By One, By Two, By Three! Borderlands 3 Hand of Glory Legendary Assault Rifle

Hand of glory bl3 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you By One, By Two, By Three! Borderlands 3 Hand of Glory Legendary Assault Rifle. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everybody take faqir and welcome and this borderlands. 3. Item overview. We are going to to be going over the hand of glory.

A legendary salt rifle. Now what makes a legendary you might ask that is this red texture that says by one by two by three now. I do not know where this reference is it s kind of vague for me to google. It and find out it s not on the wiki so let me know in the comments.

If you happen to know exactly what it s from and thank you now what does this actually do for this rifle. Now this rifle shoots in two round bursts so two rounds at a time instead of three like most burst rifles. It also shoots them in rounds of three..

So it s two rounds two rounds two rounds. Then there s actually a lever action that happens so there s a slight pause. And then you can do that same rotation again. So it s two to two pause to two to pause.

It feels really awkward to use and kind of weird. But it s not terrible overall now the gun does come with this really fancy skin here i almost want to call like a leopard print. But i don t actually know what this kind of texture is called it does look interesting and cool. I do like the wood texture.

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Though the grain on it i like the blue it s my color blue now for my personal thoughts and overview of this gun. I think it s a mediocre gun. I don t think it does anything terribly it s damages..

Okay. It s recoil no hands let s narrow mechanic doesn t really add anything to the gun. But it does make it interesting it looks pretty it s not the best looking down in the world. But it s not the worst gun in the world.

This is just kind of like an average middle of the road totally like okay gun. But when you put it on the list of all the guns available in borderlands. 3. It really starts to fall towards the bottom of the list.

So far that i ve tested for legendaries just because of how good the other choices are i can t typically fault this for anything. It s just if i compare it the other 50 to 60 guns that i have to choose from that are way better than this i would choose one of them every time now if you like this gun for some reason. I would love to know in the comments..

What you liked about it over other guns and why you liked it but like that s really just my overall opinion that it s an ok good gun. But does nothing special and nothing works like super appraiser mentioning it s really just a nice reliable fashion like a can always shoot. I ll always do the job you need to but it s nothing special now if you guys are actually looking to get one of these for yourself you get it from request reward. The quest is called the guns of reliance.


It is on eden. 6. Now that being said i do have two of these at level 50. And i ve only beaten that quest once at level 50.

So i picked it up somewhere guy. There s a loot drop from somewhere or someone didn t want it and threw it on the ground and i got another one and i didn t realize it if you guys got it from somewhere. Else let me know in the comments that would be great and i really do enjoy you guys stopping by it means a whole lot..

And if you like this video. I have a playlist up here full of these kind of videos and if you like some of those think about subscribing hitting the bell. Notifications liking commenting learning. Some nice discussions in the comments and just being an awesome person.

I will see you guys in the next video. ” ..

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