How to remove small stripped screws stripped laptop screws stripped phone screw removal

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Today, would like to introduce to you How to remove small stripped screws stripped laptop screws stripped phone screw removal. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This video. I m going to take a look nat how to remove some small small rounded off screws to start off. We re going to nremove a screw which a recessed hole. And that has actually been rounded off ncompletely and we can t actually get that undone and if you try turn it it s just nspinning around on the head.

One of the first things you can try is an elastic band this nworks. Very well on some damaged screws simply take the elastic band pull. It nover the end of the screwdriver. Bit like so and in some cases that will actually nenable you to grip the screw and remove it with this example ni don t think it s going to work because it s actually in a recessed hole as nwell.

But we will just give that a try that s not actually doing a great deal nso. What you can do because the screws are a lot. Smaller is you can actually ntry a latex glove. So i m just going to take a magnet.

Which is neodymium. I m just ngoing to place a screwdriver through that and that will magnetize the end of nthe driver. Bit..

I m going to rip the thumb off. There put the screwdriver in there. We ll see if that nwill remove the screw. It does feel like it is undoing.

There we nhave actually got the screw out if you take a look at the end of that you can nsee that it is quite badly damaged. That s always the easiest option trying nan elastic band or a latex glove etc. And also if you ve got a magnet. That can nhelp to remove the screw from a recessed hole in this example.

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We have a phone ncase and a couple of these screws have been rounded off. Completely. Nthese actually use a 15 millimeter. Hex.

Key or allen key that is very small and nif. We use that in some of these we can actually undo them and remove them again ni ll just get the magnets again to pop that screw out these are so badly nstripped that the elastic band method definitely will not work or the latex nglove. So with these we re actually going to use a different technique..

These are nthe trend. Micro grab it bits. Which are a type of damaged screw extractor. These nare designed specifically for use on small screws like this so.

What we can do nwith. These is we can take the smallest size. Which is that one we could put this ninto. A small drill.

We can use that end first to burnish the hole and then we ncan use that end. Which is the screw extractor part and there s every chance nthat that will undo that screw and pull it out and actually they are so badly nrounded that we don t actually need to use the burnishing part so i m just ngoing to put this in the drill. I m ensuring that the drill is in reverse nand. I m also choosing the slowest speed.

So i m now going to get the micro grab nit. I m going to push that into the screw and i m gonna slowly try to undo it and as you can see that works very well nindeed you know i just need to remove that from the end of there and that has ngripped it really well so they are absolutely fantastic and nthey make this kind of job. Very easy indeed..

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Another option is to use a nleft handed drill. Bit these actually work in reverse so a normal right handed drill bit turns clockwise these actually turn and cut anti clockwise nobviously there s gonna be a bit of swarf this time so i ve got the magnet ninside of the latex glove that should collect the majority of this swarf again ni want to ensure that the drill is in reverse and on a slow speed as you can nsee that actually bit into the screw and removed it quite easily nanother thing. When you re trying to remove screws is that sometimes the nactual thread on the screw itself is damaged or the bit that it is screwed ninto and if that s the case. You ll often find that when you are on screwing.

It neven. If the screwdriver head has got good contact that you can t remove the nscrew. So it s always a good idea in examples like that to try and get some nkind of leverage under the part that you are removing so for example nsometimes. You can use your nail.

Sometimes you might need a bit more nleverage using something like that you simply put that in there lever. It nup and that can help tremendously when you re removing some screws especially nthe threads on the screw are stripped in this example. We ve got a couple of t5 nscrews. Which are rounded off and that is the actual driver for them.

And you can nsee that these are very small indeed. So there s just not chance at all of us nun doing them the driver just spins around completely. What you can do with screws..

Like this is you can nactually try a piece of tinfoil often called aluminium foil. This is what we nuse when we are baking etc and sometimes that will fill the hole enough to nenable you to grip. It so i m just going to put that over the screw and then i m njust going to press down until i find the hole and then i m going to try to nundo it and by doing that you d actually just nfill the hole in the screw and that enabled us to undo it that is very nsimilar to the elastic band or the latex glove is just something else that nyou can try if you have a rounded off screw. Another.

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Thing you can use is super nglue or epoxy. If you use epoxy. It does take quite a while to go off so i ll njust demonstrate this one again as you can see that just spins around there ncompletely. It s not gripping to anything i ll apply a bit of super glue to the tip nof.

The driver. I ll then place that in there and we ll just give that a couple nof minutes. So that s been in there for about a minute and i ll see if we can nundo that and as you can see that works perfectly nso that s some of the techniques that you can use to remove small stripped or nrounded screws. I hope you found this video useful.

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