Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors LIVE STREAM October 17, 2017 [HD

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” mon rb2 breakthrough back here again with yet another video and y all. Know what what time it is we live tonight it goes down kyrie urban versus lebron james cleveland cavaliers versus the boston celtics now as always on my channel for the people out there who don t have cable television. I have provided live stream links for the games tonight also keep in mind that as different links become available and other links get shut down. I will be updating it throughout the night and again this isn t just for the cleveland cavaliers versus.

The boston celtics this will also be for the houston rockets versus the golden state warriors. The links to those live streams will be in the description below also something else to keep in mind is that after the games definitely tune back in to my channel. Because we will be doing a postgame breakdown. Just sharing our thoughts opinions and different things of that nature.

So as soon as those two games in definitely tune back to my channel alright. Now that we have those things out the way on to the predictions. I believe that the cleveland cavaliers will win by at least 10 as long as lebron james plays. But not only can he play he has to play to where he s not favoring that ankle.


If he s the regular lebron. James. The cavaliers win by 10 tonight at least now on to individual numbers..

I m gonna start off with the cavaliers. I believe that my boy d wade is going for about 18 points tonight with that he ll add about five assists and five rebounds. I believe kevin love will come out strong in his first game of the season. And i think kevin love will be right around that 21 to 26 point type of night.

And he ll also chime in with about three three pointers as well as about 10 to 13 rebounds. Total. Now lebron james. I actually think that again.

One caveat. Here is that he has to play like regular lebron james without favoring the ankle. If we see the regular lebron james. I think he s really gonna try to start his mvp campaign tonight.

So if it is the regular lebron james. I believe he s going for 32 in rebounds. And 11 assists tonight..

Now on to the boston celtics now al horford. I believe that you know he ll have about 12 points tonight maybe with about 8 to 12 rebounds somewhere between there and jason tatum s first official game. I think he s gonna go off for about 8 to 10 points off the bench. I see gordon hayward scoring somewhere between 15 and 22 points tonight.

I think he ll chime in with about three assists as well as about seven rebounds. And my boy kyrie irving even in the loss. He s gonna go off tonight. My boy kyrie irving is gonna go off for between 32 and 40 three points tonight with that stat line.

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I believe that he ll have about three to four rebounds with about five to ten assists somewhere between there now on to the next game the golden state warriors versus the houston rockets. I don t know why but something tells me that there is just gonna be a huge party in oracle arena. Now. I believe that the golden state warriors will win tonight by at least 15 points far as individual numbers.

We re gonna start off with the rockets. I believe that james harden will have about 25 to 26 points tonight. He ll have about three or four threes and then i believe that he ll chime in with about eight to twelve assists tonight for chris paul..

I believe that he s gonna be somewhere around that 21 point you know mark and i think he ll have about 10 or 11 assists for their inside presence. I do believe that clint capela will outplay zaza pachulia tonight. And i believe that clint capela will have about 15 to 18 points. With about 12 rebounds to go with that now going to the golden state warriors.

We re gonna start off with draymond green. I believe that draymond green will almost have a triple double it ll be somewhere between 8 to 14 points between 6 and 9 assists. And i think he ll have about 7 to 10 rebounds. Now klay thompson.

I think that you know he ll come out just trying to get a feel for the season. So i ll put him right around that 18 points or you know 15 to 18 points. Tonight range make no doubt about it kevin durant. He s definitely going off for between 25 and 33 points tonight nope question and my boys steph curry is gonna start his mvp campaign.

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Tonight chef curry will have a chill 25 to 35 points tonight. And he s gonna add about 9 to 10 assists to that but he s also gonna have about 7 to 8 rebounds. Then we re gonna add in three steals for him just for good measure..

And again the warriors will have all of those stat lines in a winning effort tonight. Now whether i m right or whether i m wrong my predictions. Have been documented in video form so now before the game. Even happens.

Because again. I don t want to hear any of that oh i said this and i said that after the game. But it s not documented anywhere right now is your opportunity before the game. Even happens to let your predictions be known who do you guys have winning both games tonight and then also i would like individual numbers.

So definitely let me know those things down in the comments below make sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel. I just want to thank every single one of you guys for the consistent support that you guys give but there s not too much else more to talk about sincerely god bless every single one of you guys i m your man rb to break through and i will see all of ” ..

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