Motorola Moto G7 Poetic Guardian & Revolution Case Review

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“Everyone this is joseph from forest. Tech. Reviews. Aka your favorite asian tech review of of back with another video.

Today. Today s video. Yes i have more cases for moto g7. I want to shine out poetic for some in these two cases to me for review.

They just send me out their revolution case and black and then also their guardian case and black you know how we do on my channel. We will make sure that everything fits well make sure everything lines up how does a power button and a buying rockers feel and also you know what kind of type of protection. You get with the camera hump in the back and also the lip protection so let s get into this video. I m gonna start with the gordian case first nice little presentation from them bam.

These are two piece cases you do get instructions on how to install it you also get a little thank you card bam. A little gift too if you want to pause that and read that so here s the case itself. It is a two piece case wit. A screen protector already installed so let s get this thing.

Apart. What you want to do how to get apart is just start in the corner at the bottom. And then bam. You just work your way up be careful with it don t crack anything or break.

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Anything. That s definitely fit snug. Now you do have this little tab here to peel off the inside make it easier on you so you don t have to get trolled. So you do have that screen built in screen protector bam.

There you go. But what you want to do first is set the phone in i like to start at the bottom work my way around this is a nice case. Though now we want to worry about lip action. Because you have the built in screen protector.

But you do get lip action to look at a camera hump bam. The fingerprint scanner works right into there you do have some brand in there at the bottom nothing on this side. Then you add the vine rockers and the power button let s see how everything lines up. Yes you do have the little protection.

There for your little usb type c. Port and then also the headphone jack you had the microphone cutout at the bottom. Also at the top now let s see how look the fingerprint scanner. Works.

It s easy to get to the power button works divine rock. That s definitely work now. I know what i m gonna get how does a touchscreen work. Let s go into it works pretty good now.

I do feel like a little space in between the glass and the screen protector. I don t know i can t if y all can hear that but overall. The screen protector seems really responsive. I don t have a problem with it it works really well too by the way so if you want to pick up this case.

I will have the link in the description. Look even the cutout at the top line up has that corner protection. So this is the guardian case. It shows off the beauty of your phone.

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Too. So let me get the second one going. I m gonna take this one off really quick okay every once i have the next case. It s the revolution case.

Bam. Here s the phone itself also same little packaging from poetic. This is the more heavy duty case of these two cases you get the same type of instructions you also get the same type of card in there poetic look at this case. It has dp the poetic p.

On there logo also has a poetic brand in there look at a corner protection on this case. It will protect your phone. Yes. It has the built in screen protector.

Also the nice thing about this case. It has a built in kickstand on the bat bam that thing is sturdy watching force tech reviews. It s definitely a sturdy kickstand bam. Look at that so let s give this case apart to again you want to start at the bottom.

How you get it apart. So you want to lay this down. Make sure you peel off the plastic here also at the top here has so you pull that off so. What you want to do just like the other installation put the phone in here first always start with the bottom name just working around snap everything in bam.

Same thing with the lip action you have the built in screen protector. But you definitely have lip action look at the camera protection on the back you had the leeway into a fingerprint scanner makes it easy to find man this is a nice case yes. It asks only weight and bulk to your phone. But it will give you up a texting you looking for let s make sure everything lines up the microphone at top lines up.

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It has one at the bottom. As the same little flaps for your torch and port and also the headphone. The speaker cutout looks great too let s see the power button works pi bond. Words.

Fingerprint scanner easy to get to divine rocket. Feel great they re not hard to press. The last thing we want to check let s see how they built in screen protector feels gimlet. I m not having any problem with touch response actually works great bam.

So this is a nice case. You don t have to worry about the fit. The phone ain t gone anywhere in here. So.

If you want to pick up the revolution case or the guardian case. I will have the links in the description that way you can definitely pick up these cases from amazon right now. In the case selection is for the moto g. 7.

Is very slim. So i m glad poetic came out with these two cases to give us different options to protect our beautiful moto g. 7. If you liked this video give it a thumbs up if you haven t subscribed to my channel.

Yet please do so for more coverage on the moto g. 7. Don t forget to follow me on twitter at 4s reviews. But i m part of the bam nation and it s the next time peace.

I m out of here you have ” ..

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