Destiny: All 5 Gold Chest Locations on Venus! (Quick & Simple)

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Today, would like to introduce to you Destiny: All 5 Gold Chest Locations on Venus! (Quick & Simple) . Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s going on guys. It s rifle here and i m back with some more more golden chest locations in this video. I m going to be covering the planet and all five golden chests okay so good okay so to get started you can find all these chests and patrol mode. But i suggest using the missions as a guidance to find these chests so the first one you can find by doing the mission.

A strangers call. No you don t have to do the mission. I m just using the missions as a guidance alright. So from this statue you want to head up these stairs and then go down side this tunnel.

The first golden chest is going to be inside this watery tunnel..

It s going to be right behind this pillar on this box. I will show you the loot. I obtain the loot will be random. But it shouldn t be too different let s just say that much it should not be too different than what i get okay so the next two chests are going to be the easiest to get if you start the scourge of winter mission.

The second gold chest is in this open cave area. It s going to be up top. There s going to be a huge battle that happens here tons of enemies guys you want to find the tunnel that leads you up top of the place. It s right before the part where you find the shit.


It s up on these rocks..

You have to do a jump to get across to these rocks okay. So guys the third chest. Is located right at the back of the ship as you can see it s right back there so make your way onto the ship do not head left just when you get on the ship head right and go to the back of it. As you can see the third chest.

I get a pair of rare gauntlets. I hope you guys have been paying attention to the loot because you guys should be getting similar loot as i do all right so the fourth chest is at the end of the ishtar collective story mission. You ll enter a place called campus. 9.

And you ll see a building in the back right you want to head toward that building because the chest is going to be right behind it all right..

So. The last and final chest is going to be on the nexus strike mission or once again you can be in control mode. But i m using the missions. Other guidance it ll be at this location right here.

Once you re here you want to just head right and enter the building. And it will be in one of the cubicles and that s it guys. That s all the chest and venus. I will be covering every single planet and every single golden chest on destiny.

I hope..

These guides are helpful for you and thanks everyone for watching leave a like if you re enjoying these and they are helpful guys. I m out of here though hope to see you guys in my next video. Hey. I be ceo b s years.

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Guide for all gold chests on planet Venus. Looking for other gold chests? Check description for all the others! Any questions? Ask away!

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