Fallout 4 – Tesla Armor – Unique Automatron Armor Guide

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“Back ladies and gentlemen to the automaton dlc for fallout. 4. In this video. I i will show you how to acquire the unique armor set known as the tesla and also run through its various uses and benefits and of course to require this you will need the automaton dlc installed assuming it is installed we need to head to fort hagin satellite array.

It can be found in the midwest edge of the map and just a quick warning. This area is covered with deadly robots and a rust devil. So be sure to come prepared for a fight once we arrive here. We do need to come up onto this platform and use this terminal to open the security door below once the security door is open.

We will have access to the hatch in which we need to enter we need to make our way through the entirety of ford hagen s satellite array and the very last fight will be with a lady called ivy ivy is carrying the three unique tesla power armor pieces the left arm the right arm and the torso. Although collectively called tesla armor. The set actually consists of only g arms and torso pieces all three providers. Slight bonus to damage dealt with energy weapons on 5 per item or 15.

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If all three are equipped otherwise in terms of stats. They are completely identical to regular t60 power armor components in terms of damage resistance upgrade options and repair costs all tesla t. 60. Parts feature additional physical technical components that make them easily distinguishable from their regular versions.

These take the form of multiple heavy duty electrodes sizzling with electricity that are interconnected. Via. Thick. Cabling.

Three are mounted on each pauldron. Two on each forearm and another two particularly large tank like examples on the back of the torso pieces so altogether. It makes the tesla armor look like a bank vaults everywhere owing to their status as unique items tesla t60 armor pieces always display the tesla identifier in their name regardless of upgrades or mods this can become interesting when installing the tesla bracers mod into an arm piece which results in its name reading tesla braces tesla t. 60 armor piece so with all three pieces you will get an increase of 15 to energy damage that you deal so quite obviously this applies to things such as energy weapons guns.

Now although. 15 may not seem too much. There are some perks that give less than a 15 boost to damage so this is actually pretty damn good and when thinking about weapons like a fully modded out laser rifle and extra 15 on top of 170 will make a shocking difference. But i really think that tesla armor sets shines for characters that wear power armor and play a melee character for instance.

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Adding. The tesla coils mod to the torso. Which as we can see deals energy damage to nearby enemies. That will now get the 15 percent bonus increase.

Which is actually an amazing modification to the armor. Only being made more amazing and more powerful by the tesla armors unique effects as you will see on screen now some of these enemies were getting taken out in less than two seconds wiping out of regions of enemies simply by standing near them. And if that s not enough on the arm. Pieces.

You can add the modifications known as tesla. Braces. Adds. Energy damage to unarmed attacks.

So with every punch you deliver you re now doing energy damage on top of that and if you have the torso mod. You re also dealing that energy damage to them just by standing near them and of course both of these damages being increased by the tesla armors built in effect of increasing energy damage delts so whether you want to use guns. Whether you want to use your fists. Or whether you simply want to just stand.

There. People and kill them the unique three piece tesla armor set is for you the tesla t. 60. Armor gives an entirely new meaning to the term power armor and that you have it there is my guide to the unique tesla armor power armor set found in the automaton dlc four four four.

I would like to thank you very much for watching. And if you did enjoy this video please feel free to click on the playlist button on screen this of course will take you directly to my fallout. 4 guides playlist where you can select the videos you wish to watch freely or you can check in the description. Where it will be frequently updated with new fallout.

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4. Guide links as always thank you very much for watching and i will see you very shortly in the next video. I ll see you there in a second ” ..

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