My TOP TIPS After 300 Hours in Persona 5 Royal (NO MAJOR SPOILERS)

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“Certified royal is a game that feels familiar while simultaneously feeling new and fresh a a big reason for this is due to all the changes in additions to the aside from just two new characters and story segments. And it s because of all these new changes and additions that even though parts of the game may feel familiar the same strategies that worked in the original may not necessarily work in royal. Today. I m going to go over some of my top tips for persona.

5. Royal based on the 300 hours. I put into the game before we get into the video. I would just like to remind you that i.

Stream most days over on twitch at twitchtv slash roselyn gaming link in the description down below. Also if you want a more in depth look at some of the topics. I m going to discuss in this video be sure to check out my series on all the changes in additions to personify royal. Which is also linked in the video description below let s start things off with what is perhaps my biggest tip use makoto and battle makoto is already very strong in the original game.

But changes to royal have made her even better for starters she learns mock ujamaa or mock agem. I m honestly not too sure about the english translation for the ability. But either way. It s a single target debuff ability that applies to forget status ailment in case.

You weren t aware status ailments have been nerfed in royal. Not only do they not last as long far more enemies are resistant or flat out immune to a lot of them the exception to this is forget. Which works on far more enemies than it probably should by having a reliable source of the status ailment in your party at all times. You can essentially trivialize some of the game s hardest encounters.

It also provides you with a reliable source of technical damage. Which has also been significantly buffed in royal. Oh. And it works on the game s new super boss aside for money forget.

Makoto also gains a nice boost from the addition of the jazz club. Which provides you the option of teaching her abilities. Such as concentrate and spell master turning mikoto into a potential damage powerhouse moving on to something that is less of a tip. And more of a word of caution be sure to check the abilities.

You and your party. Members learned carefully before learning or forgetting any of them the reason for this is that a number of abilities have racine changes to them as an example. Let s take a look at swift strike in the original game. Swift strike was a very strong ability that dealt three to four hits of light physical damage in royal.

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This has been significantly reduced now only doing two to four hits of miniscule damage just make sure that you are checking your abilities carefully when choosing which to learn and which to keep sticking with the theme of battle. Let s talk about technical damage and baton pass. Both of these features have received buffs to them and persona. 5.

Royal. And now have ranks associated with them you can rank them up through the activities at the darts and billiards bar. In kichijoji each rank of baton pass. Provides a damage boost to the character.

Receiving the baton pass and adds extra effects such as an hp heal and an sp heal ranks of technical damage increase. The amount of technical damage you deal with rank for increasing the chance of downing. The enemy with technical damage to 100 you rank up baton pass via darts and it s done on a per character basis. In other words.

Each character has their own baton pass rank try to let your party members be the ones to reach 0. When playing darts as that will give them two ranks of baton pass instead of just one among other benefits for technical damage drink that up via billiards and it s a party. Why drink for the most part you won t need to choose one or the other. But if you do i highly recommend going for technical ranks first not only will this help you out far more than baton pass will in battle getting to rank.

4. As quickly as possible will let you start working towards the hidden technical rank. Even quicker putting an emphasis on technical damage will also provide you with a reliable path to downing. Many of the late game.

Enemies who now have no witnesses and or are immune to physical damage switching gears. A bit let s talk about mementos or more specifically the new stamp collection system within mementos on your first visit. The new character jos e will introduce you to a shop and a stamp collection system as you explore mementos they ll click. These stamps and you can use those stamps to alter different properties of mementos.

Such as experience. Gained money gained and items obtained. I highly recommend in investing in money gained for a number of reasons first because of royals increased length. You will naturally find yourself in the mid to high 90s in terms of levels by the end of the game.

Even with grinding making investment and to experience a bit wasted a second the ability to fuse persona. Above your level is now a rank five perk of the strength arcana instead of rank 10. Increasing the amount of money you gain and then investing that into fusing persona above your level will provide you with a bigger and more efficient boost in power than leveling will switching gears. Once again let s talk about efficient ways to spend your time around the bunk.

As you may have heard you have a little bit more freedom at nighttime. Now what this freedom amounts to is the ability to do anything you normally could do within leblanc except further competent ranks on nights. That you would otherwise have been forced to go to sleep. While this may not seem like enough to some it s actually a very important change you see in royal things like the cafe in shibuya and bigbang burger are no longer available at the very beginning of the game.

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Instead you must wait until may to access them this can be gaining points and stats. Such as charm and guts seem more restrictive than before in actuality. This isn t the case all those nights. You would have spent just going to sleep you can now spend reading books at the bar counter studying or watching dvds to increase your social stats.

If you ve seen my video on the technical damage changes. Then you ll know that this ability to read books. And leblanc is an especially good one. I should also mention that the crossword puzzle.

No longer takes up time so it is in your best interest to solve it at every possible chance you get until your knowledge is maxed out this next. Tip is also more of a word of caution for the most part you have clear up until the end of january to continue ranking up confidants. But there are a few exceptions and things to look out for for one. Cal commie and the new character monarchy are both choosing academy staff and are thus unavailable during summer for cao akame.

This is really only an issue if you wish to see her event seen in hawaii. As former turkey you can no longer rank him up after november 17th. Also locked after november 17th is a catchy for those of you who played the original game pay special attention to him because he no longer ranks up via the main story. Another confidant to watch out for is the new character qasimi.

Who will become locked. If you don t get her to rank 5. By december 22nd. Finally.

Another confidant that may throw off those who played the original game is yoshida. The son arcana yoshida is now only available at nights on sundays and holidays in the last day. You can spend time with him as november 14th. Making him one of the most restrictive confidants in the game.

And they offer a few miscellaneous tips you know those pieces of armour that you get from palaces and mementos that you need to wash. If you don t need them sell them to the vintage clothing store in keachi gog instead of washing them and then selling them for a bigger profit. If you re concerned about having enough time to max out all confidence and max out all your social stats strive to complete each palace and one trip also consider prioritizing tonkinese confidant until rank. 5 with sp adhesive threes become available to help with this along those same lines try to limit how often you head into mementos.

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Personally. I try to wait until i have at least four to five requests saved up before i go whenever possible if you decide to purchase the dlc or if it comes with your copy of the game. Hold off on installing any of the dlc that contained dlc persona. Adding the dlc percentage of the game will inhibit your ability to more easily fuse.

Other persona as they are added to the fusion calculations in some cases. Having the dlc persona installed. Reduce the number of possible fusion combinations of a persona from 15 down to only 2 and in some extreme cases they can prevent you from fusing. A persona.

Until the very end of the game. Oh and a few more tips with regards to ranking up your confidence and social stats. Don t forget to visit the juice stand every sunday in shibuya for an easy boost to one social stat as for confidence prioritizing chihaya and using her perk to increase your relationship with someone is a great way to get extra affection with a confidante you can also purchase post cards that resemble calling cards once a week between september 1st and october 10th take these post cards to the mailbox and young and jaya and send them to whichever confidante you wish to raise your affection with four extra affection points without taking up a time slot also as per usual or persona titles. Make sure that you have a persona whose arcana corresponds with the arcana of the confidante you are spending time with or gaining affection points with to increase the amount of points earned and finally plan ahead so long as you do even a little bit of planning and take note of when certain confidants are available.

And what activities boost which social stats. It s very possible to max out all confidants and social stats on a single playthrough with literal months of free time to spare. And that about does it for my top tips. There are obviously a lot more pieces of advice and tips i could give but i don t want to keep this video going on for too long if there is anything you re curious about or one advice on feel free to ask me in the comments below or you can hit me up when i m streaming live over on twitch also i know i mentioned this at the very beginning.

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