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“What s going on boys and girls what s up world. My name is gilberto gilberto from nevada. You re checking out awesome. John please.

Austin. John plays here and back to our final week of shrine hunters. Today. We are going to be doing ridgeland tower for all do you find people out there richland tower is located to the north west of central hyrule directly west the castle in fact and it looks lausanne like this you ll probably find out in the open.

Our first shrine is going to be right next to the tower and that s going to be the zalto wah shrine so if you need to find that there s this guy you want to go fly instead. We re just going to free them into all these big jagged rocks acid the tree fold over tire oh and there s the shrine on great i don t like spider man. This is going to be two orbs to god you this first orb right here you re just going to fire. An arrow at him make sure.

It s an arrow that does not shoot multiple you only need a single arrow. See if i could koby great now with our second door. We re going to grab it we re going to walk over this switch right here. I m going to throw it so now as soon as we hit the switch.

It s going to send us flying up in the air great the chance for the shrine on your way on up to the top was located right down. There in case you want to go get that guy poke. Maybe. We have it to the top and gadget run orb.

Fantastical. Our next one that we re going to be going to is in the thunderer plateau. And that is going to be the toe yasha shrine. So this one is a big old pain in the butt because each of these four towers has their own symbol and their own corresponding orb.

One of them is found here in plain sight. Two of them are located on top of these towers themselves. Which doesn t sound like much of an issue except. There is perpetual rain and thunderstorms here.

So you can t wear anything metal. Unless you have the thunder helm and you can t just climb up like this no instead you need to find a much crafter away you need to climb on those tall things. And then glide over and do a whole bunch of stuff..

One of the orbs is going to be i believe it s on the top of this guy. And he s a big ol pain in the butt to climb over to especially with all that rain. But if you could do all that stuff and bring the orbs over here and put them in the corresponding altar. Correctly.

Then i got good news for you the shrine opens up. But all sin. I just want to do all that and now you re going to tell me that there s more stuff to do yeah. There is buried secrets.

This evolves. Some bombs lots and lotsa bombs have fun just bombarding your way through this entire shrine. Make sure you make an explosive impact on the shrine. Otherwise your whole life could come crumbling down okay.

But seriously there s a underneath your entrance. There s one block right here. And there s a chest inside make sure you get that one if we were wondering how to get that second chest up there we re going to do something a little unconventional. We re going to grab our metal chests that we just got and we re going to use the metal chest to just kind of gently knock it off great did i really just tap forward twice on the stick thinking that would make me run god i need to stop playing minecraft.


We re going to need to use this cube to get up to where we need to go and then place the cube back on switch. Now the rub here let s grab this cube threw him on the switch back her got it nice. I m going to recommend a square bomb for this one okay oh look it shows you how to drop it down. There that would have been smart.

But no i did it the hard way and grab a shine or great the next time. We re going to be going to is located pretty much directly north of ridgeland tower. If you follow the path and to the left of here. We re going to come to the mug norrish rind.

See this giant tower right here right negative enemy encampment. There s going to be this tiny little cutout literally right here so just look at the topographical chart on this one down indent that s going to be where we need to go to and if you have a bomb arrow. Then you re fine. If not then climb up there directly above it and then throw a bomb at it.

This is going to be a blessing shrine head on its side get your item and your shrine orb great far next ron from ridgeland tower. We re going to take our paths west and then north a little bit and right here. We re going to come to the tabasco bridge stable ironically..

Enough is not part of cabeza. Including its shrine. The shade louia shrine. This one is located right above the stable.

This one is called aim for the moment. So you see that big old ball being kicked up in the air you need to use stasis on it when it s above. The wall. Here now we re going to fire.

An arrow directly at it maybe couple for good measure. It s going to knock it out of its path. It s going to roll down into the big ol hole and send you flying up in the air from here. We re going to glide forward get our chest head back on out to the main area ok kicked up in the air again and shoot right there.

And there for this chest to fall to the ground once again back to the giant erecting platform shoot the target that opens up the gate. It s time so don t dilly. Dally and go get your shrine orb. Great our next.

Three shines are just a little bit south of here. The first one we re going to be going to from our current location from the chaillot. A shrine is going to be washes bluff and on washes bluff. You re going to find the mushaf roki shrine.

This was actually my last shrine my very very last shrine. So up here. There s going to be cass and he s going to tell you something about the blood moon. And exactly how you need to go about triggering this this platform right here and when the blood moon.

Happens you need to stand on top of this platform naked yep naked. They say. This is the kids friendly game. No you got to be here naked dawg somehow your naked body under the blood moon is going to make this shrine.

Come out of the ground keep in mind blood moons. Happen about every eight days or so. If you just want to spam and try to get that blood moon to trigger you get set up a fireplace inside of that little canopy area and then you re good to go..

This is going to be a modest test of strength putting you up against a guardian scout did i not get this chest. I didn t get this chest all right looks like we re gonna kill a guardian scout you ready to go homie cuz. I m gonna put you to shame once you take care of your guardian scout head over to the back room get your item and your shrine orb fantastic. I can t hold any more shields.

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Oh yeah. That s right i have a lot of these. I m cool with that for our next round following that path that we came from ridgeland tower. You re going to go directly south and right here is going to be the kjetil bridge now on the kjetil bridge.

We re going to find casts again that s right to casas in the same area at the same damn time to casas at the same damn time here there s going to be a whole bunch of these rocks with a giant hole cut out in the middle. We re going to need to make our way over to this one right here. My map is located right here give you a chance to take a look at that at my current location. So right there you need to crouch down pull out your bow.

And then do a nice arched shot between this one and that one just like i did and then this one is going to come out of the ground great this is the shing de gong shrine and this one is moving in parallel the super easy shrine you re just going to step on the right one wait for him to go down step on the left one wait for him to go down step on the right one one orb goes to the right one orb goes to the left that opens up the door to your shrine. Orb. And the item is actually pretty well concealed. You need to glide on down inside of the puzzle.

And you re going to find a platform right here. Here s going to be your chest. And then once you step on this platform. That guy is going to start going back to the entrance.

It just takes a long time you just got to wait. And yeah go get a shrine lord fantastic for our last shrine of the entire ridgeland area. This is going to be on top of satori mountain. This is where lord of the mountain spawns as well as a whole mess of blur peas and there s going to be very useful shrine anytime.

You see that giant blue glow in the distance moogle automatron hi. There s a crow til the crow ah. But yeah this guy sounds super out in the open. We see the three peaks right here.

He s just going to be south look at that dude just just walking oh no you re not gonna walk. Now. I m looking at you that s cool whatever here is going to be synced swing..

This one is a pain in the butt as i die as soon as i walk in alright. So the thing about this shrine is it kind of sucks. Because you need to move these guys. And if you use magnesia sit like never holds it steady and then when you release it they just kind of all wobble everywhere.

You need to wait until it comes to like a real solid wobble and then jump over almost you do something a little bit more stable like this but lifting it too high is definitely a bad idea shoot down these guys in this next. Obstacle walk on over and get your suspiciously unguarded chest. So for this forest dweller spear. I dropped my drill shaft.

And that s a pretty inconvenient place to drop that big old shaft alright so if our next area. There s a couple ways to go about this you could just knock this out of the way and then you stasis on it or there s a more unconventional way where you just take it and you wrap it around here. And then it can t hurt you so let s just pick this guy up put you on the other side wrap you around once um boom can t hurt me and you mister giant spiky rock same thing for you a new lost giant spiky rock. I got no time for that great get your chest marvel at uh.

How you just use mag mises to once again do something that the game. Didn t really design you to do now we re going to use magni sis to bring these guys closer to us you re not going to slide back a thirty slide. Oh there we go great now once we re here we re going to need to kind of make a staircase. But then you also need to adjust your staircase in order to get your last chest right there.

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So yeah. That s a staircase to get up adjust your staircase to get your chest down below. They re hitting this guy is going to make some lantern shop from the sky in case. You need some fire or if you have your own.

Then you re good to go burn. The giant lock on the door and then use my muses to open your door and then head up and get your last shrine orb. Fantastic alright so that right there ladies and gentlemen is going to be every shrine in the ridgeland tower area. We are almost done we only have two bantha and we ll the left and my battery is low perfect.

I m going to charge this get these other videos out for you guys by the end of the week. Until next time often john out dom bunch bomb. Punch punch punch punch bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom. ” .

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