God Of War Niflheim Realm Tears – Realm Tear 1, 2 and 3

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“Welcome back to our god of war run through so we ve managed to pick pick up all of the anchor of fog. That we need to open the round and we ve got more than enough missed echoes to open them all up to so we re gonna get into that now hopefully it goes well so we re going to get into the action now make sure you subscribe to the channel. If you haven t already i expect the most of you will have valdez armor by the time you re taking on this. But it does massively benefit you so definitely get it so here we go let s see what we re getting out.

Oh. It s it s this guy doesn t look so mean okay. It s not just one of them okay so we re switching arrows definitely want to get this guy in a bit of a tough decision because right now we are getting mothers okay. There s another one goods a case and we finally got one he s a tough hopefully we can take out this guy.

And we think the guy over here is relatively close to going to nice so again. We want to use him it s much be able to do up a little bit okay we just got this guy you re gonna see cern okay there we go okay so that s the first realm tear done and i suspect that now we can reach in to get a prize. What did we get gift of apollo heavy runic attack. And what else did we get dust of rounds.

I may use in so i think we need that for some upgrades. So one of the seals. Done so we re gonna quickly head on back to sindri to get a bit of an upgrade before we take on the next one we ll catch you guys back here. Okay.

So the first round tear..

Gave us three ogres to take on see what we ve got going on in this one. And it looks like revenants so we re gonna unleash the walls and just use the shields and hopefully we can grind them down. And it looks like the breath move not healthiness. We re just running.


That s the way. A little bit. Raging inferno. Just playing for time.

More than anything. There s a guy behind me trying to shoot me and they re closing in circle in gonna run gonna run trying to get a bit of better space. Yeah. This is the one that we want to take out going on a run again.

And it looks like we can unleash the wolves once again hopefully we can take this guy out there s one turn just going to run it out again again just playing for space. We can get this guy as well should be able to get him past the halfway mark and then we got to get running again okay back to the shields. Okay. Now we re running again.


We re running into get this guy music took a lot of damage. We need to get to him okay need to get out of the way running away running away what if we got over here still running gonna unleash the walls. And i used the shock arrows in the hopes you might take out some of the guys in the air. A little bit better okay just the bats in this game.

Add a bit of hell slowly working these guys over okay kind of craps running away. I don t doubt that behind me dudes okay trying to see whether or not can get close enough to get some help okay. Yeah. I know the boy.

I know the boy okay a bit more health going to change it up hopefully we can stun em hit her hats. Now you finished so that one was all about just taking our time. And making sure we use the and making sure we use our shield well enough talisman of curse power. Nice and also got some dust of realms cool.

So that s two of the three done just gonna head on back to syndrich to see if we can get any upgrades before taking on the final one okay so now we ve just got the last realm set to take on see what its gonna give us it looks like we ve got this beast got this oh. It s honest okay. I think we got some get it once we only got it once you only got it once ok. We re gonna raise it up.


We re just gonna take out one of these okay managed to get it well it took a bit of a hit just roll in okay again..

We ve got some music hopefully. We should be able to get it yeah. This is going to take us very close music okay did we get some okay stop targeting the damping. I m gonna unleash the walls and hopefully this will help us out we ve got a bit.

We go finish you off son okay torn out it s hot. I think we did it how do you feel you have come a long way at reyes. This was no easy feat you should feel pride. I do thank you yeah we do smash.

There okay. What we got missed born epic axe pummel check that out and what s this that s the realms. Nice okay. So we ve got a head on back to sindri now catch you guys there to see what s going on need a fresh upgrade before tackling the realm tears.

You what no you did not you really did no way yes. It took forever. Oh. We sealed them all up.

I don t believe it the strength you would need it is no boast..

No i suppose you aren t the type well not much else i can say besides thank you ivaldi and sons would thank. You too were they here. That s it that s the three realm test. Sealed.

And that s the end of this walkthrough video. Hopefully. It helps you guys out gives you a few cool things. But nothing amazing.

But it is a good few battles. Which is a lot of fun don t forget to subscribe to the channel with the links on the left hand side. And you can check out all of our videos for god of war with the links on the right hand side drop us a like below leave any comments and we ll catch you next time cheers guys goodbye. ” .

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God Of War Nuflheim Realm Tears will give you some of the most difficult battles in the game outside of the Valkyrie boss fights. The first Realm Tear isn t too bad, but you will have three ogres to bring down, which is best done by mounting one and using it to clobber the others. However, Realm Tear 2 is much more challenging with a series of high rank Revenants to take on and their associated respawning Nightmares. You re best playing it safe with these and using your shield a lot while Atreus chips away at them. Only go on the offensive when you see a clear opportunity and you should be able to grind it out. Realm Tear 3 is a little less problematic, but you will have a Soul Devourer to destroy, while also being attacked by respawning Wolverines. Focus on the Soul Destroyer and try to get it done quickly, which will complete the last of the three Niflheim Realm Tears.

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