iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus Camera Comparison!

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“Haven t seen a substantial update to the iphones camera in years. The last major major upgrade came all the way back in 2011. When the iphone 4s was released since then the iphone is stuck to that magic. 8.

Megapixel threshold. That is until the iphone 6s and 6s plus. Came along hey. What s going on guys.

A marklin sangun from technobuffalo and in today s video. We re going to find out whether or not the new iphone 6s camera is really worth the upgrade equipped with a 12 megapixel isight camera and a 5 megapixel facetime camera is it really that much better than what we saw from last year s iphones upgrade to a 12 megapixel sensor is a big deal for apple. Not only will you be able to crop in on a photo a bit more. But the iphone 6s and 6s plus can finally film in 4k uhd since the sensor has enough resolution iphone 6s also features live photos.

Which essentially captures a second before and after you take a photo. It s a really cool feature. Though i personally don t think. It s something i ll be using on a daily basis today.

We ll be comparing last year s iphone 6 plus against the new iphone 6s plus. And see how the new flagship device performs in real world tests will be checking out low light performance autofocus performance..

How it performs outdoors and indoor situations and decide if the iphone 6s plus is really that much better but start off with autofocus performance. Apple said it added a state of the art sensor a new image signal processor. More advanced pixel technology and focus pixels in iphone 6s plus. Which means you should get better focusing and image quality after testing it out apples not lying autofocus on the iphone 6s plus.

Is pretty darn fast the difference between last year s and this year s iphone is an entirely night and day button nails focusing just a tad bit quicker and more accurately. Especially when you re getting up close and personal with your subjects in low light situations. However both phones still struggle to focus on subjects they focus. But just not very quickly in terms of software both iphones are identical with the exception of the live.

Photos button and flash for the front facing camera on the 6s plus. But in terms of performance iphone 6s plus is just a tad bit faster when it comes to taking an actual photo thanks to that new a9 processor apple didn t really change the overall ui for the 6s plus it s still the same camera app. We re used to using from previous iphones image quality. Though this is where you ll notice the difference between the iphone.

6s is 12. Megapixel camera over last year s eight mega pixel sensor cropping in on a photo you ll see more details from the iphone 6s plus. Whereas with last year s iphone six plus it starts to get really pixelated when zooming in whether you re shooting indoors and good lighting conditions or outdoors. The overall uncropped zoomed out photos from the 6s plus just looks way sharper iphone.

6s plus also handles exposure a bit better and appear to underexpose as images which helps with more even highlights in terms of color accuracy the iphone 6s plus looks almost identical to the iphone 6 plus colors are still saturated though some of the images from the 6s plus seemed just a tad bit more vibrant compared to the iphone 6 plus. You probably won t notice much of a difference and they essentially look the same unless you really look closely on a computer..

However i notice that white balance is more accurate on the 6s plus skin tones are more true to life. And just very balanced low light performance from the 6s plus hasn t really changed much from last year. Though the new deep trench isolation technology used two separate colors in the 6s plus. Does help by hiding noise in the shadow areas and under exposing the image.

Like i said earlier. You probably won t really notice a big difference by looking at the images on your phone and if you re uploading facebook or instagram. They ll pretty much look identical since social media sites tend to compress images when it comes to video recording the iphone 6s plus can now record in 4k. Which means you now have four times a resolution of a 1080p video also the iphone 6s plus.

Now stabilizes the video optically by using the built in optical image stabilization. Whereas last year o is only work when taking photos while having 4k videos is great it ll also take up twice the storage space on your iphone. So just be aware of that when shooting 4k videos however shooting 4k on iphone 6s. Plus is pretty impressive there aren t a whole lot of artifacts popping up in the shadows.

And the mid tones and colors are very neutral. Which should help grade. The footage better unfortunately apple didn t change anything for those who like shooting in slow mo with a 6s plus and 6 plus. You ll only be able to shoot in 1080p.

At 120 frames per second or 720p. At 240 frames per second the iphone..

6s. Plus. Front. Facing camera has also been updated to a 5 megapixel sensor and apple also added the ability to use the whole screen as a flash.

Now what s cool is that it changed the color of the flash depending on the current lighting. Conditions and what s in a frame to give you the best possible. Selfies the quality is definitely much better than the 12. Megapixel sensor through last year s iphone you guys want to see a full gallery make sure to check out our post which you can find over here to see more photo samples in conclusion is it worth upgrading to the iphone 6s plus for the camera alone if you re coming from last year s 6 plus.

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