GTA 5 – Pimp My Ride #109 Imponte Dukes (1969 Dodge Charger) Car Customization Competition!

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Today, would like to introduce to you GTA 5 – Pimp My Ride #109 Imponte Dukes (1969 Dodge Charger) Car Customization Competition! . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“A player. But your wheels ain t fly you got it that s up to to get a pimped out ride hello. My surveys and lanes of their hopes gonna we lost no jimmy day. 57 and welcome to the first gta5 pin.

My right on next gen today. We re doing the implant dukes with that s omar. There. And we re steven are those steven in his car.

I mean here. We re gonna be doing this whole thing and first person since it s now a thing that we can use is gonna be awesome omar you wanna get out of the way okay is that is that really necessary get out of here. Oh my god yo sticky ball on your back alright so we re gonna drive over los angeles customs. We re gonna have a gta 5 hit my riding competition pippy oh these in pawn deutz.

We re going to take them in they were going to pin them out then we re going to come outside show them off and users can vote on who pimped it better so as you can see they re stephens monster truck. Just can t park there oh yes you know casually this is so weird in first person like this get we ve played this game for over a year in third person. Now and now. It s just like what is this it s just giving.

My first guy. Actually. Pimped out. Oh.

Yeah. Yeah. Same on next. Gen.

This. Oh. Thanks have any bugs. Tell.

Me you guys are in and then we can realtor it up since well apparently nobody likes my last time gerbils like yeah. I never followed that countdown. We okay so yeah. Um steep you sort of broke it so be yeah.

It sort of broke all right well. I m gonna start pimping. We ll get you guys pimp to and then we ll all take out our cars. And we ll see them all at the same time.

Wow. Don t go by the count yeah. Three two one go i can do my own challenge online. Yeah are you bumper this car has some names on it i like it wait i like it yes.

Ah wheelie bar. Does i don t know the wheelie bar. Looks really weird on this car on the what was it the vague aero it looks nice. But not not this car.

I don t know engine. We re exhaust well y all get it oh lost on the side put a different one sick. Oh yeah. You guys make your way to a different one and i ll just cut and make sure it all works out probably.

Yes you can get hood stuff. I like hood stuff. I go to the one over here you go by the way the airport. I guess not the giant.

I don t know that s a little much let s go go to the ram air hood. I this is a hard decision. I don t know that is really bad. That s like to be completely lassic for this car.

Though like you see it all the time of the triple intake. Well it depends. If you want to bake the dukes of hazzard credit. You get the ring.

Yeah. I m gonna go through ram air hood go like dukes of hazzard style. I don t know i ve done way too many muscle cars with that triple intake. So i m yeah.

I m gonna go with the ram air okay. Oh here we go headlights. I don t know it s like classic with the normal stock lights or like xenon make it all cool..

I m gonna keep this car a little bit classic we ll go to leave the stock lights but neon kits i have to do the neon kits. Oh my god i do alright we re gonna do front back nice i do not get it and i m gonna make them electric blue yeah yeah after this we re gonna race a nighttime race and users can see our neon kit. So i love that feature added to the game. That s so cool.


Wait let me see what the other colors look like here um. Yeah definitely gonna go with the blue that looks sick. The electric blue alright next we have plates oh no yep plate yup private plate even though it s not private anymore doesn t say. Jimmy j.

57. Screw this game ends screw up my plate. I m angry oh fuck um. What did you do one more all right.

It s time to colorize this thing. It is time to pimp what a fit. But i left the custom are you already done your car. Cory oh no no no i try to find it alright.

The bashan good first. Oh yeah there we go so hard my the only one that bean cheap yes. This car would i try to remember the matter. I laugh like this so much i remember this matt.

I know the matter. I m thinking like my own city. I swear if anywhere. I know this is bad better than oakville.

Oh. My god oh this actually looks sick with the white outline was that looking the flake in the front. Oh. My god it doesn t even let me move around to the front.

What are you game. We re so rude. I m thinking that looks cool that looks pretty sweet on the blue pearlescent. I like you i m gonna keep it down a full cage.

I m tempted to get a stunt roll cage it takes out the passenger seat. I really want it um yeah you know what then don t let me get. It. I don t want you to be at my car.

Omar. You re not loaded. Oh oh. Well.

I think that what are all these all these flags oh man i m gonna rep. The american flag cuz i m canadian you know just oh my god um i ll probably put on a flag later pimping reasons. No flag no flag let s start this elevate you guys are just starting up whalers. Oh yeah.

I know the spoiler nice suspension drop it like it s hot transmission turbo tuning this thing s gonna be beast oh my god okay wheels it s time for some muscle wheels. Oh yeah we got to do the wheels. Right yeah. I love the mecca wheels actually those things are sick i might critical in dating.

It s gonna be mecca. Yeah. I don t need it more like an extra bales white wheels are here wheels ooh that is the question well the dark blue is an lp that you guys just get to oh yeah i m gonna emails when i m is bulletproof times and a tire smoke wheelie bar no i did what a lot of colors. And i am done all right.

Oh bob now we will have little cups in here. Wham and you know we ll wait for steven on our face. There carson will show them all off and users can vote on who pimped it better we ll be back in a sec get it all right sirs. We have all got our rides pimped and now it s time for who pimped it better so.

Let s see what we got here let s donate with omar on the left side. Here. He has what is this color. Omar wow.

Us wow. Us. With your color. Yellow.

Well do yellow. With what like swiper awesome looks like a nice white then he s rocking. The american public banana and secondary ice white looks like a nice white alright..

Nice mike our second is a darky lid with ultra blue pearlescent and i did ice white as well and then i could see you got muscle tires on there omar and then finally we have stephens car which is strangely similar to mine. But you know mine looks way cooler anyway where you going car. Steven pine has a pearlescent of graphite night okay and what what color is actually on the car. This is like a just blue.

It s a pearlescent is yellow. And then it yeah glue and pearlescent yellow. And i think you know grab. Nice.

And you actually went with the triple intake on the front. They re both me and omar with our ramo hoods. All right so i believe everyone neon on their cars. Too.

So we re gonna have a race with our new awesome implant dukes here and we re going to make it a nighttime race. Users can see our neon and you know judge us on that if you want to one named mike red look so we ll be back in a sec. We re gonna do this whole race and first person s gonna be trippy and weird cuz. We might use that please steveandjenna flow me out thank you all right we ll be back in a sec bitch son of a bitch oh all right sirs welcome back we are ready to rumble and race on one of my one of my you know classic racer merry go round this is number two in sandy shores.

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You can see the maps right there so we re going to start all three of us going to be nighttime. We re gonna be racing our new import dukes so you can see all those sexy lights on them and everything. It s gonna be sweet guys right. A race are you ready.

Oh yes. It s oh yeah oh look at this sexy car that look at that neo get dad neon going on let s salute that salute the neon but put 10k on this oh you re gonna actually bet on this i don t have enough confidence yes also do that even though you win every race. I won t know it s the races that i do bet on that i lose terribly so i m like no i m just not gonna do that that is true now those are the races. But i win okay yeah you guys doing this the first person.

I m doing the whole thing of first person. Oh yeah. I m doing a search so intense. It might be it does actually oh my huh steven yeah.

I m not sure what i know. It s so weird. Oh god front of you first person driving bed. I had my arm just just affair apply this on if you wore before limo uh for like windows cuz you can t really see true.

I can t see the line that while i appear black on like at what i tried to look in the rearview. Yeah. I know it s oh yes take that corner take that corner jimmy go go me and steven neck and neck. Where is he there is this is so weird looking back it actually like your head actually turns around get what amazes ya.

Though hey. You re a dick get back here. Filthy muggle. Oh.

What that ya ching. Wow. You kept going and i spin out what is this i handled that pretty good you probably didn t even know what you were doing we re both first persons like nobody goes shut up yeah. That s what i got a thought that s what i thought your church.

Oh god jumps and creepers yes landed. It nailed. It. Oh holy shit.

I got no dick send me into that washing machine. Oh. What all vars catching up to me. Now you re a dick.

What a dick no exactly that was the point so over kid hey yo ho. I mean what omar would never do such a fine. I m coming for you steven. I got you in my sights.

Imagine this is a gta race that while you re racing in first person that d be so intense. Oh be hard to shoot. Actually wow really did that really just pick christmas. Thought me would you hit the dishwasher for the washing machine a little wheel.

Yeah. I don t look how babies. Oh shit yes. I held that core nick.

I saw you understand it yeah. Go fast all my i spun out off. That you re kidding..

Yeah. You re kidding. Me. There.

That was like nothing. I just hit back as steven he should have spun out all my filthy racist haley. I hear allah doesn t even good one laughs yeah. But intake is in front of my way.

I keep forgetting about the intake. Oh yeah man you try see you know the bigger truck sucks the saw. Oh. My god the slipstream is messing with me so hard on these corners.

Although this probably the most tourney race in the entire game. And we choose the cars that don t have that going on turns ya. Know hey job kimmy. What right on genius.

Oh. Steven are you serious right now. And you go. Flying.

And keep going. Oh. My god you literally just okay ahead yuri. Just use me as a stopper like a backstop for your turn yep.

But that i do you suck so much get away from me. Yeah yeah all right time to shine oh and stevens just gonna subscribe me damn it thank you yep. I wish i could throw a sticky bomb behind he s so bad right now you suck i hate you great it was my first race that i actually bracele yeah you only have the game since yesterday. I m not yeah sorry i totally been doing everything your first birth.

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I do like some little smiley. Don t you even dare. Oh. My god i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you shit.

I spy that you got them really good yes finally karma s a bitch. It is she is no she is she is it is a car wash sounds like a was it like a hooker named stripper named stripper named karma. It was that lady s name it black. Ah yeah.

There was a lady in black ops. No there wasn t silly omar out of the camp. Oh. It was the part when you are um in that hotel like though you talking about campaign because i never played campaign.

So i don t know what you re saying. It s a bit me i know huh back in you can back it we had a campaign. What suit yeah dude. I never play colored men forget it i m doing bad.

If you are you don t pay the event refer kid. I played the first level of it i got a bit deep and i was happy a lot of stuff. Yeah. I m like i don t even know how far i am.

Though. I would literally only do the campaign at this micro gamerscore. O shea. No that s omar yes.

Jimmy. For first. Thank. You.

If. Me. You owe. Me.

Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Hello. More..

Oh. Mark. You re. A babay.

Hey. All. Right. Generally a second gimpy thing with it yes.

What is overdoing back there that he s doing so bad. He s 12 seconds ahead of me i m happy up. I had a car you horrible on it ahead your behinds omar. Now steve in your head.

Now. Oh no no i said tulsa or 12. I owe a man omar omar s behind me by doctoring like god i m like what are you doing you jump over me that was awesome the exact intent of this race. We oh i just drifted that corner like a boss.

Oh yeah. In the old. Oh miss a turn. It added over.

Oh yeah. Like what did you hear well. Like you can play as an animal on this game. Them play on the animal get a play an animal.

It s single sec. Omar. We just barely missed. Each.

Other. There. You oh shit omar. Yeah.

Cool even get out the way. No. I messed up on that turn stevens give it up hot. Governor last couple turns.

Oh. My god guy questions is beaming. All the cash duffy. Oh.

Here we go now. I ve spun everyday. Yeah. On that turn a soon.

Oh yeah jimmy for frozen. What what goddamn. See you would have won the bet. Oh yeah.

I know right it s the times. I don t bet that i get it oh look at those look at those sexy neon omar. Oh yeah. If unless i can accept look at these angles.

The angles are oh yeah the angles ooh ah booyah. Oh. The neon light switches off. Oh the angles look at these angles.

Oh yes angle angle angle come on omar ten seconds. Nine eight seven six five nice no you make it 2 1. You fail yeah you finish first we all right sirs well that concludes this episode of gta5 pin. I ride.

I hope you enjoyed it never leave a like comment and subscribe down below and leave your comment with your vote on who pimped it better and as always serves have a good day have a good day that s salute right the end. I like bam have a good day ” ..

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