How to Convert mp4 to mp3 Best 4K Video Converter YouTube Video Converter Wondershare Uniconverter

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“You want to convert mp4 to mp3 or want a youtube video converter in 21d 21d then keep watching this video till the end hey guys. This is punky from guys computer. And today. We will be looking at one of the best video converter for windows 10.

And mac. Os. So let s get started. And explore what this video converter by wondershare can do for us.

So. This is the user interface of this software and as we all know it s a trial version right now so these are the limited features which are available in trial version. So we will be upgrading it to premium version. Now as i already have got the registration key to log in i ll put my email address and the registration key and now.

It has changed to the paid version on the top there are five main options and now when i click on download you will see some options like paste url record video download then convert mode. Now this tool is very amazing simply i will head on to my google chrome and go to any social web site select..

This first one video and now copy the url click on paste url. So it is automatically analyzing the video. Now it will take some time and here we have got a ton of options and we can try to download mp3 audio and i click on download it will analyze and then so right now my internet connection is slow so this is very slow speed and after it downloads. It will convert even you can turn on this option download then convert mode.

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Which will give us to convert that video any of these formats even audio as well after it had finished downloading click on finish to check this file just click on this folder right here and we have got rid this audio. You can use this tool for downloading videos from private groups. So this is the private group and if i will click on a video and get this link from this video let s try this out and click on paste url just got the video and it will now analyzing and i ll put the link here just click on download well it is showing the notification that it cannot download the videos from private groups. It has start downloading are you cancel the task ok so when we click on convert.

We have got a lot of options first of all we will look to the conversion profile here. We have got four options recently used video. Where there are a lot of formats like mp4 avi. And at the end.

We have got social media. Websites platform..

Which is amazing and good thing is that it can convert a 4k video as well if you want convert some videos into audio. We have got a ton of options as well and at the end it can convert files. According to device now select a file. So first of all i will select a 4k file.

This is a 4k file as you can see from the properties and details click ok ok. Generally takes few seconds to add it as you can see the size of original file is 222 m. B. And the size of converted file will be 57 point 3 3.

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Mb. Now if i click on this arrow icon. It will show other options as well so if i want own options. I can click on this icon.

And i can make a custom option where set frame rate bitrate resolution and all and when i will click on create it will be here at the end so if i click on convert it will start converting apart from this we can add multiple files simultaneously to this software. And we can set different different formats for them..

Move. Say my source and this one i would love to select wmv and simply i will click on convert all and it will start converting them at the same time. But the speed depends on your hardware so after this file have been converted you can see them you will click on open file location you ll find these files. Now.

One thing. I want to show up here this software had got some mini video editing tools like dream crop and effect if we click on trim it will load where we can first i ll pause it and we can trim it cut it and click on ok. I will click on crop another window will appear where we can rotate this this is the output 90 degree flip. It upside down and we can add some effects like holiday snow so i can add image and increase or decrease.

The audio and then after converting we will get the final output. If you have multiple videos ready to convert with turning on the merge call video option each and every file will merged. But the thing is it will start converting them one by one now apart from video converting uni converter is also an image converter which can support conversion up to 4 image formats. And if you are a gif lover.

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Then this software have got your back you can use multiple photos to create gif and customize the output size and frame rate. Another handy tool is screen recorder..

Which can also be customized. According to your needs. And other features are fixed. Metadata gas tv.

Vr converter. Other features are cd. Burner reaper. But the important thing is video compress which definitely compress the video file.

But as you can see there is a bit of quality loss if you can compare the original and converted video. There is a quality loss in the areas which are not moving so much but if you love to watch these videos on your cell phones and other devices small devices then the video is perfectly fine at the end eunuch converter is a full featured video converter in the market in 2020 for more information check the link in the bio. So that s it for the video guys let me know what you think about this ” ..


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