Gamedac “Performance” EQ

Arctis pro equalizer settings This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Gamedac “Performance” EQ. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Saw my previous video. I already showed it as all plugging it into the artist artist pro wireless right there um. So i m just gonna do a comparison. With i did it compares on last video with the game deck and transmitter.

And what i like about the game day you know it s the presets. The eq so i really wanted a performance eq because i thought the performance eq on the transmitter was good. Which the performance eq. All does just for like shooters.

You know actually puts this better. Ten shots uh. You know like better position than where the gun fires coming from..

And all that she s better. Positioning. Where gunfire footsteps everything. Yeah.

Um. So i tried easy cues. So flat bass. Boost and reference smiley custom.

So i one of the steelseries website. I looked up the perform man s like you know the frequencies and it only had like five or six frequencies. No like five yeah and five frequencies..

So i i did my best to recapture that performers were from the wireless transmitter. You know so i tried i messed around with it and these are my settings. I ll probably write in description. Too so seven.

What is it six six one five. No no this should be six. Okay. The first one seven six next.

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One is five for next. One should be two no actually i would have this yeah then this one zero. I hope that s capturing the wall this one to negative two negative three and negative four i ll pry right into the description if you guys don t get it that wall here so after looking at the performance..

It is kind of the same like the the same frequency is just the performance one has less of these. But this one has you know more options so trying it out i tried it in battle for the wall or no call duty for called black ops for black out. And it sounded like exactly almost identical to the performance in in the wireless transmitter. Um.

Yeah pretty much sounded identical is just with this you know it just sounds better. It s also clear actually somewhat clear in this well obviously. It s wired um. So yeah.

That s pretty much it alright in the description. With my eq. If you guys are interested because i m just saying..

If you guys have the have you guys tried the artist pro wireless. But decided get the game tag and you want to recreate the performers eq from that from that transmitter um. Try this one. I put.

An ad isn t before oh. I messed it up well six. It yeah so hope you guys enjoy late or if you guys are this helpful. ” .

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