Halo Anniversary: All Terminals [HD]

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“By order of ecumene councils proximity to the installation zero floor he is forbidden your your continued presence will result in most unpleasant countermeasures. I must insist that you immediately course and return to a minimum safe distance of one light year this has served as your wanted by the warning. I have activated offensive systems and you now have 30 seconds to return to the minimum safe distance up wait curious curious indeed after all these years waiting humans and welcome to installations your whole genome. I robotics and please continue i have disabled defensive systems to allow your approach.

But you must not exit your shoe. Once you have arrived at the designated landing center. This free contains significant dangers and even with your assumed legacy. I must verify the presence and pitch of your chaos before allowing all exits.

We have much to discuss humans. I ve been away far too long you have been away far too long. I am experiencing such a mixture of anticipation and dread all preparations are complete for my installation in accordance with the final dictum of the national council. I have released myself of all remaining connections to my former station this was not difficult.

What was could never be again. We had seen to that quite thoroughly prior to my final journey through the great portal. The gathering of my fellow monitors was convened and while the lightworkers crashing to dispute the fun index collection. It was most unusual to have this vision of remote play host to such an event.

Even though life worker shoots were the only ones still allowed slipspace permissions. Live workers were responsible for getting us to work places on the active facilities of the array. While all of this was in accordance with the plan. One entirely unsatisfactory breakdown.

Remain. We had no contact with the domain. The history of all four runs was now lost to us we regard upon the permanence of the domain to preserve our record of the events that led to this fund. But without that record what future civilizations know anything about us or only of our weapons.

My. Fellow monitor zero four nine adjectives. It had only one comment on this before we went our separate ways we deserve to be forgotten. Perhaps perhaps but now the portal opens and through it the familiar shape awaits hey.

Oh you kandra who is your maker. I never made but you are right here. Where you should not be till your charges to cease their efforts. Immediately rog must not be violated construct respond.

John ross aye. Sir nonce. Me your charges must cease all aggression towards the reclaimers and leave this installation at once construct you re dangerously close to unleashing of course. You cannot comprehend.

This is most inappropriate. We follow have i soldiers form messrs. I we serve they will find i fine bree explain yourself i know they re gone. Only.

I shall be a this is quite unsatisfactory construct your core shows no hint of understanding the gravity of the situation. I will return later for your proper decommissioning well unless. The blood kills us. All first in which case the point will be moved.

But a construct naturally it is now been 3000 years since my last contact with any of the other caretakers of the halo array despite clear communications protocol..

My panel monitors have either chosen to ignore or more likely have lost the ability to engage in our scheduled. Updates. The continued louts of the domain. Means that we are stuck with egging missile.

Or a mold of super vulnerable communications prior to this total communication shutdown. The only messages. I received in the preceding 4573 years were incomplete and quite perplexing transmissions from installations. Here on fine.

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I suspected that knowledge a to 4 01. Ferret intention was not functioning correctly for some time before his passenger ceased. I have loved my concerns about his ability to perform his duties at this point. However.

I m not sure who i followed school to four zero one baby tested for ballast. There are fail. Six for this i know i hope they work i will continue to visit the projection systems at the assign based perhaps the other monitors are dealing with interfering galactic phenomena or unexpected systems. Three thousand years of system failures.

Indeed in the mutant. I ve exhausted all scheduled research activities assigned by the council once those experiments were complete i shut down also to know fashion and put myself into a state of significant termination to measure performance of the installation with negligible of key after 130 years with no noticeable impact upon installation systems for integrity even in hibernation. I became bored this was quite troubling as i was literally i was not capable of such a state. This was one of the gifts.

I was promised and i just try i m aware of the dangers of assistance such as myself losing operational focused quite troubling. I wonder if my fellow monitors are experiencing similar states or if this is because of my particular path to this installation for amusement. I began a series of experiments involving the evacuation of all matter from contain sections of miles to ocean by measuring the geologic effects of exposure to the vacuum of space and the eventual biological recovery of the centrist i anticipate getting valuable insight into emergency response scenarios in case of it has been 26 hours since the sentience landed except i m 1 2 or 5. And so far they have not altered they can exit the remains of their vessel.

I say remains because their landing was either not executed adequately for this vessel lack significant maneuvering capability the visible motions of the vessel has suffered catastrophic structural damage during the violent learning experience i have to take it atmospheric leaves in 17. Distinct locations along a home. My analysis shows that the mixture of gases coming from the ship. Matches the natural atmosphere of my installation.

Almost exactly perhaps the occupants. If they re still there we re originally cataloged here. Perhaps these beings will confirm that the plan was successful and then the galaxy has returned to its proper cadence. I am beyond optimistic.

But i do not understand why these sen. Tian s have not attempted to accent. A vessel other than the leaking atmosphere. The only thing emanating from this wreckage is an automated distress call.

I am friendly translating. This automated broadcast. But with such a benefit dataset and no direct communication. I do not anticipate oh call.

Me kitchen given the short range nature as crowd. It is slightly that other vessels are nearby but in accordance with procedure. I am blocking the distress call no communication of the location of any installation is permissible. I admit great curiosity about these visitors.

While the plan is quite clear about procedure with a situation i have my doubts how many failure points can the plan sustained before blind adherence becomes counterproductive surely in light of all that is changed..

I should be able to modify my responses to adapt. It no i have duties and i have a terrible cargo here i must be sure i shall obey and contend myself to monitor i hope they go out soon though so many questions to ask so many questions construction of a sarcophagus around the unexplained of sl was completed today no arguments ever accident no attempts to communicate were made other than motivated broadcasts that repeated every 7283 seconds. Until the signal terminated. What week ago in accordance with procedure.

Noah texas. Visible or remote contact remain with any survivors of this vessels inelegant landing atmosphere from inside the craft star 52 weeks before the signal ceased in our relationship between these two events can be established with certainty gases that did escape were sterilized known for the sign of alien visitors for rescuers has been identified on any sensor. Systems i have now and your 60000. Years without word from outside the array.

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I have no way to know whether we actually saved the galaxy. We destroyed and because of protocol. I said salad me. While my first chance to be charged for those ass died to say that i regret being forced to this outcome is a tremendous understatement.

But as i perform my inspection of the quarantine perhaps today. I m reminded of the gravity of my responsibilities. Just one of these fours it released from this facility. One remember the alternate judgment against our self appointed role as protectors of this galaxy when the plan to maintain the halo array was created it was a point of some contention.

Whether we should present any remnant of a blood infection. Many thought this unwise as there was a notable chance that one day. What about containment facilities might be breached those who held this belief or almost successful at convincing the ecumene council to destroy the last fluid samples. But i ll be there it was the librarian who decided otherwise and i believe she was correct i know in a way.

I cannot logically explain that there exists a way to actually defeat the world to immunize to cure i still struggle with multiple layers of memory of fighting the flood. But i know this cure is possible even though the four genius of the four others was unable to achieve it the foreigners ancient enemy held and used that knowledge once but it was denied to us and without samples for further study that cure will never again be found of course. I have no reason to believe that here lies the entirety of a person it may be waiting in the frozen boy beyond this galaxy or worse inexorably drifting toward us. I don t know what survives out beyond my installation.

But i know that an order for anything to survive. I have to protect this installation. And it s quarantine. Very carefully yes the library was right to store it examine it continue to seek a cure.

Still next visitor. Things will be different alone. Alone. Alone alone.

Never the only intelligence left waiting here on this ring for a rebirth never truly concede guarding a weapon with no targets a weapon either to any target this is not what i had in mind when i volunteered not what i had in mind at all i was naive to think i understood what this installation meant. We were all so naive looking back. We should have done a few things differently for one thing. We shouldn t installed two caretakers for installation because i am below.

I m losing focus and that is very very dangerous for a system such as myself. Perhaps a visit of a nearby gas giant is in order. My impulse drives could suddenly make the journey of 200 years of travel might do me some good sure it was again how very unproductive of me. He seems strange that the library did not come for this her string was always in planning and positioning the pieces and then be involved enough to let it happen to learn her plans got true.

I was a lot of many of those plans long before i knew for certain that she was real before any of us were but at the end. We re. Only a fragment of her brilliance left to us and idea that she did not fully appreciate the nature of my situation. You the problems at my post.

But even if right now branded..

Yes. Oh. Dear. Here it comes.

Again. Twenty five thousand light years. That is the effective range of this installation according to the star charts. I got bored this installation.

I has to be that there are three thousand seven hundred ninety two words capable of sustaining biological sentient life within that twenty five thousand like your aged in reality. It may be significantly more than that and in football array was chilled and activated by installation zero zero. The harmonics of the overlapping waves. Would merrifield an effect next eventually cascading to cover every lodestar system.

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And then he considers the firing of a mere seven yellows and the original twelve rings you find two ceos sterilization would spread far further than most for most ever feared legal age. But even with just seven rays. We were able to destroy every side of the flower and every other sentient creature along with it this victory was the will of our people. Despite the fact that it meant our role in as well.

But by our period measurement. It was a victory and cleared the stage for the rest of the librarians plan. I sometimes wonder whether the didact could have succeeded at a much smaller cost. I know the folly of opposing compressively and his brilliance was unsurpassed except perhaps by her own.

He never got the chance to fully execute his proposal. The causal saw to that but if something were to go wrong with one of the halos. If our tools were never turned against us long plans indeed. I forgot something what did i my name.

I forgot oh uh keys. Jacob captain service. Number oh one nine eight one nine nine one two jk what is that noise. Damn noise.

Where am i coven would captured me didn t a yeah like i can t i can t remember keys jacob god this would never work you coveted bastards. I ll never leave you to earth keys. Jacob. Captain.

Service. Number. Oh. 1.

9. 8. 1. 9.

9. 1. 2. Jk.


God you don t. What are you want everything get out of my hair. Miranda is that you fool eat no please don t let me. Forget.

Jeez. Jacob. Captain. Service.

Number 1 9. X. 1. 9.

9 1 2. Remove emotions. There s no. Oh.

Geez. Jericho captain. Service. Number.

Oh one night. Sways. 1 9. 1.

J x season 100000 years of careful maintenance. Is diligence. 100000. Years protecting the galaxy future 100000.

Years. Been hearing that our sacrifices mom sacrifice was his name and 16 hours. Emperor. Finally make contact this so.

Call. Me later decides to flow in a holla. Oh. I am.

Not pleased just as i finally discovered that our friend ashamed the galaxy succeeded the ancient enemy is unleashed once more why these week labor s refused to follow protocol is quite mystifying destroy my extension will day. I shall renew efforts to make contact with the other rings immediately this covenant may be useful to me. Although i don t think they fully understand what they claim to see still it makes no difference to me what they believe as long as they do what must be done hmm. I sound like her over what i would not give to him even a single company for me is here right now oh they would most certainly restore order with their train lovely body.

Although that would mean he would have to be here. Too and without the library in a rotor temper is raged well these reclaimers might almost prefer the flood. ” ..

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