of the shorts. That we ll be watching today. Including this first one friendship bracelet hi.

I got the chat up a chat. What s up you ll notice that if you were at the previous crib tv. Livestream that was earlier this year. I had the chat on the video like right where my big fat head is right now that s not the case.

Now because youtube added a feature where when you re watch this video you can see the chat in actual real time so figured might as well have my face bigger. And if i get scared. It ll be a higher res capture for all your gifts and gifs got it hey everybody. What s up everyone hi.

When s the starting. Momentarily. Ethan don t you worry. This is gonna be fun.

Hey. Thanks. Tom just so you all know as far as super chats. Go.

I ll probably be more focused on the the the actual thing that we re watching then the chat. So maybe i should have turned off super chats. But that s okay it would be fun. I i don t expect james to be scared says lady lady songs.

I got scared a few times during the crib tv livestream. I got spooked i got jump scared few times so we ll see fingers crossed. I like to be scared. It s a lot of fun.

Thank you tj gaming. Yeah so this is gonna be lots of fun. I m just gonna wait for people to come in gonna wait for people to filter in so. We can have a full house as we start this process.

It s good getting up there though getting a lot of people there in the meantime you can check me out on instagram and see the story that i did to advertise coming here i lick some eggs or i pretend to look some eggs. I might own didn t quite reach. But almost omo did i dress up for halloween. No i slept for halloween.

And i literally went and got a massage for halloween because october was a long month for me. But was a lot of fun. And it was worth that a lot of people came to the channel. So that s great and that massage was really good.

Thanks burger boy. And zebra. Let s get spooked. Yeah.

At dead meat james on instagram. If you want to hit me up. There. And follow me.

You ll get some fun pictures. Occasional stories and also at dead meat james on twitter. Is a great way to keep up with updates on the channel like when the evil dead killcount. Didn t come out yesterday.

I m very sorry about that by the way i let everyone know on twitter. What the situation was so that the twitterers were keen to the sitch they knew what was up like all my lingo. It s very cool and hip. Yeah.

Add dead meat james on twitter and if you re on twitter. Make sure you tweet at netflix and at crypt tv with hash tag don t watch this let them know that you re gonna be watching this with me and let them know that what one s your favorite. What do you like about it as we watch it. So ok.

Sweet nice. Oh yeah. Deep red performed old rules. So yeah.

It s a great movie. That s great chelsey s there in the background chill. She s doing merch stuff. Yeah.

Let me just give it let me. Just give it two more minutes. Let me give it till. 5.

After and we can get started you little impatient little butterball s. I don t know why i said that but that s why you you guys are being right..

Now you re rolling all around getting everything all buttery telling me to start the show. It s it s 104. We can give it another minute let some people get in here hey its crib tv crib tv. What up in the chat has anyone seen the episodes already by the way.

Thanks. Mitchell. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.

Avery has anyone seen these episodes. I have not i know that in my announcement video. I told you that you should probably watch them ahead of time just in case. But i didn t do that i didn t follow my own advice because i want to get spooked you know and it s hard to get scared by something you ve seen before.

But i didn t watch them i m ready to roll. I m ready to get scared how there are a lot of people in here this is exciting. I wish i could interact a little bit more i ll just pick a random person death gun. So they liked the ice cream.

Man kill count thank you it was age restricted for about two days and then i got it removed so if you tried to watch. It and you couldn t you can now you re welcome alright do i like potato chips. Yeah sure who doesn t all right uh it s 105. I guess we could get going soon.

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What do you think crypt. You think there are enough people in here to get started crypt evie. I m good i m just gonna take direction from crib tv and drink. My coffee with my.

With my invisible mini. Man mug. See it s it s it s minion monsters. But there s an invisible mini man on there it s fun.

I think we re ready to get it going okay you heard you heard crypt let s start alright. This is don t watch this on netflix pull it up if you want i think it s pretty big on the screen. So hopefully. It s okay and you ll be able to hear it and everything.

And yeah. This is episode 1 friendship bracelet. There s good so excited to just chill out and watch some stuff okay that escalated quickly. I was gonna say it s a fun creative way to play.

But gonna be able to save it doc oh i think i poked at a dead bird. One time. When i was a kid just once though good morning abby morning. Lisa good morning doctor.

Let me know if the volume is good between my voice and irene. So where d you get him. They re called friendship bracelets. You kind of have we ve had him forever my birthday is this weekend.

Oh my gosh thank you we ll definitely try and make. It lisa s may be so great if you could come totally. What s the other one s name abby. She seems nicer yeah.

Her she seems nicer also what kind of school is this that there s a dead bird carcass. All maggoty just chilling in the walkway. Yeah. What the fuck is the janitor here someone said i hope lisa died so you think lisa ai.

N t gonna die in the in a horror short where she s being a mean girl to the protagonist of course. She s gonna die. I like her bedazzled will face mask now keep her safe i ll keep her safe from bacteria yeah. I m calling out them trope script tv.

I do this for a living do people get that pierced. I ve always wondered this weird little part of your skin. Seems prime piercing material happy birthday. I can t believe you re here.

Where is everyone you re the only ones. Who came. Oh ah. Do you want some punch.

Sure. I m okay. Oh. No.

Lisa s lisa is the nicer one. I m sorry. It could be a little louder on the show you got it you got it weird. We should leave there we go oh no not while she s getting punch ah damn aw.

Damn that s dirty it s a ton of balloons for a two person party that comes out to like a dozen balloons per capita special happy i like how the captions said. The words that are already on screen. Oh. No she wants to be best friends with them too well how d she get that picture heart removal.

Oh. No as a crip tv shore was that a rapunzel..

Maybe. If i ever make. A horror. Movie crib tv.

Let me use your shit on the tv. Like that. Because. If you don t i ll just have to use neither living dead like everyone else i think the movie volumes up all the way.

I ll just have to fucking turn it up yourself my thesis. Said you know it s like watching two crib tv shorts at once we re watching rapunzel and friendship bracelet that s bonesaw she means asthmatic. What is that that bedazzled gum looking thing. Yeah barbecue kisses well this matter.

We watch that in the last livestream now. We re washington again. But like through tv. Hi fuck joey.

What are you doing here i figured it out if we re gonna be best friends. I have to open your hearts first oh she s still going damn she made it down the stairs and everything that is a will to live. I like to think i d be able to do that time to send a snap who said that guesses guess i m gonna die. But first let me take a selfie wow i didn t expect the the fucking hanging finger dude.

You know bright side. Julie s probably gonna make a great surgeon. Someday. She s got so much bronchus.

It s like the equivalent of like when i would leave videos on my own in my backyard been ship friends forever good job john william ross encrypt tv. I m just gonna let it roll. I m just gonna roll we got 11 seconds for me a look at the chat trying to watch you and michigan at the same time. Denard.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Man.

Yeah. That was great that was like that was like that movie friend request. If it was good that s what that would be what s this one. My god change.

The thing control alt delete. Let me tell you a game. Called and dr. Gordon.

800. And i lied to stream this white this videos. Shit hey crypt. I mean i think it s mostly not full on stuff.

I think it s suggestive. I didn t i didn t account for this i didn t account for this man bounces that s what that s what hackers say is bouncing also salt. I ve been everywhere dude. This is very song that there s music and everything this is super a canvas this is cyber saw while watching cyber salty terminator what holy sh ow.

I don t even know what kind of pack that is that s like a 12 pack holy shit hey hey yep the hacker guy looks like this okay you know what maybe oh i have the higher wilding out man. He s got a red bull though oh to give you like fatal lucky listen. This is insane you are not very good at this. I know who killed on this game chelsea that simple all welcome back cause neck.

So gross. I love that one look like is like swat a fly out you make it you know they only had to shoot two locations for practical sets here like this one what happens if you takes the what are you come. After next. Who s next.

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Okay. Yes. I ever saw crazy. I am your reckoning.

Okay. What s this. One. Called.

In cambodia. It was a. Short. Little boy.

Because. Now wow. Ah. Oh.

No what an ad for lasik. Are you tired. Of. Answered.

Your eyes. Oh. God is that answered your eyes. Johnson.

Or whatever. The fuck..

Is that is this a secret. Rick and morty episode son of a bitch maggots. Haven t we had enough maggots on this channel. Oh.

This is such a house phone school. Sure oh. It s mike meyers. Okay.

You know what hey not everything needs a narrative. Not everything needs a narrative that was that was fine as far as you want you want a feeling and ambiance that was good that was uh that created a nice little feeling was this about okay here we are again joining us in our search for mischief bro. Those are dogs. I mean if you re not a murderer would you want to meet this guy.

See i m a rare form of dyslexia. I keep out as come on in let s go boys let s go boys let s go boys yaryi got em you showed. I gotta say i m a little impressed man come on i d to take a few wedding gigs and a graduation. It s all good all right.

I just just missed. You bud you missed me yeah or you just couldn t find anyone else to go exploring with you can t be a little bit of both well. I figured since this was the last hoorah should be here who rises. Did say like su shit like a marine man for luck.

It s tradition. If i d known that the handshake. We invented a 10 1 factor so deeply into your soul well it does so come on i wish i had a cool handshake aw. See that s a cool handshake.

I don t have anyone with wheels have a handshake. Oh that s good done it doc. It ll i just feel pretty good to be back that shit back there that was a big boy running around like that i had to do a lot of digging to find this place man. But it seems spectacular on paper.

There s no record of anyone ever being inside before oh hey watch it with the camera around your neck dude. This house belong to the calloway family of callaway pharmaceutical. Oh big pharma has it old man callaway s test his experimental drugs when it s kids. Oh yeah.

Well man. Kelly. Got. Me.

So. I wouldn t know cause. They couldn t even scream all of them dead before they hit 20 talk about world s greatest dad. I m all right what too much no.

It was great that wasn t bad. I didn t think that line was bad. But he said we were the first ones here maybe the family left it there s more oh smooth oh shit. What is it what happened to me let s try downstairs yeah be careful the wind horses blonde.

I look like looks like a jockey looking like a jock version of matt smith kind of thanks baitul. They stop here stop here we built this city. I know we built this for them i want to go did you select. He looks like marty mcfly s then hold on a second.

What are you just getting grabbed like that dude shit. There s got to be another set of stairs. He looks like if george mcfly. Were slytherin stay.

Here you don t understand paper. Saying grab a sword was there a sword fuck. I missed a sword. If there was yeah.

That s what you should do he just wants that pulitzer man oh it s so gross the the quick flashes of light on the creature room remember everyone watching make sure you suite at netflix and app. Crypt tv with the hashtag don t watch this let them know what you think. This is the fourth episode called qipao trip tb produced this one and that first one we watch friendship bracelet cyber. Saw and dumper which was that crazy trippy film school short.

But i mean that in a good way it was it was a good film school shoulder that got in that car fast okay cool that got in that car faster than a dilophosaurus cool. Don t why i m tone antoni. Psycho and tony sacco. Just bitch yeah.

What s is this the last one good job crypt. My name is antony parofsky. He prolly profs key antony. I m 34 years old and recently famous one minute you re scrounging for change to buy back with antony.

But we re i all said the avocado king what who am i i live in an immaculately appointed colonial designed by bobbie burke located in a nasa town accessible only to old money and deeply connected antony doing an american psycho day. We start off by tending to my herb garden using a vintage copper watering pot and room temperature water haha. Basil can be quite finicky back to my name for a moment. It s antony.

Not anthony boys. Like antony and cleopatra. There s no h. As part of my daily ritual.

I start each morning with homemade face masks made of greek. Yogurt and steeped green tea leaves. Oh. My eyes masks to my face not unlike buttercream frosting on the cake be generous thick gorge.

I m alec a ssin removes toxins and tightens my face lending to my youthful glow. Self care isn t selfish every day starts with few exercises and stretches including but not limited to core strengthener..

So my god these help lessen the guilt from the previous night s decision to eat a whole block of clothbound cheddar and half a pall on love okay fine the whole loaf i m gonna enhance my anti on it s time to remove i loved that he was like yeah i ll do a fucking horror short on netflix. That s amazing unlike that none of the other guys know anything about cooking. Except tan and only a little dude. It would be amazing.

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It i don t care whether they like what i cook enough the others in this or they ll eat it if they know what s good for them. Oh. No is its people he makes them people anthony just wanted to fucking show. He was like yeah.

I ll do a horse short as long. As i can be fucking naked. Wow. American psycho courtesy of lionsgate.

Yeah. You can t yeah. You can t can t say that that s not a fuck was that tan about that was a great surprise anthony from from queer eye on netflix hilarious. It s so funny because i feel like anthony s the one who i i get to know the least during the show now.

I know a little bit more about him. Well that was a lot of fun that was so fun ah real short. There are just a couple of shorts. But yeah make sure you tweet at netflix and at crip tv with the hashtag don t watch this cuz we just watched it it s a confusing name.

I know i know though some rules are meant to be broken. And that s one of them let them know what the hash tag don t watch. This which one was your favorite what you liked i m gonna do it i m gonna tweet at them make sure you like my tweet so i feel good about it you know so i feel like i feel important kripp tv. Says that they love the tweets and fan art.

So that s cool. And yeah. Tweet anthony and let him know that i m a big fan get me on queer. I even though you know i think i m i don t think i need their there elf.

I think i m doing all right. But it s they can come over and hang out they seem like cool dudes. You got. Julie fanart today.

Oh cool. Dr. Julie. Nice yeah um.

That was a lot of fun. It was so short god that last crib tv. Thing i think it only lasts like an hour or so. But still those it was fun.

I liked hanging out with y all. I liked that so many came and watched this with us and will this come out on youtube as a video yeah i m gonna publish it after it s done processing it might get age restricted i don t know it s pretty gory and i might have to go in and blur the the stuff in the beginning of cyber. Saw cuz that was unexpected and i don t think i think that it looked like it was a little you know going around the edges and not anything explicitly explicit. But it could still you know get flagged so by going and blur that out.

But it ll be it ll be on the channel. So you can watch this again you can watch the stream. It ll be lots of fun and yeah. Damn i wish there were more to watch maybe more in the future crypt maybe is there gonna be more don t watch this that we can watch.

It is over lewis ryan. But that s okay it s gonna be on the channel later today ob v. On trending live wow cool nice that s a lot of fun cool i got some work to do i m gonna fun fact i ve already written the first draft of the screenplays or not screenplays and i m not that boring the scripts for the evil dead 2 and army of darkness killcount gonna work on the remake script today cuz i mean i have so many of you here. I ll just let you know a week from yesterday on friday.

I m getting a small little surgery on my on my septum. So i can breathe a little better. I have a little nose whistle that i m gonna take care of. But that means that i can t tan chainsaw massacre.

This next great. But that means i m not gonna be able to film some stuff for a few weeks. So i m trying to get ahead of it filming all ahead of time. But just so you know that might affect some things coming out.

But it ll be okay. It s not a big deal it just will affect the way i sound and stuff. But hopefully. I ve arranged it in a way so we re won t affect the killcount release schedule sorry about the kill count not coming out yesterday it was out of my hands.

I upload it it was stuck in the youtubes manual review process if you follow me on twitter. At dead. Meet. James you can keep updated with everything going on through there so follow me there.

And yeah make sure you re subscribed here and subscribe to kripp tv on youtube for high quality horror shorts like that and make sure you tweet at kripp tv. And at netflix with the hashtag don t watch this letting them know what you think cool alright. I m gonna go on and get out of here and get back to work. But thanks to all have a good day have a good weekend.

It s a fun saturday. Most of you aren t working that means so enjoy that time off cool bye. Everyone and make sure you vote tuesday super. Important make sure you vote on tuesday that s coming up on tuesday.

I m gonna keep reminding you as it gets closer vote on tuesday no matter where you are what you think express ” ..

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