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“I m mac at least for day and everything s going to be okay today. Today. I m gonna be showing you how to make tons of money by exploring ancient ruins in no man s sky so first i m gonna show you how to find these ancient ruins first you need to build a signal booster. And you re also going to need an item called navigation data you can get navigation data on some planets.

They ll be in the form of a floating cubes or actually you can just find them sitting around in space station s the cubes and hexagonal objects on tables and stuff can give you navigation data. Sometimes so once you get a navigation data. And you build a signal booster. Go to input data and choose scan for artifacts now.

I ve already done this so i m not gonna do it again. But it located a plaque for me now plaques have been in the game for ages. But now they have a new function which i m going to show you so you go to the plaque that you ve located it s pretty awesome that they ve repurposed. We used to do something new.

It used to be plaques would just give you a lien words and some aliens standing. But now they can be used for something else as well so you go to the plac you interact with it and then instead of choosing seek help with language you re gonna seek knowledge of the past so you choose that and it gives you historical data revealed now or my ship go here. We go okay. Then you fly to the escort historical data that it located which is a new type of ruin and going to an going to an old type of ruin can also locate this special pet type ruin for you so.

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If you find one of the old ruins that just give you a lien words. You can also locate this type of ruin..

So as you can see it s a different. It s a different version of ruins that we ve never seen before and i call these item ruins because instead of having knowledge stones for you to learn words. There are different items here. One thing.

That it has is gravity no balls at least sometimes they did the last one i went to i d gravity no balls. But that s not the most important item. The most important thing is ancient is well you need to go to these artifact fragments and they give you ancient keys. And there should be buried ones.

As well see there s an argument artifact fragment down here. I ll go ahead and dig one up so i can show you so you use your terrain manipulator. It s a good idea to hold square drum ps4 and tag. Where it is and then you can dig up more of these keys see.

And there s another box down here with another key and then what you need these keys for are just a box somewhere in the ruins. There should be a box to unlock let s see yeah here we go large artifact crate is hidden under here. Now you need three keys to unlock these. I ve just gotten to.

But i already had some others so i don t need to get a third key. But you will need to do a third key..

If you don t already have them so then you open the artifact crate and use an ancient key on each lock. And it gives you an item toxic toad paper berries. That s what i got oh. This one is only worth a hundred and fourteen thousand.

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I got an item earlier called a like artifact receipt or something. And it was worth half a million so it looks like it does vary the worth of the items that you can get. But it s definitely worth checking these ruins out and locating them the way. I showed you using signal booster.

With navigation data and locating a plaque and then you use the plaque to find these place another. Way you can find these places is if you find an observatory building and if you finish the the number puzzle in the observatory. It will send you to the old type of ruins and like i said you can use the old type of ruins to locate oh see there s a gravity no ball. When i go ahead and show you what happens ok so gravity no balls.

They ve been around a long time and of course. What happens. If you grab the gravity no ball just to warn you you ll get level. 3.

Wanted level from the sentinels. So i m gonna have to run now because these sentinels are after me and i explained this in my live stream..

But sentinel sentinel combat is now a lot more like grand theft auto when you have wanted level with the police because it used to be if you killed a sentinel. When it was mad at you you would just lose your sentinel wanted level and you d be free. But now if you kill the sentinels. It just increases your wanted level.

So you have to run from the sentinels. So it s just like wanted level in gta grand theft auto. If you kill the police men you just get more police wanted level. And it s the same with sentinels.

So you have to run and you have to not be seen for about 40 seconds and then they won t it won t be after you anymore. So that s a little bonus tip. There don t fight the sentinels because they ll never stop they ll never stop reinforce sending reinforcements on you but anyway that was how to get new items from ancient ruins that can be worth a lot of money item. I got today was only worth about a hundred thousand.

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But you can get items worth like half a million maybe more i haven t i haven t found all the items you can get. But this is a new way that you can make money so. If you don t like farming and you don t like scanning all day and exploring ancient ruins is a new option for people that want to make money. Oh yeah.

There s another gravity no ball. Yeah you can also make money from the gravity no balls..

But it s kind of a hassle because you have to run from the sentinels of course. But anyways. I was using my analysis visor to see where the keys were and the box of course. I m just gonna go ahead and get all these keys.

But yeah it s cool new way to make money in no man s sky i love it personally i ve always wanted to explore ancient ruins a lot but up until now the only reason to go to ruins was to get alien words once you get all the alien words. They re not really all that useful. But now you can make money by exploring ancient ruins. So that is a new how to on how to make money in no man s sky.

So that does it for this how to video. I have been mac. Thank you for joining me for day. And remember everything is going to be ok let make it a little brighter.

” ..

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