21 Things You NEED To Know About The Outer Worlds Gameplay – PERKS! FLAWS! SLOWWWW MOTIIOOONNN!

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And you can tell it s owned. If the items name is written in red and you all have done a steal congratulations you re a thief happy now the trouble with stealing is that you risk getting caught. But if that does happen you have a few ways out you can employ speech skills to lie intimidate or persuade your way out of trouble.

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Or you could try a spot of bribery. If all else fails so you could just attack your accuser. But that s bound to bring the whole town running to their defense. So perhaps avoid that if you can so that s stealing and pickpocketing dealt with but what about those of you who want to indulge in a little bit of b e.

That s breaking and entering for those of you out there who don t know your criminal and craniums you can lockpick the usual suspects like doors and safes in the outer world. But it looks to be a lot simpler here than in other rpgs like fallout or skyrim you see there s none of this lock picking minigame malarkey here as long as you have a lock pick on your person all you need to do is hold down a button and wait a few moments for that lock to ping open it s faster and more efficient sure. But it lacks any real challenge at all and to be honest. It feels maybe a little cheap as with all rpgs exploration is a big part of your adventures and as such discovering new locations will award.

You with some lovely xp not only that though it ll also help speed up your future missions as any location. You ve discovered in the past can be used as a fast travel point in the future. Just open your map pick a location and off you go now. This next point could well deliver different results when the full game comes out especially.

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If you re playing it on different platforms. But here on this pc demo. I was pleasantly surprised by how swift the loading times were god knows the amount of my life..

I ve wasted waiting for fallout. 4. Or skyrim locations to load in but in the outer worlds the loading times seem to be drastically shorter to load an interior it took about five seconds in this demo while loading the exterior world took about nine seconds fast travel time from exterior to exterior. However only took about six seconds.

So that s great news for anyone. Like me who still gets terrible flashbacks of staring at fallout fours loading screens for hours upon end after accidentally entering a building. When you didn t actually mean to okay. It s time to take a closer look at your perks on this screen.

Here. We can see three tiers of perks. Which you can assign to your character. And you ll get one new perk point for every even level.

You reach you unlock. A new perk tier for every five perks you assign yourself. So if i wanted to unlock tier 3 here i would need to first assign myself. Ten perks total the perk choice is available to you are nicely varied and they range from things like order.

Which allows you to carry more loot to rolling thunder. Which reduces. The cooldown time for your companions..

Special attacks. Perks aren t the only way to upgrade your character. Though because you ll be awarded with ten skill points each time you reach a new level points placed into a core skill like dialogue in this instance. Adds.

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A plus one to each specialized skill in the dialogue section. So here that s persuade lie and intimidate once these skills reach level 50. Though you can choose to specialize them individually by adding points directly to these skills. It s also worth pointing out that you cannot undo skill or perk.

Point allocations after you ve confirmed them so there s no rebalancing your character in the future. If you feel like you ve made a mistake. Let s look at your inventory screen a little closer now because it looks like you can hold four weapons on your person at once that s three guns and one melee weapon for those of you who are accounting and you can also check and compare the stats of each weapon. Very easily just by hovering your mouse pointer over its icon.

There s plenty of space in your pockets for other weapons. Ammo armor consumables files and miscellaneous items too. But just like the bethesda made rpgs. You may be used to there is a weight limit to what you can carry see this weird thing that our character is put into their face.

There. That is your emergency medical inhaler and that lives in the consumables section of your inventory. The emergency medical inhaler uses something called adreno as fuel so you ll need to keep an eye out for that if you want to be able to heal yourself in an emergency the cool thing about the emi..

Though is that you can unlock extra slots for it as you increase your medical skill. So you can mix the drugs that you load into it for combined effects. Now obviously you shouldn t try this at home with a real inhaler. Because you ll go and do a diet.

But in the game going all walter white should give you a fair few extra boosts. It s also worth pointing out that the hire your medical skill. The longer the duration of the emi is effect. So perhaps spending a few perks on that will be a wise decision when it comes to some of the more tricky battles alrighty.

It s time to move on to my final point. And this one is all about something that i don t have in real life. And that s flaws you may have noticed during this gameplay that our player character has been set on fire. Quite a lot how clumsy this unfortunate ability to attract hot stuff has created a flaw in our character.

Which is something that gets triggered throughout the game by various events. Now you don t have to take the floor. If you don t want to because normally floors are bad. But in the outer worlds.

They can also come with some benefits in this example our burn. Loving character found the plasma weakness floor. Which adds a 25 boost to damage received by plasma..

That s bad. But at the same time it also awards us with one extra perk point. Which is good. But does that good balance out the bad.

That s for you to decide when you play the game. And that s it from me thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you ve learnt a load more stuff about the outer worlds. Gameplay that you didn t know before i certainly did making it and i m very excited to play the full game upon release.

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What are on screen now good bye right i m going to activate my ttd and get the hell out of here. ” ..

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