How To: Replace the Hard drive in your Xbox One

Xbox one 500gb or 1tb This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How To: Replace the Hard drive in your Xbox One. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“You need more space or maybe it needs to be replaced either way. It s s good to know how to get to your hard drive in your xbox. One today that s exactly what i m gonna show you hi. I m gwendolyn with ifixit and for this repair you re going to need plastic opening tools a spudger.

A t9 torx screwdriver and a t10 torx. Screwdriver. And don t forget your magnetic mat or something to keep your screws organized. While you go through this repair.

And be sure to follow our step by step guide on a fix..

It calm not only does it walk you through the complete repair. But you can also see comments and notes from other users who have followed it which is really cool and very helpful. There s also a video guide there for formatting your new drive now that we have all our tools together and let s get started first step is getting the side vent off you re only gonna need your plastic opening tools for this the vent is fairly flexible and held in place with only a few plastic clips now we can see the small plastic tab. That reinforces the front corner of the x box slide.

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The tabs straight back and then remove it and then we can get the main panel off first cut and remove the tamper evident. Tape and remember this will most likely void. Your warranty toss. That useless sticker.

And use your spudger..

An opening tool to pry the cover away this could take more time and force. The new main things you patient with it and leave your opening tool in place. So that you can keep the clips from resetting. When you have released all the clips lift up the panel.

But not all the way because. The panel is still connected by the front panel button cable just lift the upper case slightly and shift it to the back to give access to the front panel board to get the cable disconnected you ll need the help of your tweezers and a spudger start by using your tweezers to lift the plastic retaining loop over the connector on the board with all the plastic out of our way. We re gonna turn our attention to the upper metal case let s start by disconnecting. The speaker and antenna cable next up the wi fi board to get the board.


The metal case you just need to remove two t9 screws and then lift the wi fi board straight up from its socket. Leave the wi fi board antenna. Cable in place. And move the wi fi board aside back to your t9.

Screw driver. There are eight screws holding the upper metal case in place unscrew those and then lift from the front to the back. But be careful not to remove it completely the wi fi board interconnect cable connects the upper metal case to the motherboard you can disconnect that with your hands and then set the upper metal case aside the hard drive is connected to the motherboard by a multicolored and red cable. That s your sata power and data cables disconnect those and then lift the hard drive out next.

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We re gonna disconnect the tray and the connectors..

So that they can be transferred to the new hard drive start with the four t10 torx screws. Securing the hard drive assembly to the tray and then you can lift the hard drive from the tray and unplug. The sata connector block from the hard drive for. Reassembly we recommend you follow the step by step guide on ifixitcom.

In reverse or you can watch the xbox one reassembly video on our channel. You can find all the parts and tools you need for this and many other repairs at ifixitcom. And let us know how it goes you can find me on twitter at gwendolyn gate and follow i fix it and i fix it and don t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up to date on all our latest tear downs and repair videos and give us a like on facebook at ” ..

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