Batman Arkham Knight Tips & Hints New Player Guide Beginner Tips

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” s up guys. This is what s my game. We are playing batman arkham knight knight and i m going to show you some tips on what to do close the beginning of the game. The first thing you want to do is go ahead and get to the gotham city police department at the very beginning of video while it s running my trap.

I showed you where it s at on the map running here and you re going to want to make it down to kind of through here no not that place down here toward the bottom. I m going to walk you through and show you how to get there okay you re going to get to the evidence room. And this is an item that you ll get later in the game. But it s just there for the taking so go ahead and grab.

It now and you ll find it you ll find that it s useful so whoops. I made a wrong turn the end of the interview room you want to go ahead and go through the door. And then make your way past. These jokers and then it s easy to get disorientated go here.

Where s his evidence room. It s like an old movie theater and then you go through here the first thing you want to grab is is a riddler trophy. Riddler trophy and you ll be collecting those throughout the game. And this one will kind of get away from you if you don t look.

It s right here on the right hand part of the wall. I think i m elect to take a little detour. But it s right here there it is so you ll want to break this glass and just take this riddler troffer trophy. Okay i can t talk evidently sorry you want to take the riddler trophy.

I think i m going to take it and then there s another better piece of equipment in here. There we go i had to backhand that damn thing so take the trophy. There what s my game okay so i got the trophy. It s just something that if you re trying to collect them all this is an easy to miss spot in my opinion.

Because nobody really ventures back here from what i ve read and seen. I know i didn t but i was just starting around back here and found it the other thing is this and i didn t actually find this until. I quit far enough to the game to getting the quest and i realized after i created another character another story that you can actually go here and get it immediately. So.

There s no reason to wait to grab this until later in the game. You can get it now so beginning of the game go ahead and grab this electric. It s called electric charge gun. And it s pretty cool.

It s just one of many other weapons and gadgets in your arsenal. That you can have instead of waiting you know into the game to get it you can get it now. So you want to smash the glass. No not kneel there we go and collect the remote electrical charge.

I m going to show you how it works. It s pretty cool it basically just stuns enemies and and it just allows you to you can even if either charging you or really anything you can you can fire it and it fires pretty rapidly. So you can keep even 3 people at bay. While stunning them just another little weapon to use and not a lot of people know that it s back there early in the game.

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Because again. It s not a quest item until later so here. It is an action on some thugs. See i got that guy before he finished charging me.

And after this i ve learned how to use it pretty effectively as with anything else this game. Has so many gadgets and weapons and you know moves that you really really there s no substitute for practice. I mean just take your time and learn how to do it. Because you can somebody you can tell somebody how to do something 100 times.

But until they actually do it themselves a few times that s the best method. But yeah grab this gun it s worthwhile and a three the other thing i want to talk about is tanks. Some tanks have a few tanks have a guard. But most tanks you ll want to shoot right at the very top of the tank.

And you ll be able to kill them with one shot instead of 2 3. 4. Whatever there are a few tanks that have extra like a guard at the beginning or at the front. And you ll want to shoot right below it like that otherwise.

Most tanks don t. And you ll be able to just shoot them one shot. If you shoot at the turret. Ok.

If you shoot at the body. It s going to take longer and this is before i upgraded. My turret with power or speed okay. So again aim for the top of the tank again it s a smaller target.

So it s easier to miss. But if you take your time. It s worthwhile. If you get one shot the next thing.

We re showing you is a medic medics are pain in the ass. Whenever you see medics in a group of people and i slowed this down so you can see what he looks like you want to take him out. And this is called the the fear a technique that you ll get later. I took him out on the second.

I was the second guy to take out medics will just sit there and revive your guys over and over and over again and their situations. Well you ll have three. I ve even found maybe four medics in a group and they just keep reviving people. And it s a nightmare take out the medics first do whatever you got to do to get over to them at that side of the room it ll save you a lot of heartache.

Because you don t get any extra experience for killing guys twice so take out the medics first plan your attack those guys are just a pain. If i pay to the ass now they re only happen to be one in this room. But these they re in white and they are when you use the investigation menu you ll see that it says medic and it shows like a little plus sign like a you know red cross sign okay. This next.

Thing you want to do is progress through this mission through the game on the main quest until you get here okay. I m not going to do really any spoilers. But it s not that far in the game. You ll have to do maybe four or five main quests and then you ll be able to get to this point and a lot of people i think skip this area and because they don t like to do tutorials.

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But this tutorial is really important because it unlocks five or six in my case waynetech points. And those waynetech points are really important and one of them you can get an extra point. If you if you do really good. It s basically if you stay aloft for an extra minute.

And i ll show you but side questing is going to help you in this game. But my my advice to you is to get to this point. I m not going to give you any spoilers. But do enough main question.

It s still early the game where you get to this point. Because number one you ll be able to get six waynetech points. And also a lot of cool stuff and shit opens up for you at this point as far as techniques. What he wears there s a lot of cool stuff and other abilities that that are really key so side questing to this point.

I would wait and just go and when you get to this point in the game. When you re seeing this then you ll be able to my opinion side quest a lot easier you ll be able to travel faster. You ll have better equipment. And that s all i ll say but more importantly don t forget to hit these tutorials because it ll help you with your battling okay.

It ll help you learn techniques that you need to be a better gamer this game is a little frustrating. If you don t know how to do shit. Because there s so much to you know weapons and and techniques and you know if you don t practice you re going to get frustrated not frustrated. But it s not gonna be as fun because once you start to unlock these things and really learn how to configure.

It all it s really a lot more fun so do all these quests and you ll see each one after. I m getting a waynetech point okay an upgrade point earned. Which is called waynetech points. So this last one i think oh no this one s really cool this one just i think it like takes two minutes.

But once we get through this one i ll show you the one where you get two points. It s this one right here this last tutorial with the bat symbol here in the corner and on this one after you get done with the mission or the the tutorial make sure to very in that you stay aloft you stay gliding for an extra 60 seconds. Like i am right now and you ll get an extra ability point mobility point. You ll get an extra waynetech point.

A great point. And that s really helpful so. If you screw up what what i what i would recommend is just go back and do it again. Because you can t complete these missions more than once you can t complete the side quests twice so you only get you know you only get one shot well that s it guys those are really important tips that i found at the beginning.

The game. I hope you find this useful if you have any requests or if you have any suggestions or tips you found please let me know this is what s my game signing out have a great day see ya as always guys if you have a comment please leave one if you can like and subscribe that would be great this is what s my game suit. ” ..

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Batman Arkham Knight – TOP 5 Tips u0026 Hints – New Player Guide Strategy. Hey guys so after hours and hours of playing the new Batman Arkham Knight these are my Top Five Tips for early in the game. If you find any tips or exploits please let me know and I ll make sure to give credit!


INTRO – Aero Chord feat. DDARK – Shootin Stars (NCS) –

Nine months after the death of the Joker during the events of Arkham City, Batman is struggling to come to terms with the absence of his nemesis and the uncomfortable feeling that the pair shared a bond deeper than either could admit. Without the Joker s chaotic presence, Gotham s citizens have never felt safer, and crime in the city has dramatically declined. However, this gives Batman s enemies, including Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn, a chance to unite with the singular goal of killing Batman. On Halloween night, Scarecrow threatens the city with his newly created strain of fear toxin and bombs planted throughout Gotham, forcing the evacuation of the city s six million civilians. Only criminals remain in the city, leaving Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department outnumbered. Anticipating a new threat, Batman continues to develop crime-fighting technology and maintains a vigil over the city.
Arkham Knight s Gotham City is approximately five times the scale of the open-air Arkham City prison in Arkham City. The game takes place in the center of the city, which is split into three island areas, with various districts such as the neon-tinged Chinatown, and the industrial shipping yard. Oracle has set up her communications headquarters in the Gotham clock tower, which also houses a makeshift Batcave.

Arkham Knight features Batman (Kevin Conroy), a superhero trained to the peak of human physical and mental perfection and an expert in martial arts. He is aided by his friend police commissioner James Gordon (Jonathan Banks), Gordon s daughter Barbara, who assists Batman covertly as the hacker Oracle (Ashley Greene), Robin (Matthew Mercer), Nightwing (Scott Porter), Azrael (Khary Payton),and Catwoman (Grey DeLisle). Batman s loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth (Martin Jarvis), and Lucius Fox (Dave Fennoy) provide Batman with tactical support. Arkham Knight brings Batman into conflict with the super-villains Scarecrow (John Noble), Penguin (Nolan North), Two-Face (Troy Baker), Harley Quinn (Tara Strong), Riddler (Wally Wingert), Firefly, Man-Bat, and Poison Ivy (Tasia Valenza). The Joker (Mark Hamill) makes an appearance in the game in the form of illusion. The game introduces the villain Arkham Knight, alter ego Jason Todd, a character created specifically for the game by Rocksteady, DC Comics CCO and comic-book writer Geoff Johns, and DC co-publisher and comic artist Jim Lee. The Arkham Knight is described as a militarized version of Batman, with the “A” logo of the Arkham Asylum facility worn as an emblem on his chest. In addition, the Red Hood story pack also features an appearance by Black Mask.

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