3 Reasons I m Done with Silver (And maybe you should be too!)

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“Hey everyone thank you for watching yankee stacking truly appreciate you jumping in here. And and watching this video no more silver for me i m jumping on the bandwagon. No more silver bandwagon at least for now okay right now. I m focused right there or actually i should say right there gold specifically quarter ounce canadian maple leaf that is what i am focused on stacking right now i m actually trying to get an entire tube of these beauties.

I love the maple leaf. It s so iconic so gorgeous i can focus there i love that yes 24 karat gold quarter ounce as a minimum i want to try to reduce my premium as much as possible that is my focus. I m gonna try to build what someone in the community called the yankee musket. I love that name i m gonna use it so i got the ink cannon now.

I m gonna go after a yankee musket. So i m gonna give you three reasons. Why it s about gold and not really about silver at least for a few weeks maybe months. I don t know we ll see.

But you know it s been a very interesting time we all know what premiums have done we all know what the spot prices of both silver and gold have done. It s been a little frustrating. I have to admit especially since i can t seem to get a hold of precious metals that easily anymore. I talked to tim probably every day at least i text him every day.

And i asked him you know what s the what s it look like are you gonna be visiting the wholesaler can you get a hold of some quarter ounce canadian maple leaves he says he s gonna put a few aside as soon as he gets them so that s nice. But he s unable to get him plus. We re in a well what should i call it a stay at home scenario right now in new hampshire. So only essential businesses are open well.

I m very glad that my business is considered essential. But for some bizarre strange reason. A local coin shop isn t considered an essential business. I think that s stupid no i understand what why they would not deem it an essential business.

But it keeps the business closed and that s frustrating to me so i m still trying to maybe do a few exchanges of fiat for some gold on the side during this period. Because i really don t want to have to wait another month to buy any precious metals from him..

But we ll see this has been a crazy time yeah. I m not gonna make this all about macroeconomics. But realize what s happened okay. The fed went all in even though they had no real ammo for the stimulus.

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They tried anyway so they went to zero just like i predicted they would and i told my friends and my family and in u2 that they were gonna do that they would go to zero you mark my words they re gonna go to negative they really are and then fiscal policy went berserk i mean checks are gonna be flying all over the place right you re gonna get one in your bank account. Hopefully in a few weeks. They say right i think that s like pouring gas in a car with no wheels you can give money like crazy to people. But if they are fearful and they re not gonna spend it and they re gonna save it or pay down debt which i ll talk about in a minute.

It s not gonna work so this recession is a foregone conclusion. Okay and i think it s going to be potentially a depression all right. It s not gonna be v shaped. It s it s going to be a significant problem for many many months.

But it s been really difficult to get a hold of the precious metals. I get that i m so happy i finished my monster box in time because this would have been such a frustrating time to try to be getting silver eagles. I feel bad for people that are right now trying to fill you know their monster boxer or reach their stated goals for 2020. It s frustrating.

I had a goal of filling my half dollar guardhouse box and i don t know if i m gonna be able to do that and nor. Am. I prioritizing that right now it ll happen. But not now so again.

It s not about the silver right now. It s about gold for these reasons. Number one. I want what the nations around the world want right now.

My lcs dealer. Tim nailed..

It during my interview with him right there when he said that silver is barter between people and gold is barter between nations. I m gonna put that as a tagline somewhere on my channel. But that is just that is fantastic so you know like liquidity alright was poured right into the markets right into the economy. Okay and the concern for liquidity is pretty much no more.

I mean that the fed stated it they re gonna put as much liquidity as needed there is no bound. There is no limit. It s it s it s infinite as far as they re concerned and i feel that the government with fiscal stimulus is pretty much in the same boat. So liquidity isn t the issue.

But there is fear and that fear is over rising interest rates. Rising inflation rising unemployment. The fear that spending is going to dramatically drop. Which i believe it is i mean really come on what are you gonna do with your stimulus check when you get it i ve talked to a few people and i m hearing this i m gonna save it i m gonna reduce my debt i m gonna buy some more food not exactly what the economy really means for us to do they needs to go and get those flat screen tvs and buy new cars.

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And i think a lot of people right now are afraid to do that okay. I think there is massive fear and i think that is why there is a huge rush to gold look at the price of gold and what it s done. It s kind of left silver behind you know a silver silver is not really a monetary metal folks this silver is an industrial metal there s fear over industry being negatively impacted that that the the need for silver to supply goods for for the nations is going down. They don t need as much silver okay.

So i think that is another reason. Why silver is lagged and gold is shooting up. I want to be a part of that i want more gold and here s another piece of information that i find absolutely fascinating. We hear a lot about the ratio of gold to silver and how it s at all time highs.

So that s fine and i have my own opinion on that gold silver ratio. And what it will be going forward. But that s not what i wanted to talk about what i want to show you is a different ratio. It s the equities ratio to gold equities to gold equities are dropping fast check this out this is the dowel to gold ratio.

You can see there on the far right how it s dropping now to understand this chart the bottom is when the dow is worth very very little. As compared to gold or vice versa gold is worth a lot compared to the the dow jones industrial average back in 1980..

It hit an all time. Low i believe it was february of. 1980 you can see right there 13. The ratio was almost one to one okay so it was a very tight ratio and then of course after that we had the big run up for decades to when it hit comm bust.

So at that point it dropped started to drop it hit the great recession. It dropped again. It s interesting to see how that turned around right about in 2011. When gold hit its peak gold.

As it went down the stock market started its next bull run. But it was still not as high as its all time peak. But then with this pin that broke the bubble or started to deflate the everything bubble you can see it dropping. It s going down.

I believe that that ratio of the dow to gold is going to plummet over the next year. I think we re going to see it precipitously dropped to maybe 1970s style ratio. I don t know if it ll get to 1 to 1 that s quite extreme. But i wouldn t be surprised if it gets down into the single digits for a ratio.

It s the same thing with the s p 500. As it compares to gold this is the ratio. I think you should be studying and looking at very carefully alright. So that s the first reason.

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The second reason why i m all in for gold right now is the premiums gold s premiums yes they have risen. But nothing like silver the the premiums on gold are much smaller and and i like that all right. Even if i have to pay more than i did a month ago premium for silver is obscene right now i m not spending ten twelve dollars over spot to get a one ounce silver eagle so that s the second reason the premiums the third reason believe it or not is availability. It s hard to get gold right now i understand that but it s going to become more available quicker.

I believe then silver now that s partially due to supply. I mean look at this chart..

Annual silver supply is smaller than many companies. But you can see the annual gold supply and how much more that is for silver. A lot of people argue. That s good the supply is very very small that means the price is gonna jump yankee once once it takes off it s gonna shoot up yes.

I actually do think silver is going to shoot up. But i also think it s gonna be a lot harder to get your hands on it so i was talking with tim about the availability of gold. He s looking he thinks he can get gold silver is going to be a real challenge for quite a. While so i really think right now for that third reason that availability reason is another reason for me to go after gold and one other point about its availability and and how i think you can get a hold of gold.

A little bit easier than silver is that a lot of people feel that gold is out of reach for them they can t buy it you know to to pick up one of these for 1600. Is a big deal and i don t blame them it is a big deal. But you know a quarter ounce a quarter ounce just over 400 that is something that you can say for something. I m going back here with another overtaxed taxpayers a gold envelope idea putting money fiat.

In there taking the time we have time right we re not going anywhere the stores are closed. It s really hard to find silver so save your money when you get your check from the government put some of it in an envelope and save it for gold so. There you have it three reasons. Why i am not stacking silver.

Right now stacking gold. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please like and subscribe. If you haven t check out the links below.

There s some really good ones in there and as always hope a ” ..

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