“Looking For Next Available Rig” How to SHORTEN WAIT Time IN QUEUES! (GEFORCE NOW 2020 VERSION)

Geforce now waitlist This is a topic that many people are looking for. s-star.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, s-star.org would like to introduce to you “Looking For Next Available Rig” How to SHORTEN WAIT Time IN QUEUES! (GEFORCE NOW 2020 VERSION). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys today is any event. If i m mystically talking about some comments people have have been leaving on my videos and my live streams about how they aren t to get into favorite games on geforce now due to a code coming up saying looking for the next. Available rig and then having to wait hours on end just to get to a game. I made a video a few months ago.

Which was basically a solution to this video. But this is more of an update video in obviously in 2020. This was last year s problem. Which is popped up again for people that are using the free pass on geforce now i have moved from free pass to the founders pass.

But i do know a lot about geforce now since i ve been in the beta for around the year. So i know how it works. I m just going to show you some comments. I ve received in my last video and i ll just pop it up on the screen on how it helps a lot of people using this method to reduce the amount of time they wait in the line or dot.

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The timings just reduced to just a minute to get into a game. Which is helpful for people that are on the free personal experience geforce now especially for new year s so. Yeah. If this does help make sure to like me through the comment down below that it did work.

It s just so now i know i ve done a good job explaining to you guys um equals now how it works and if she let me just go to a quick comments. I ve already said this. But i ll quickly go through subsequent thing. This actually worked thanks bro that s one that s what there s a lot of video stuff.

There s a lot of them this this one says. What time did you make this video. And so found it works and best in the morning just like i m gonna say in a. Second i started learning just before 3 pm.

And it stays looking for mr..

Rick so moving on obviously let me just talk about i kind of comment. My first option was gonna be changing your schedule of when you re playing you re more likely to get into a game on zequals now if it s during usually in the morning or at night. Because this is when less people are going to be on the game. And you know experiencing g force.

Now since they either have to work in the morning. They re gonna be sleeping at night or they have school learning. So the less people gonna be on for night for example to be less gamers on youth was now so you re more likely to get into a slot for g force. Now and experience it so yeah if you want to change when you pay when you can play this might help you you know more as you can just get into a slash straight away.

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But if you can t do this and you for it s up to your friends around and you may play at the same busy time other than you could try the statute. This could cause some kind of pain issues emotional totally depends on how which one you choose. 7 location shoes. So yeah first you just want to go into settings on the geforce.

Now app..

Application and change. The seven location to a similar one of where you live. So you can do this by searching on zequals now. What the server is and you ll known for example meu.

So how the closest. One to me is au west. So i ll choose us instead auto. And this will more likely give me a better chance to get into a game.

Finding more slots around me. And just straightaway going in scape. So if the one doesn t work can you change it to a different one so for example. If a us didn t work for me i d go to eu central and then i could do a us to a us central you can choose any of them just try to find one with less lot more slots available.

So you can get in so game..

Faster less of a winning zones. And yeah. If this does help again please make sure to leave a like comment down below. It worked and how it s helped you in a way and i d love to say please get me to 500 subscribers.

Really flows through it if you do have any more problems obviously comment that down below as well and join some of my live streams. I m going to be live streaming next around friday. So if you want to join either on twitch or on youtube. ” .

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