Breath of the Wild EX Treasure: Merchant Hood [DLC 2 Side Mission

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Today, would like to introduce to you Breath of the Wild EX Treasure: Merchant Hood [DLC 2 Side Mission . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Is going on guys carlos here from live gaming paradise. We re back again with with another legend of zelda breath of the wall tutorial this time we are chasing x treasure merchants hood. Which you pick up at the day of village ruins so make your way to the dwelling peaks tower. I showed you on a map showing you again and you have to glide off.

Here. And you know get some form of transportation or run. If you ve got the bike. If you complete at the dlc to its ideal you just spawn the bike in down the bottom.

And then just go to the ruins or you can just run over the hills. There there are a few baddies around here. So if you want to run it off the over the hills just go straight instead of going around. But there are some elissa foes and some of the other guys down here so go across and you will see these ruins here these are the day of village ruins just get out and there will be a book in here.

It s another misko s journal. It s misko s x channel. And eat you will give you four missions. One of them is going to be the one that we re doing today.

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Which is the merchants hood and this one is not very long and it s not very difficult either. It should be you should be able to do it in i would say about ten minutes maximum. We will have to make our way into the shire kathir shrine and i will show you that on a map. So you guys can see exactly where it is and in this video.

We re doing just one just one of the missions. Which is the merge and herd mission. But there are a few more videos coming up and it will be including all of these missions on seperate videos. So merchants hurt and it says.

The traveling merchants hood is in the right hand of the dragon that consumes the spring of courage at the cause you like so we have to go to the spring of courage that s where our hood is gonna be so if you go down the bottom the shrine nearest to where my master cycle zero is shia katha shrine. So let s make our way into the shia katha rine and get the the hood. The merchants head so when you get there there will be a few baddies to deal with but you can t ignore pretty much all of them so get out of the the cave where where you are where you were moved to and there will be the spring of courage in front of you so this was another mission that was really called really popular video on my channel is this spring of courage so the first thing we need to do is you need to climb up these structure. And i mean like you can t you can go directly.

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There buddy. It s easier and you can avoid all baddies. If you go this way so climb up the wall. Here and then glide over or climb up the wall at the back of the spring of courage and then unite you need to glide over to the center column.

And after that you can just go to the hand. Which is on the right hand side. I mean you can go on the ground. But then you will need to deal with somebody s and we re trying to avoid that and go and get our ex chest with the merchants hurt without having to fight any of them so in this structure.

Here just climb up this bit up here and then turn right. And there will be a hand there so just go up here on top of the hand and the chest is going to be underneath the hand so right there as you can see on the bottom of the screen. So go down and collect your chest. Some might show you from the from down.

Here this is what i was saying. It s better to go above instead of having to deal with them. But they won t be able to get you because you re under the hand. So just take out your chest dig up your chest with magnus s and you will get your reward.

So i guess. This is it for this video guys. Thank you very much for watching. If you liked this video.

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Releasing all of these series of e x. Treasure. Which this is from dlc pack. 2.

So more to come thanks again for watching. And i ll see you in the next one good bye. ” ..

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This is my guide on how to complete the The EX Treasure Merchant Hood DLC Side Quest in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The mission is located around the Spring of Courage but first you have to travel to the Deya Villa Ruins. This guide will show you how to complete the side mission, which will get you the Ravio s Hood.
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