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“Guys so i just got back from sighs. I bought something for my car because because it was on sale about a gps. Garmin yeah. Only bata clues on sale pines 130.

And i got it for 99. I was into a video. But then i m like anything i should get a bit with how many video ideas right now so i m glad to do it. So.

I m gonna be doing an unboxing let me open it unless. I do it this way. This is easier the gps in chess. As a welcome this pack is ready to use you can register your garment.

Update. Software and. Map and download a complete owner s manual where they visit to garmincom session just press. We will set off to the side for now and then let s go get the car charger a dog is the loud side here and you get car charger twit.

Me annual special this thing i m not sure what it is yet a usb i mean our charger for it yeah. So just usb thing you probably could plug into the wall chart maybe this piece plugs in i mean connects to this itself. Then you also get the little suction cup that suctions to the window of your car. I thought i think this could i could shoot the thing itself of this piece pops into their favor.

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That was everything in the box hopefully it s charged didn t think that through this little stream truck driver family that oh i can t but i started this little pest with you and then of course you can t do the stream sector. Odd. Because it has a little welcome thing on it so i guess i will take that off as well yeah all right so that just looks like this united states. I guess i will like walk you through it american curry you can stop the video.

If you want to watch. It son bread when you first get it it s but like that s okay and then you can just turn it off with a little button back. Here. You just hold it i guess maybe yep and then turn it off and then you can just click the button on the back one.

And it ll turn the screen off. Which is really nice yeah. That was it i guess i can like pop your stuff together for you alright. So that just popped up in there sergeant.

So i need to like move it if you have to and then this piece pop and back here like so and you can like swivel. It you just connect that piece to your window. Okay so i do need this piece to update. It on my computer those up my unboxing of this gps here.

So i did give it a thumbs up subscribe to see future video description is amish media that i would ” ..

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